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Topic #8188291
o0jonna0o - Flames momentarily, the conversation comes back 0 Replies #8188291 12:38PM 10/03/2008
to Chel, James & Josh talking about why people find pregnant chicks hot. Josh asks "What is Dialation?" and if you can screw while dialated.
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Topic #8188306
streetsense - nat back from getting water, adam got up and went somewhere- NT 0 Replies #8188306 12:39PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8188331
o0jonna0o - Josh talking about a guy he was with who asked for him to spit on his face, so he "spit a huge lugey on his face" 0 Replies #8188331 12:40PM 10/03/2008
then the conversation turns to "blood transfusion" play (sexual sense). James says he wants to get "suspended" when he gets out (like getting hung up by hooks in your body).
Talk about suspending.
Adam told to exhange his mic.
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Topic #8188354
streetsense - matt adam went back inside NT 0 Replies #8188354 12:41PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8188362
streetsense - matt adam saying they went inside cuz tired of hearing josh's gay stories NT 0 Replies #8188362 12:42PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8188370
o0jonna0o - Matt & Adam in the kitchen (protien shakes?) talking about Josh's conversation outside (about spitting on his face) and how it grossed Matt out. 0 Replies #8188370 12:42PM 10/03/2008
Josh saying Jacob is probably drooling and beating off to Sharon in the house.
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Topic #8188397
streetsense - matt telling adam----sharon said original play (josh) was to bd get out adam--until nat went down there and it changed to matt- NT 0 Replies #8188397 12:45PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8188426
streetsense - adam says really they said me ? (about plan to get adam out) matt says yep something like that---- NT 0 Replies #8188426 12:46PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8188471
streetsense - matt saying it wasnt just cuz it was gay stories--he just was getting graphic and didnt want to hear gross stories NT 0 Replies #8188471 12:50PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8188548
o0jonna0o - Matt & Ryan in KT talking about smoking and Ryan trying to quit. 0 Replies #8188548 12:56PM 10/03/2008
Matt has never bought a pack of cigarettes. Talking about the amount of $ they spend.
Outdoor lockdown.
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Topic #8188561
o0jonna0o - Sheila trying to last-minute primp before heading outside, said she needs to get a bra. NT 0 Replies #8188561 12:56PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8188594
o0jonna0o - General chit-chat in the BY, Matt & Shelia in KT getting last minute items before heading outback NT 0 Replies #8188594 12:59PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8188635
raindrop110475 - Josh thinks he can get a gay bachelor show when he leaves or he will be popular 0 Replies #8188635 1:03PM 10/03/2008
Or make a show abotu destroying self esteem how to tear someone down in 2.5 sec go after family history or personal appearance
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Topic #8188639
o0jonna0o - Josh to Sheila: At least in that outfit, if you have your period, you won't be able to tell. Sheila: I already had it, so not gonna happen. 0 Replies #8188639 1:03PM 10/03/2008
Josh, Chel & James in pool. James saying something in about "Rock out with your C#ck out". BB: Sharon please put on your mic
General talk about TV, Josh talking about pitching show ideas (self esteem show, sarcasm). Shelia sitting on porch with drink concoction. Sharon and Nat laying on loungers sunning, Nat and Matt general talk about family.
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Topic #8188667
o0jonna0o - Sheila & Sharon on the porch talking about the security of HOH 1 Replies #8188667 1:07PM 10/03/2008
Shar: Say you put up two guys. You have Nat, Josh and myself (shar) it's going to come to a 2-2 tie. People are going to start going after the floaters.
Shel: I'm a floater, that's why I gotta win.
Shar talking about needing to take over and take the numbers. Shar: Nat is sticking with Matt. WE need to play our cards very smart and they will never susect the 3 of us (I didn't catch the 3rd person!).
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Tara555 - Sheila, Sharon, and Josh NT #8188683 1:09PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8188685
o0jonna0o - Sharon and Sheila talking about alligning with Josh to have numbers. 0 Replies #8188685 1:10PM 10/03/2008
Sheila: Everyone's made it clear they don't want Ryan to get the money because they don't want Jen to get the money. Thinking Matt, Nat and Sharon would be final 3.
Sharon: Gotta be strong in numbers, Matt & Nat don't deserve the money. MAtt has backstabbed and so has Nat, they both have lied.
Sheila: Let's see what happens, Nat will be good at puzzels and numbers
Sharon: The thing is Nat is very cocky and will be her downfall.
