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Topic #8196094
TracyTurnblad - James just called Ryan a c*cksucker! NT 0 Replies #8196094 9:39PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8196105
streetsense - josh going in after listening to whole convo NT 0 Replies #8196105 9:40PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8196136
streetsense - matt saying they caight sharon in the lie earlier--she was stumbling, biting her nails-- 0 Replies #8196136 9:42PM 10/03/2008
ryan saying: it was just funny watching her lie to our faces
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Topic #8196149
streetsense - james saying what you want : you want the girl that reads the bible-play w/ the guinea pigs? NT 0 Replies #8196149 9:43PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8196170
TracyTurnblad - James very upset about being back doored, he is offering his life for votes 0 Replies #8196170 9:45PM 10/03/2008
Matt is just laughing though!
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Topic #8196195
streetsense - james : what if me and chelsia both cut you a deal -matt: cuz chelsia doesnt like me NT 0 Replies #8196195 9:46PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8196211
KingMac - OMG! James tells Matt about Operation Creeked eye infornt of his face. NT 0 Replies #8196211 9:48PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8196212
streetsense - matt calls sharon : the most boring girl in america" james -and thats what beats me ----adam--how it feel jimmy? NT 1 Replies #8196212 9:48PM 10/03/2008
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KevSlider - Matt said "how does that feel jimmy" NT #8196228 9:50PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8196240
streetsense - matt: "i can honestly say i dont know if shes staying" saying adam messes w/ him saying jimmys stayin to him every night NT 0 Replies #8196240 9:50PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8196279
lakeview - More Shelia/Nat in sauna room and then Natalie asking for liquids 0 Replies #8196279 9:54PM 10/03/2008
Shelia asking why there weren't any hot dudes cast this season.

Discussing who in the house had sex most recently prior to the house. Shelia said Adam had it right before; Nat says Matt did with the prior girlfriend. Shelia is glad she didn't because she'd want more.

Discussing who's been having alone time with themselves. Nat commenting on seeing Adam fidgeting a lot the other night.

Shelia comparing how the sports stars don't jerk off before a game. Nat thinks they should tell the guys not to prior to HOH.

Shelia thinks it's crazy BB put some of them as couples. Nat discussing what Matt said was his type which was the opposite of what she looks like.

Shelia thinks it's rare for people to meet on the show. Thinks that Eric and Jessica had no chemistry on the show last year. Now discussing how Lisa voted Amy back in the house in season 3.

Nat - I'm going to look for beer. (I think.)

Shelia - there wasn't that much drama today. You should be able to get it.

Nat doesn't find anything in storage.

Now Nat trying to get in the diary room to ask for things. DR not letting her in. Now asking out loud for more milk for the morning. Other question she "needs to ask in there". Pressing button again. They're not letting her in. "I give up. I will come back later."

Asking Ryan to go in or try to get Baller to do so.
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Topic #8196307
streetsense - james calling "big sheila just a shark swimming the waters" NT 0 Replies #8196307 9:55PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8196357
streetsense - james saying to ryan: he saw sharon working him in the hammock--said he was like damn wish i had a bikini, vagina--id still be here NT 0 Replies #8196357 10:00PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8196371
lakeview - Shelia/Ryan in kitchen then Shelia/Nat in bathroom 0 Replies #8196371 10:01PM 10/03/2008
Shelia and Ryan talking. Shelia claiming never to have watched the show again, but her friend told her not to start an alliance in the beginning right away. Her friend told her you don't want to get on slop and don't win HOH right away because you'll have a target on your back.

Ryan washing dishes. Shelia needs to go to the bathroom. Nat from the bathroom tells Shelia to drink coffee. Shelia thinks its too late. Nat says she might need some. Shelia said there was a lot of scoops of coffee in it.

"4 maybe 5" says Nat. "I was trying to make espresso."

Shelia thinks they'll be woken up early so Nat doesn't think she'll have any more coffee. Nat gets an extra burst of energy when there's good music.

Discussing the cursed bed. Sharon layed in it but didn't sleep in it. "Maybe she'll break the curse".

