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Topic #8194161
streetsense - nat to sheila : do we get rid of james this week? sheila : yes , yes -- NT 0 Replies #8194161 7:45PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8194167
ariel1981 - josh liked j/c from the beginning - they seemed different from the others 0 Replies #8194167 7:45PM 10/03/2008
james - "i'm not going to lie - i did make fun of someone's back tattoo"

j/c talking about their first kiss. josh tells them they need to have an amazing goodbye kiss.
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Topic #8194194
streetsense - sheila telling nat: i told ryan to keep matt--- saying asking ryan what would allsion, jen want you to do? 0 Replies #8194194 7:48PM 10/03/2008
sheila telling nat:she suggested josh as replacement , but ryan wanted james---
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Topic #8194236
streetsense - sheila to nat: chelsia saved herself w/ veto and threw her partner under the bus NT 0 Replies #8194236 7:51PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8194271
ariel1981 - C putting lotion on james' back 0 Replies #8194271 7:53PM 10/03/2008
chel to adam - "wanna come hang out with us?"
(didn't hear his response)
josh - "yeah wanna come hang out on death row..."
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Topic #8194279
ariel1981 - cut away to ryan/matt/sharon/adam in BY NT 0 Replies #8194279 7:54PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8194295
ariel1981 - matt going in to get slop for he and ryan NT 0 Replies #8194295 7:55PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8194331
ariel1981 - sharon telling ryan she would go after the girls instead of the guys 0 Replies #8194331 7:58PM 10/03/2008
saying she never talked about who she might put up. that would be dumb because she might be going home. saying she has only been hanging with sheila because she lost allison and sharon feels bad.
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Topic #8194354
streetsense - sharon lying to ryan and adam outside--saying she wouldnt say her noms----2 days before vote when shes on bock 0 Replies #8194354 7:59PM 10/03/2008
it would be stupid, it didnt make logic sense, a guy would come up w/ that plan,
ryan: i give you much more credit than that --then whoever made that *** up
sharon: nobodies gonna ask a nominated person who they putting up
ryan:words get put in peoples mouths
sharon: people can say whatever they want, i would never put 2 people on block that could win pov--plus youd have votes to stay--it doesnt make any sense--w/e
sharon: talking about james campaingin against her saying she does nothing
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Topic #8194373
streetsense - ryan saying its a ballsy plan---matt: say i play pov i take down my boy ryan---who you put up ? doesnt matter adam stays 0 Replies #8194373 8:00PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8194500
rg1 - Sheila and Nat in HOH room 0 Replies #8194500 8:06PM 10/03/2008
Sheila and nat on HOH bed talking -

Natalie and sheila talking about Chelsia and how stupid it was when she came up to Nat and asked her to smell her crotch. NAt says, yeah, as if I would say yes, actually, I do want to smell it. that's so disgusting.
Sheila talking about Allison and how she hopped into bed with James and Chelsia and how Sheila thinks it's disgusting. (missed alot of the convo about Chelsia)

Nat says about Chelsia - don't they know their parents are watching? talking about what a foul mouth Chelsia is and how everyting is about farts and boobs, and cussing.

Nat says her mother probably turned off this tv show a few weeks ago.

Chelsia apparently wants a boob job - had been talking to Sheila about it earlier. Sheila doesn't think Chelsia needs a boob job - they're natural and 34C - says she's young, should think about it

