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Topic #8260989
Brendabythebay - Sheila says Ryan relates to the guys more cuz he hangs out with them and 0 Replies #8260989 9:49PM 14/03/2008
Ryan says yeah they're my boys and the boys chime in and say she has the girls club. (ed. rofl)
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Topic #8261046
KineGirl - Sheila to Adam: Why arent you protecting me??.. 0 Replies #8261046 9:52PM 14/03/2008
Adam says dont bring me into it. And dont stereotype me as one of the "boys"

Sheila says at least I was woman enough to tell James the truth (to Ryan). I want to be here like anyone else does.

Everyone else sitting back letting Sh/R battle it out

Matt: Lets change the subject. What do you think these mallets mean?

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Topic #8261057
rg1 - Sheila and Ryan arguing about the 10G's again. 0 Replies #8261057 9:53PM 14/03/2008
Ryan says Sheila is talking smack about him behind his back and he's not doing that to her. Trying to explain the only reason the money came up is because Sheila asked Natalie who she would vote for and Nat said she's 50\50 and would have to think about it. Sheila was upset and shocked and brought up the 10G's to Nat - it was a knee jerk reaction. She's spent time building relationships with people.

Ryan says, he's built relationships with people too and if he had asked NAt who she was voting for, he wouldn't have been surprised if NAt had said she had to think about it and wouldn't start talking about Sheila behind her back.

Ryan says, you think you deserve the "girls" votes because you've been hanging out with the girls?

Ryan says no. Matt says it's not boys against girls in this house. Just because we hang out together.

Sheila asks why Adam doesn't stick up for her?

Adam says why should he protect her?

Sheila says, that's right, we're singles now.

Lots of talking back and forth. Sheila finally says, my ass is on the block, I'm going to fight to stay here, let me do that the way I want too.

Matt says, alright than, lets change the subject. On another note, what do you think these mallets mean? Nat says luxury competition.
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Topic #8261065
JanJan - Matt injects a remark to change the conversation "What do you think these big mallets are for?" 0 Replies #8261065 9:53PM 14/03/2008
The HG's chiming in with ideas they imagine might be involved in a luxury comp. (espresso machine, shopping spree, etc).
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Topic #8261086
KineGirl - HG's talking about prizes they would like to see in the comps 1 Replies #8261086 9:54PM 14/03/2008
Josh wants a shopping spree
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Shar - Baller wants a bowling alley, Nat wants an expresso machine, Matt wants a treadmill. NT #8261312 10:12PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8261267
KineGirl - M/R playing chess. Ryan still talking about Sheila. Matt trying to 0 Replies #8261267 10:07PM 14/03/2008
to change subject back to chess (ed. LOL)
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Topic #8261274
JanJan - HG location update 0 Replies #8261274 10:08PM 14/03/2008
Adam, Nat, Chelsea, Josh & Sheila in & around hottub in backyard.
Ryan & Matt playing chess in living room.
Sharon in bed reading bible.
James in HOH room.
(random chatting, not much happening)
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Topic #8261309
JanJan - Sheila now holding Chelsea & Josh as captive audience at hottub... 1 Replies #8261309 10:12PM 14/03/2008
she is again retelling her side of ongoing debate w/Ryan. (no one else in back yard)
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JanJan - After over twenty minutes of this, they go inside...Josh to self "That was painful." =) NT #8261670 10:39PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8261395
KineGirl - Sheila says: I shouldnt say anything to anybody. Ryan just used 0 Replies #8261395 10:19PM 14/03/2008
everything I told him against me - the epiphany, the 10Gs. "He (Ryan) attacked me" Talking about how she was shocked that Nat wouldnt give her a straight answer about keeping her after she protected her & Matt.

MEANWHILE INSIDE... Matt does not want to talk game - just play chess.

Sheila/Josh/Chels by HT
Sheila: I refuse to be like Parker (about being on the block). Calling Adam out to Chels. about flip flopping in front of ppl and how you cant trust him cuz he will tell you what you want to hear.

Chels: eventually me & James are going to have to throw each other under the bus

Sheila: I feel sick about protecting Matt & Nat - they dont care about me. Shame on me. I can stay in this game with out lying to ppls faces or back stabbing. (ed. LOL) We're all here to win.

