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Topic #8252531
CruiseCritic - Natalie comes in pink BR and going thru some drawers, all three of the guys 0 Replies #8252531 8:49AM 14/03/2008
are quiet. Cam did closeup of Nats picture of "Matty"

Adam moves a little bit and FLAMES
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Topic #8252545
CruiseCritic - Guys not moving in pink BR as Natalie is in thong and bra - she removes 0 Replies #8252545 8:51AM 14/03/2008
black bra and is changing into something else.

feeds go to Josh in bed and Sharon and Sheila in the KT making something to eat

Josh is slowly moving and is now grabbing his mic and gets out of bed
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Topic #8252559
CruiseCritic - Josh in SR to do battery change. Chels just walked thru the kitchen and Sheila 0 Replies #8252559 8:52AM 14/03/2008
empties coffee/filter into garbage.

Sharon in her BR folding up her blankie....
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Topic #8252563
BB_Addiction - Josh ins storage room on f3 and 4. f1 and 2 on Shiela in the KT. 0 Replies #8252563 8:53AM 14/03/2008
Now Shaon on f3 and 4 in surf room
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Topic #8252565
CruiseCritic - BB - Adam, Matt, please change your batteries (they are both still in bed) NT 0 Replies #8252565 8:53AM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8252569
CruiseCritic - Sharon has her "blankie" over her shoulders as she makes the bed. NT 0 Replies #8252569 8:54AM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8252576
CruiseCritic - BB- Adam, Matt, James - I SAID it is TIME to get up for the day!!! NT 0 Replies #8252576 8:54AM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8252578
BB_Addiction - BB - "Adam, James, Matt.. I SAID it's time to get up for the day!!!" NT 0 Replies #8252578 8:54AM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8252600
CruiseCritic - Matt and Adam still under the covers in their beds, they both have their heads covered. 0 Replies #8252600 8:57AM 14/03/2008
Adam now getting up and says I am getting up and then just going back to sleep.

Josh and Nat in BR and Josh goes "it is time to get the f up for the day"

Natalie is in there and laughs. Josh and Sharon on big chair in WC together..Josh drinking OJ and Sharon does her goofy laugh.

talk about what time they went to bed. Sharon says they f'd with Sheila around midnight. Sheila says thanks and says it was hilarious.

Adam walks thru KT with blue towel on his shoulders and says have you changed your batteries natalie?? they hug
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Topic #8252602
BB_Addiction - Josh talking to Nat in Bathroom about Big Brother yelling at them.. 0 Replies #8252602 8:57AM 14/03/2008
Josh: "It's hard bearing your soul everyday for America to look at"
Nat: "We need at LEAST 8 hours of sleep. What time did we go to bed?"
Sharon: "We porobably came inside around 12:30 or 1"
Adam comes into the bathroom.
Nat: "GOOD MORNING 8-Baller!!"
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Topic #8252622
BB_Addiction - Baller in the shower. Chelsia doing makeup. Nat washing her face. Josh brushing his teeth and Sharon on couch in Bathroom. NT 0 Replies #8252622 8:59AM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8252624
CruiseCritic - Adam says he drempt about POV last night and he is not going to let them know 0 Replies #8252624 8:59AM 14/03/2008
what happens. They laugh. Adam cant believe the girls are still sore and Sheila mentions to Adam that he was only up there for 5 minutes. they are laughing and having a good time.

Josh, Chels, Nat, Adam and Sheila in WC. Adam in shower.

Matt in KT
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Topic #8252638
BB_Addiction - Matt walks through Bathroom and into WC. NT 0 Replies #8252638 9:00AM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8252650
BB_Addiction - Matt, Chelsia, Nat and Sheila all in front of the mirror getting ready NT 0 Replies #8252650 9:01AM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8252658
CruiseCritic - Matt now in WC and Natalie says good morning Matty and he waves his arms. 0 Replies #8252658 9:02AM 14/03/2008
Sheila drying her hair. Ryan now in KT after leaving blue and then pink BRs. he yawns as he looks at himself in mirror.

Matt brushing teeth. Chels and Nat at bathroom sink as well along with Sheila drying hair.

Nat says she has to go change her batteries.

Adam still in shower. Chels at another mirror by showers doing her face.

Adam says BIG POV, HUGE

(I am out now for awhile)
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Topic #8252752
chatter862 - Adam is Hyper and is yelling in the BR while Ryan and Matt are trying to go back to sleep 0 Replies #8252752 9:15AM 14/03/2008
Ryan asks where did all this fn energy come from?
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Topic #8252767
chatter862 - Adam "Its ON Its ON" Now he's bugging Sheila in Bathroom NT 0 Replies #8252767 9:16AM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8252781
chatter862 - Sharon "Hi babies Hi babies, whats wrong babies, you ate all your peppers babbiess 0 Replies #8252781 9:18AM 14/03/2008
in a high pitched voice (ugh)
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Topic #8252792
chatter862 - Josh and Sharon now back in bed chatting on cam3 &4 NT 0 Replies #8252792 9:19AM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8252795
chatter862 - Sheila in black robe on cam1 & 2 NT 0 Replies #8252795 9:20AM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8252806
chatter862 - Nat and Sheila talking about what POV will be they predict it will have something to do with the GP cage cause 0 Replies #8252806 9:22AM 14/03/2008
they hear them constructing something outside.
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Topic #8252820
chatter862 - They were just talking to someone named Michah? Wanting to get the POV going now NT 2 Replies #8252820 9:23AM 14/03/2008
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scandalous - It's "Mike O"; he runs all the comps NT #8252855 9:26AM 14/03/2008
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mrmac - Michael O'Sullivan, Senior Producer NT #8253555 10:51AM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8252841
chatter862 - Adam eating ceral by himself on cam 3 &4, Sheila filing nails on 1&2 NT 0 Replies #8252841 9:25AM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8252857
chatter862 - Nat, Sheila, Adam in KT fixing Adam's mic NT 0 Replies #8252857 9:27AM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8252868
chatter862 - Nat burped in Adams face by accident while working with his mic and he said cool 0 Replies #8252868 9:28AM 14/03/2008
it smelled like OJ...I like it...ugh
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