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Topic #8258394
lakeview - Sharon/Sheila in boat room 0 Replies #8258394 5:51PM 14/03/2008
Sharon says to Sheila don't worry about it. we have your back. you need only 3 and he's gone.

Sheila's glad that she called out Nat. Nat/Matt are the reason Sheila's where she is right now b/c she tried to save Matt. Sheila's mad about Nat taking a deal that didn't include her. Sheila wipes her hands like she's done with Nat.

Sharon saying she felt bad for Alex. And felt really bad when Amanda came to her and said that Allison had said she had a chance and then Sharon had to vote against her.

Sheila: I so would have made out with Alex if I was out there. I want to know if he was a good kisser.

Sharon: I don't remember. Honestly, I don't remember.

Sharon saying that Alex never had talked to her except for in a group of people. She thinks it's hilarious that people thought her and Alex may've been a couple.

Matt walks in. "Win or lose, I am going to walk out of this house more of a lunatic. I'm going to think everyone everywhere is talking about me."

Sharon: "once you get out of her, life is over, I mean this life is over."

Sheila: this is going to make me appreciate my life more.

Sheila liked it when there were 14 people because people were having dinners together and talking alot. The energy is gone.
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Topic #8258429
Ben_Jamin75 - Nat just spelled "done" as D-U-N (again) NT 0 Replies #8258429 5:56PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8258472
lakeview - In backyard N/C/J/J 0 Replies #8258472 6:02PM 14/03/2008
Talking about Sheila

Nat says "we should do a prank every night"

James says "the odds are not in her favorite" Momentum is going the other way. She might still be able to pull in out.

Nat: That siren again.

James thinks America chose to separate them into two and that's when the siren happened the first time.

Thinking they might re-couple them and if Ryan leaves it's still 4 original couples.

Josh's prediction is we'll stay in singles but it'll get wacky. POV at night or double eviction. Doesn't think any more people are coming back.

Josh: it makes it safer to have Sheila around.

James: she might become more useful in the future if you need her vote in the future.

Nat: the thing that gets me about Ryan is the $25,000 plus she splits it with Jen.

James/Josh don't see how mathematically Sheila can go. 3 have been pledged one way. Nat says the boys don't know how she's going.

Nat recounting the HOH again. Nat can't wait to see the episode "the atheist and the holly roller - what will they do."

James says the three guys made a pact with each other. Which is more obvious now than ever.

Nat says she doesn't know where she stands anymore. Josh thinks James did a good job reunifying themselves. James starts laughing at that - it was obvious that there were two sides at the HOH.

Josh saying he would've gone if Nat had been HOH. Nat saying she didn't know what she would've done if she would've been HOH.
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Topic #8258488
lakeview - Sheila: I've been frustrated. It's been going on 4-5 months. Matt: sex? Sheila: No, ice skating, of course sex NT 0 Replies #8258488 6:05PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8258609
DanaRose - HGs receive large croquet set from BB , like the one they used last year on BB8NT 0 Replies #8258609 6:19PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8258659
lakeview - Sharon/Sheila in boat room 0 Replies #8258659 6:25PM 14/03/2008
Sheila saying how James has been blowing everyone away with the competitions this way.

Sheila says she never lied to Alex. Sharon: Alex got a bad deal. Sheila says thought she should come back and play by himself. Others said "why? he was boring. no drama."

Sheila: Alex had respect for women. He cooked, cleaned. He was always in a good mood. I wanted him as a roommate for 3 months.

Sheila's thinking Adam's acting like an ass to her.

Sheila says that she told Nat about the kissing b/c she wanted Nat to think about Matt a little differently.

Sheila: my heart was freakin bleeding for this guy [Alex]. he had his father's cross from 9-11.

Sharon: says Nat didn't like Dick/Danille b/c they lied, etc. and were bad people. Josh was trying to look out for Nat when he tried to get Matt put up.

Sheila saying Nat never meant the bad stuff about Matt and had made it up.

Sharon: talking about Matt/Nat "fake fights". Sharon says she felt bad for Nat. "If Josh treated me like that I would want to leave."

Sharon: when you leave her, you have to face the people who have been watching you. I couldn't face my dad if I acted disgracefully. I would rather leave with dignity than $500K. That isn't worth sh-- if none of your family and friends could trust you, etc.

Sheila says she wouldn't sleep with someone for $1M if not attracted to them.