Chelsia just agreeing here and there and Josh is saying nothing

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Topic #8261514
Disneyisme - Around 10 minutes ago, in the LR, Matt said to Nat..."so do you like how I am being nice to you?" 0 Replies #8261514 10:26PM 14/03/2008
She goes to hug him and says "yes, I noticed Maaaattttieee..." He says "no hugging...get away, I know you've been how about 2 to 5 minutes of kissing for a BJ?" Adam and Ryan snicker and Nat says "sure! I'm really good at giving those, why not have some fun...who wouldn't want 2 to 5 minutes of kissing??" The conversation slowly changed to something entirely different...Adam and Ryan had a look of 'interest' on their faces...
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Topic #8261569
rg1 - Nat asking them to explain chess game to her, Matt, Ryan and Adam ignoring her. Adam give her the rule book to read NT 1 Replies #8261569 10:29PM 14/03/2008
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Brendabythebay - Nat: Mattie, the king can move to any adjoining square. What does that mean? #8261593 10:32PM 14/03/2008
Matt: it means this is the king, he can go heah heah heah heah ok?
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Topic #8261579
KineGirl - Sheila STILL going on. Now shes talking about how gross Adam.. 0 Replies #8261579 10:31PM 14/03/2008
is & how he was lucky to have gotten hooked up with her & how he sits around all day with his hands down his pants.

Chels: Maybe the reason we're here if its not for the money its to open our eyes to how we have been living our lives.

Sheila: I know .. Ive been living ugly. Ive never felt a sense of entitlement - Ive felt like a fraud (ed. sounds like guilty conscience) Ive done stuff thats made me sick.

Chelsia: theres more ppl who will hate us than love us after this. Everyone is making fun of us.

Josh: they laugh cuz they know the twist and we're here just living it
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Topic #8261634
KineGirl - Josh- this is going to be an ugly week. Sheila- ya think ?! NT 0 Replies #8261634 10:37PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8261710
right2erin - ryan, josh, nat and adam bashing sheila while she's in the DR NT 0 Replies #8261710 10:43PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8261742
JanJan - Josh/Adam/Matt discussing Sheila...Josh says she is vicious and he is scared to go against her on the block. 0 Replies #8261742 10:47PM 14/03/2008
Matt jumps on that and goes "oh yeah, people are underestimating her".
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Topic #8261817
right2erin - ryan and adam outside smoking, still making fun of sheila 0 Replies #8261817 10:52PM 14/03/2008
ryan is telling adam "i feel for you"
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Topic #8261838
right2erin - nat is complaining about sheila to josh, calling her a negative nancy 0 Replies #8261838 10:54PM 14/03/2008
saying "she is avoiding sheila. why? because she's crazy!"
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Topic #8261896
BBFanChelle - Josh and Adam talking in bed in the Red BR. Talking about Shelia 0 Replies #8261896 11:03PM 14/03/2008
going on in the HT and not Josh not being able to talk. Shelia will know who her true friends are after this vote.
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Topic #8261907
BBFanChelle - Josh: She definitely has some issues. NT 0 Replies #8261907 11:05PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8261924
right2erin - josh and adam keep giggling in the bed together, still bashing sheila NT 0 Replies #8261924 11:07PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8261931
BBFanChelle - Adam: You (Josh) owe her. She's on the block and she's not having. Josh: She said if 0 Replies #8261931 11:07PM 14/03/2008
she's on the block, everyone's on the block. She's decomposing. Adam: She's so raunchy.
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Topic #8261948
BBFanChelle - Matt Natalie and Ryan playing pool. Just went inside for cookies. NT 0 Replies #8261948 11:10PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8262133
BBFanChelle - Matt and Natalie in Spa Room. Matt told Natalie to take her bra off. Natalie... 0 Replies #8262133 11:40PM 14/03/2008
finally getting her massage from Matt.
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Topic #8262179
BBFanChelle - Matt to Natalie: You'll get another one tomorrow. One everyday this week. NT 0 Replies #8262179 11:48PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8262241
BBFanChelle - Pink BR: Adam reading bible, Matt on bed, Natalie going through clothes. 0 Replies #8262241 11:58PM 14/03/2008
Ryan fixing cushions. Natalie talking about Ryan's snoring
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