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Topic #8188709
o0jonna0o - Sheila: I like you Sharon but I will not have anything to do with Chelsea, she's crossed the lines 0 Replies #8188709 1:13PM 10/03/2008
Sheila Saying Chel was trying to make up with her (shelia) last night in the HT but she's not buying it. I think me having to wear the unitard, on slop, go through hell, we've gotten (shel/shar) some pretty crappy deals, no one has gone through what we've gone through. I don't consider myself as a floater, I've been through hell. I will not protect Chelsea and this time James is going, everyone is going to vote him out of this house, it's a given. I didn't want you (shar) to go anyway.
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Topic #8188727
o0jonna0o - Shar: I think the only way Matt/Nat will go is if they are back doored 0 Replies #8188727 1:15PM 10/03/2008
Sheila: You don't think they deserve to win?
Shar: No, they've lied to all ov us, I'm cool with everyone, I'm not sitting here telling you one thing, here's what's screwed up, the only time MAtty paid attention to me was when I was HOH. Talks about Matt saying he likes her only when HOH
Sheila: If I get HOH I'm gonna play Matty, he thinks he's played every girl in thsi house, he hasn't had someone like me turn things upside down. If that's true.... I'll play him. Men can be manipulated! No one has done it, no woman has manipulated a guy in this place.
Shar: It hasn't come to that yet.
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Topic #8188739
o0jonna0o - Shar & Sheila talking about Jacob, that you could tell he was a model and was in really good shape 0 Replies #8188739 1:16PM 10/03/2008
Talking about having to think like singles now that they aren't paired up.
OD Lockdown over.
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Topic #8188751
o0jonna0o - The GP's were fed adn their cage was cleaned. Sharon is all giddy. 0 Replies #8188751 1:18PM 10/03/2008
Ryan & Matt looking at the GP's talking about their personality.
F1 & F2 on porch drinking something still, by herself.
Matt & Ryan talking about cutting Matt's hair and needing to cut it. Says he looks like Peter from the Brady Bunch
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Topic #8188808
o0jonna0o - Sharon and Sheila game talking on back porch 0 Replies #8188808 1:23PM 10/03/2008
Ry/Matt/Adam talking about Josh/Chel and James in teh pool.
Talking about kicking out Chel next week and telling her she can go be with James. Adam says we should keep Josh in and make him suffer. They'll put both of them up and if one of them wins POV they'll boot the other one.
Talk about burgers and grilling
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Topic #8188849
o0jonna0o - Ryan saying how James was about to cry yesterday when he came to Ryan asking if he needed to campain 0 Replies #8188849 1:27PM 10/03/2008
general talking about James and Chelsea not laughing anymore.
talking about hair products. BB: James, please put on yoru mic
Adam: So basically James is going home Matt: he'll be alright he'll open a mortagage company when he gets out Ryan: So he'll basically rip people off.
Talking about James's company before coming in the house.
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Topic #8188937
o0jonna0o - Josh/Chel still in teh pool. James laying out on teh grass talking to Nat 0 Replies #8188937 1:34PM 10/03/2008
James (to Nat) saying how he doesn't care for Matt. Nat talking about how past seasons break up couples because they think they are strong. Chel saying that Matt has told her everything that he's said about her. Nat says her and Matt are good actors because Josh couldn't believe that they really like each other and it's all been a charade. Nat saying she's not in love with Matty that she won't be heartbroke and she's not in a relationship with him.
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Topic #8188958
o0jonna0o - f4:Nat saying to Josh/Chel that the whole Matt being mean to her was all a plan NT 0 Replies #8188958 1:36PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8189071
o0jonna0o - Sharon talking about Chelsea but Sheila says she can't vote for James to stay. 0 Replies #8189071 1:44PM 10/03/2008
f1&2 still on Sheila and Sharon game talking about getting numbers

f3&4 Nat talking to Chel & Josh about how she's trying to watch out for her and Matty.

James now telling Sheil/Shar about how Natty has played everyone that she and Matt are in an alliance and Nat's acting skills are great because she fooled everyone. James is super pissed about Nat acting. He's going inside and he's telling Matt about how Nat is telling everyone about how Matt/Nat's fights are fake. Matt says not all of the fights are staged.
James asking Matt if Nat came back and told Matt everything and he confirmed. James is just flabergasted.
(i have to go very soon! can someone take over)
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