Sharon wants to walk out without disgracing anyone regardless of she leaves early or wins. She's learned three words from the marines "honor, courage and commitment. stand up for yourself."

Josh walks in and interrupts and says they got a croquet set.

"courage: fighting for [missed it]. commitment stay true to yourself. Gotta stay true to you. Stick with what you know is right."

Shelia: "that's a good speech. every part of it is true."

And then, "that just got me sick what Nat said in front of you."

Sheila says Nat didn't want to talk to her after being on the block and Nat should've come in and said "do you want to talk" Nat had said to her that she thought she wanted to be alone.

Sheila just needs human contact.

Sheila thinks her son was probably embarrassed that she went off on Adam before.

Sheila says "I have a huge heart. I want to protect people. That doesn't make me a bad person. It doesn't make me weak." Sheila says she cries when she feels like crying.

Sharon says her best friend cries all the time and her friend thinks it's odd that Sharon never cries. Sharon says she cried at the end of the Jacob relationship and when a family member died. That's just a way to release stress.
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Topic #8258692
DanaRose - James and Ryan playing around w/ croquet set in BY, Sheila and Sharon chatting in boat room, Sheila saying Allison was wise beyond her years but way 0 Replies #8258692 6:28PM 14/03/2008
too obsessive for this game, She was OBSESSED with it.
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Topic #8258735
DanaRose - Josh, James, Matt, Adam, Chelsia and Nat in KT eating tacos... 0 Replies #8258735 6:32PM 14/03/2008
Chels just asks should we make some bacon and nat answered yeam lets make it. Closeup of James putting globs of sour cream on his tacos. Adam took such a big bite he looks like a hamster with its cheeks full! And trying to talk with that mouthful too!
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Topic #8258794
lakeview - More Sharon/Sheila in boat room 0 Replies #8258794 6:38PM 14/03/2008
Sheila loves Allison to death. She is a good person.

Sharon: the funny thing to me is that I'll realize when I leave that god works in mysterious ways.

Sharon says she's been helping people through their experiences and that's worth more than $500K.

Sheila says that people will be proud of her when she leaves if she doesn't change. Sheila doesn't think that she's been doing that. "At some point, you have to say what is worth to you? what are you willing to give up to get $500K or $50K.?"

Sharon says she'd never do the show if she was in a relationship or had a kid. No amount of money is enough to miss them grow up. "It's different because your kid's older"

Sharon says she needed the separation from her life and that's why she came on the show. Sheila says she needed the separation from her son b/c they were taking each other for granted. Sheila's son doesn't want to drive in LA. Feels safer in a bus. But his girlfriend has a car which makes Sheila feel nervous. Sheila's happy that he's being looked after by a man instead of a babysitter or a woman right now. If he had been any younger, Sheila wouldn't've done it. His son's going to go off to art college.
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Topic #8258822
Ben_Jamin75 - Adam licked the spoon from the sour cream, then put it back in the tub! NT 0 Replies #8258822 6:40PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8258926
croatian - All called to living room.Josh has a note.flames NT 0 Replies #8258926 6:49PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8258936
N2BB - Nat yells "everyone in the livingroom right now, Joshy just got a letter" and Flames NT 0 Replies #8258936 6:49PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8258946
Timot - Nat pokes head into backyard tells everyone to come into the LR right now 0 Replies #8258946 6:50PM 14/03/2008
something about Josh.... Then flames

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Topic #8259028
Timot - Now they are talking about swearing...reprimanded for curses 0 Replies #8259028 6:56PM 14/03/2008
that must be what BB was complaining about and what was in the letter
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Topic #8259062
Toka - Note came from Allison 0 Replies #8259062 6:58PM 14/03/2008
Grodner with a list of words they cannot or more accurately should try not to say in the house. (probably from James mishap on live show ed.)
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Topic #8259205
lakeview - Sharon/Josh in rollout bedroom 0 Replies #8259205 7:08PM 14/03/2008
Random quotes in kitchen: "Now we gotta say fiddlesticks and holy moly." "somebodies job must be to bleep us all day long"

Sharon and Josh in pullout bedroom recounting conversations with Nat and Sheila. Sharon saying Sheila was saying "I had their back and they're throwing us under the bus. They need to be broken up." Sharon saying Sheila's pissed at them. Sharon said that Sheila was saying they all wanted James out.

Josh: she coming over to our side? Sharon: she already is. Keep quiet about it. She's totally done with them.