Now discussing hairs that they get on their face. Shelia is 50-50 Italian and Irish. Natalie is Irish, Dutch, Swedish and Italian. "Northern Italy". Shelia's Italian blood's from the south.
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Topic #8196381
streetsense - james mad hes losing to sharon and her blankie (shawl he calls it) NT 0 Replies #8196381 10:02PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8196409
streetsense - james is offering 3 hoh's thrown now NT 0 Replies #8196409 10:04PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8196448
streetsense - matt calling sharon a quiet weasel --- NT 0 Replies #8196448 10:07PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8196458
TracyTurnblad - James shouting that he can't believe he's gonna lose to "America's most boring person!" NT 0 Replies #8196458 10:08PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8196465
TracyTurnblad - Matt telling James that he'll probably see him next week in sequester! NT 0 Replies #8196465 10:08PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8196497
lakeview - Nat / Shelia in bathroom. Then Adam / Ryan join and Nat leaves 0 Replies #8196497 10:12PM 10/03/2008
Nat loves her blue bathing suit.

Shelia runs out to tell the boys to settle down. Shelia says James said "i know you're going to f--- me". Adam comes in and Shelia asks why did he says that? Adam says James "just knows."

Shelia's talking that she has a beard going - "I'm a Sicilian grandmother."

Shelia thinks James sounds like he's okay with going. Adam says that James is spazzing out out there.

Shelia telling Adam not to use up the protein shake mix.

Shelia asks Josh (who walked in) if the guys had told him he was going home. Josh walks out. Shelia says she had wanted to make him sweat a little more.

Ryan and Adam in bathroom with Shelia. Ryan says "the cat's out of the bag." Saying how Adam had said "shouldn't have thrown pickles on the girl" earlier and that's why the girls were mad at James.

Shelia asking Adam if it had bothered him. Adam says "I told him it bothered me".

Ryan said that he thought it was going to get worse after the pickle juice incident. Shelia asking if there was worse stuff on prior seasons.

Ryan - "you might wake up and have a shaved head". Adam - they "peed on them when they're sleeping." Shelia - "you can wash it off the next day". Ryan - "I'm just trying to scare you."

Shelia says that her son peed on her when he was a newborn. "It's not a big deal".

Ryan / Adam now discussing future boxing fight. Ryan thinks Adam's 3 - 1 favorite.
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Topic #8196523
TracyTurnblad - James REALLY trying to work Baller to get his vote, as well as Sheila's, Adam saying "he'll try and get her, put he's not promising anything" NT 0 Replies #8196523 10:15PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8196608
lakeview - Ryan/Matt/Shelia in bathroom 0 Replies #8196608 10:21PM 10/03/2008
Matt joins in bathroom. Says what type of deals James was offering. Matt says "you don't need to question me" about the vote. "He knows he's going home - he's just throwing stuff out there."

Shelia thinks people are scary in this game.

Matt's happy with the haircut he got earlier from Ryan. "You might've missed your calling Ry".

Ryan wouldn't be surprised if it went 6-0 Wednesday.

Matt discussing root canals in past. "It's a long story." Shelia - we have time - are you going somewhere?

Matt had head butted a kid after a night drinking. Some other kid hit him and Matt felt his three teeth pushed back in. Then he had left to go on a flight. "This was 2 months before BB". He had gotten on a flight right after. His dentist had given him braces the next morning. The teeth later went black so he had to get a double root canal. But he still has his same real teeth. Matt had told the dentist he fell down the stairs.
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Topic #8196623
TracyTurnblad - Chelsia is convinced that Matt and Natalie are in a realtionship outside the house, she says 0 Replies #8196623 10:22PM 10/03/2008
"It's all coming together now, that's why he doesn't say anything bad about, he just says that she's not his type, and that's why he got so mad about the pickles, and that's why he has been targeting us, because we talk ***** about Natalie right in front of him all the time"
James then suggests that Matt is actually gay with Joshuah! (LOL)
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Topic #8196672
ariel1981 - chelsia listing things that make her think nat/matt are in a relationship 0 Replies #8196672 10:26PM 10/03/2008
brings up the look on his face during the strip show
how he never hugs her - they are not touchy-feely
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Topic #8196702
ariel1981 - james "josh would be dumb not to align with one of the others" 0 Replies #8196702 10:29PM 10/03/2008
he says Chels should try to align with one of them also
he mentions baller

now Chelsia is wondering if everyone else is in a relationship also. sheila/adam, josh/neil etc.
says how upset josh was when neil left
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Topic #8196707
TracyTurnblad - James thinks Josh is working with at least one person from the other side 0 Replies #8196707 10:29PM 10/03/2008
saying he'd be dumb not to, Chelsia says "Am I dumb not to?" and he tells her that she should try and work with Baller once he's gone.
She is now convinced that everyone in the house, except for them (james and chelsia), is in a relationship with someone else in the house. She thinks all of the couples are really dating.
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