Nat said she thought about it from age 19 - 23.
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Topic #8194544
streetsense - adam to sharon outside: 0 Replies #8194544 8:09PM 10/03/2008
adam: you think hes going
sharon: he knows hes going he said hes given up
adam:shes(chelsia) pissed huh?
sharon: shes obviously starting rumors to make me look bad
adam:ya it sucks
adam: thats why you better off keep mouth shut
sharon: thats what i always say--but people putting words in my mouth
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Topic #8194679
streetsense - matt and james adam : james: i hope you dont think i was lying today 0 Replies #8194679 8:18PM 10/03/2008
matt: about what
james:trying to stay
matt: oh no something you said is gonig to be addressed, works in your favor, not right now though im not in the mood
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Topic #8194774
streetsense - sharon to josh: saying its making me mad people are saying things i didnt say 0 Replies #8194774 8:23PM 10/03/2008
sharon: i havent said one thing
sharon: idont think its right , cuz i havent said anything about him
sharon: ill go to james and call him out on who said it(josh said it to james)
nip it in the bud right there
sharon: im just telling you anybody that was talking *** is pissing me off
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Topic #8194811
streetsense - sharon to josh : it needs to be confronted NT 0 Replies #8194811 8:25PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8194833
streetsense - sharon to josh: it makes me mad to think i have to win HOH to stay now cuz they dont trust me NT 0 Replies #8194833 8:27PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8194849
streetsense - sharon to josh: i told ryan and matt i wasnt gunning for then 0 Replies #8194849 8:28PM 10/03/2008
sharon: i walked outside and they said they heard the same story from different source so its making them nervous---flames
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Topic #8194850
kandio - R/She/N hoh 0 Replies #8194850 8:28PM 10/03/2008
talking about C. Ryan talking about Sharon & he dose not believe her.
Nat wants c put up..She wants the girls put up. [She wants the girls out]Sheila said dont bring my name into it when u talk w/Sharon.
Sheila/Nat going. Ryan showering
N/Sheila kitchen
Rest BY
Matt told James something he said will be addressed, not now later.
feeds change
Sharon telling Josh..Ryan said James said Sharon was putting up A/R. Sharon thinks C said it. Said she never told anyone but Josh. [she told Sheila] Josh saying they made it up. Sharon keeps saying shes pissed she never told anyone. Thinks C trying to get her up next week.
Says she would never say stupid stuff like that.

Sharon saying she wont make a scene Josh does not want her to [he told ryan also].
Saying she never said anything about them.J/C
Sharon talking about confronting? Saying other side does not trust her
Josh saying we have to try to win hoh
S: saying shes scared to win hoh. there are 5 of them, they will pick us off 1 by 1
Shes mad that they think shes gunning for them. flames

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Topic #8195049
streetsense - sharon josh still by hot tub --james adam pretty close to them on couches NT 0 Replies #8195049 8:42PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8195137
ariel1981 - james/chels/adam on the BY couch talking. 0 Replies #8195137 8:46PM 10/03/2008
adam scratching his butt (it's really gross)
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Topic #8195146
ariel1981 - sharon going in to lay down NT 0 Replies #8195146 8:47PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8195184
ariel1981 - A/C/J/J talking about sharon 0 Replies #8195184 8:49PM 10/03/2008
josh - "she is rattled right now" (about sharon)
josh telling them what sharon was saying to him
james wants her to confront him about. "she needs to step it up"
josh saying sharon is worried that she will be losing her votes.

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Topic #8195214
ariel1981 - james is glad that he and chels are not up on the block together NT 0 Replies #8195214 8:52PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8195225
ariel1981 - j/c/a telling josh that sharon was original target - apparently he didn't know NT 0 Replies #8195225 8:53PM 10/03/2008
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Topic #8195287
streetsense - adam: whos saying me and ryan on the block? 0 Replies #8195287 8:56PM 10/03/2008
josh: shes rattled right now --supposedly james said that
james: cuz i did
josh:shes worried matts turning on her
adam: what?
josh:shes really upset right now
james: she needs to confront it
james:shes gonna stay anyways it doesnt matter
james:its not gonna happen
adam:either way
josh: i told her not to talk anymore about it
adam:shes afraid shes a fragile girl
adam:so she said it?
james: shes more than welcome to deny it
adam: well original plan was to have sharon go home
josh: who?
adam: matt
josh: how did it change?
josh: i think its so funny shes rattled right now
all you can do is hope you stay
james: did she deny it to matt?
chelsia: yes
james:well shes good then
josh to adam: i can make you a promise i wont put you up
james:if i stay its a miracle and sharon scared herself out
adam: those dude want you out
james: im not dumb

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