Sharon: they're freaking out. We have this game in the bag we just need to be very careful about it. I want to see us four in the end. We'll see what happens. They're falling apart. She is done with them. Done with them.

Sharon saying Adam is a goofball. Sharon says Sheila thinks it will go 3-3 and he breaks the tie.

Sharon said Nat said that James had said he doesn't care who goes home.

Sharon: if Sheila wins HOH she'll go after one of the 3 of them. Adam will throw HOH. Matt and Natalie will be the only ones trying for HOH against the rest of us. Sharon thinks Josh will win HOH this week and then he'll do "damage control".

Josh says I'm not putting Natalie up I like her. Sheila instead.

Sharon saying Nat and Matt on the block together they will fall apart b/c they'll campaign against each other. Josh now says we'll have to put them up against each other.

Sharon: if one goes off their block, it'll still be good for us.

Josh: if Adam wins HOH god help us. Sharon thinks he'd put up Sheila and Chelsia.

Ryan walks in. They start wondering if the evictees were in the same house or in separate houses in the same neighborhood.
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Topic #8259279
Toka - Adam and Matt reading bibles 0 Replies #8259279 7:14PM 14/03/2008
Matt: Why do the Isrealites keep fcking up?
Adam: Cuz they're idiots dude!
Matt: Why do they keep making these sacrifices to the lord, like goats?
Adam: Cuz the lord likes the scent. It's like havin paper, know what i'm sayin?
Matt: Yeah, like havin a lotta animals is like havin a lotta money. Pocketful of goats..
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Topic #8259545
N2BB - Dinner is ready.... 2 Replies #8259545 7:37PM 14/03/2008
Girls cooked dinner, everyone is eating now except James, he is in HOH

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WVpdles - Steaks, Mac n cheese, baked potatoes, and veggies NT #8259586 7:40PM 14/03/2008
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N2BB - everyone sitting around dinning table, doing the wave now NT #8259583 7:40PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8259614
N2BB - Everyone (except James) discussing how the evicted HG's were sequestered 0 Replies #8259614 7:43PM 14/03/2008
wondering if it was hotel style or seperate houses or if they were all together.
And that Jacob was there for 5 weeks!
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Topic #8259640
lakeview - kitchen 0 Replies #8259640 7:45PM 14/03/2008
Girls in kitchen talking. Wondering where others are. "Are they bible reading"?

Yes, they are. Adam and Matt are bible-reading in the bedroom. Suddenly they cut on all four feeds to Adam reading.

Ryan walks in and says "I can't sleep anymore today dude."

Feeds on kitchen back up.

Matt says "we're going to be done with this bible twice".

James apparently is sleeping.

Food's done. Nat goes in to tell Matt/Adam. Adam runs into the kitchen to make sure he gets food after Nat says the food's almost "g-o-n gone." [ed. or may've been g-u-n gone]

All down eating except for James.

Sheila was called to DR, but they let her out so she could eat first.

Sheila says "very good Natalie as usual good cook"

They do the wave at the dinner table.

Adam thinks they were all in sequester together. Josh thinks they were in hotel rooms. Matt thinks they couldn't've been all together bc they couldve talked.

Ryan says "maybe they were matched up together" "Allison and Jacob were stuck by themselves". They laugh. "Jacob was there for over a month. I would've gone nuts."

Matt: "I bet they didn't even tell them America could vote them back in." Sharon: "Jacob was probably sleeping the whole time."

Josh says open casting will be in April for the next show. Matt thinks BB 10 won't have big ratings because of this show.

Nat watched it 3 nights a week. Chelsia thinks it's like a chore. Nat says "people watch soap operas daily" "you can tape it." "tivo".

Adam: or the internet.
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Topic #8259661
BB_Addiction - Everyone at dinner table except James talking about Amanda and making fun of her misuse of the word "bueno" NT 0 Replies #8259661 7:46PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8259662
lakeview - Chelsia says no one misses hearing "bueno" at all NT 0 Replies #8259662 7:46PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8259671
BB_Addiction - Now all talking about Parker and how he woke Matt up in the middle of the night yelling that he needs to use the veto. NT 0 Replies #8259671 7:47PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8259731
BB_Addiction - Sheila and Adam arguing about dishes like they're married. NT 0 Replies #8259731 7:54PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8259944
DanaRose - Ryan said "she said no one whose already been evicted will be coming back" (she is from DR) NT 0 Replies #8259944 8:16PM 14/03/2008
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