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Topic #8257426
Brittney024 - James and Sheila 0 Replies #8257426 4:13PM 14/03/2008
James tells S that she has to understand that this is what they do to people (talking about people breaking people down)
S says that she said to Josh what if it was your mom sitting here and what would you do if someone like you was talking to your mom like that or your sister. She doesnt think that you have to stoop to that level.
Josh makes her feel comfortable. S saying that she would never say anything abouyt him(josh) being gay, that no one has taken that out on him in this house and she has respect that he came straight into the house and openly said he was gay.
James says the reason Josh may stay in the house is because other people want him there to have a target on him (Josh) and not themselves.
James now talking about how he feels that he didnt connect with people and thats what he needs to do now.
Sheila says that once she has made a decision she doesnt want turn back on it. She learned a lesson when James came back that she cant be doing that.
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Topic #8257489
Brittney024 - James asked why does everyone protecting matt. 0 Replies #8257489 4:17PM 14/03/2008
Sheila says that she doesnt know. She didnt realize how intense it was until Nat stood up there (during HOH) for him (Matt).
James said that they (MRN) drew a line when they did that (i think talking about last week)
now Sheila talking about how she has piggybacked this whole game.

Matt just came outside.

Sheila says that she is playing this game for herself now. Sheila says that she has made relationships with people and she does care for people. She says she feels isolated and thats why she goes back in the BR by herself. Tells James that her son is a lot like him. That he dresses different and does different things but still has friends. She says that she has better conversations with her son then most people in this house.

(keeps talking about her and her son and how they have traveled and thats why he is so cool. His sons GF is Korean....and they want to go to Japan.....)
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Topic #8257516
Brittney024 - James says that if you are HOH you have to lpay in the POV HARD so you dont have to BD anyone... 2 Replies #8257516 4:19PM 14/03/2008
James says he makes the final call (talking if it comes 3:3)
He tells Sheila that she did BD him. She says no I wasnt up there. He says yeah but your vote. He says that him hanging out the C so much def. hurt his game play b/c no one thinks that he will turn on her but eventually he will have to.
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carrieLxs - Its NOT BDing if you dont plan it! This guys doesn't know this game! NT #8257542 4:22PM 14/03/2008
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carrieLxs - OOPS SRY! wrong forum NT #8257549 4:22PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8257535
kandio - Sheila/James. Sheila telling James none of this was my fault. Bringing Matt into it. 0 Replies #8257535 4:21PM 14/03/2008
Telling him that her & Ryan were protecting Matt. Saying about it was to be Josh
Sheila saying she is telling him the truth & a lier is a lier
i know you cant go back on your word.
J: why did u feel that u had to protect Matt
S: they saved me.
J: telling about why she was saved..not why you think. telling about a snake thing? that it was Ryan who did it.
S: Adam flip flops. you dont know where he stands
J: saying if its a tie i'am voting Ry out
S: does not want Josh to break her down.
James telling her people go into the DR & trash talk..he said hey all do
Sheila says she as not?
S/ saying she could play the game better if Josh was not there.?
S:saying people need to have respect or each other [imo must of forgotten her words}
S:telling James that he is 45 & learned her lesson.
J:why is everyone protecting Matt
S: she respects Natt but she saved Matt but not the rest of us
S: nobody has my back..i have to play for myself
S: i cry i'am a mom
S: talking about her son. He is like James he's a DJ, he paints,more stuff he has a nice looking GF. He wants to go to Japan, his gf is from
J:saying it will be a split house
J:saying he hung out w/C to much he should have talked game w/others
saying he is not turning on C this week, but its a game & you have to
S: saying yes you will
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Topic #8257551
Brittney024 - James agrees that he is gunning for Matt that he (matt)was right that 0 Replies #8257551 4:22PM 14/03/2008
James would go after him if he stayed. He says that Matt campained more for Sharon to stay that Sharon did for herself. Sheila acts like she doesnt know this.

Sheila says to be honest I wanted you (James) to win the POV she didnt want anyone else to win it. James asks if she thinks that Matt would have taken Ryan off if he wont the POV. Sheila says oh yeah, in a heart beat.
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Topic #8257569
Brittney024 - James says that he would not have put up Adam if Ryan was taken off the block. 0 Replies #8257569 4:24PM 14/03/2008
Sheila says that is why she clapped when James won. She says that Mattie knows that Sheila isnt protecting him anymore that she keeps telling people not to gun for Mattie but she is done with that.
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Topic #8257587
camera12 - Sheila says "i'm not gonna lie to you" for the 1 millionth time!!! NT 0 Replies #8257587 4:25PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8257605
Brittney024 - Sheila saying that Mattie is sweating bullets and that they only made one deal. 0 Replies #8257605 4:27PM 14/03/2008
James says that he hopes that they(m/n) see that he kept his word with having there back this week and that they should have his next. Now talking about how James came back and seeing everyone that voted you out. But it has made him stronger that when you leave you dont think how can I get back at them because you cant, he started with a clean slate.
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Topic #8257628
Brittney024 - James and Sheila shake and then they get up... Adam, Matt, Ryan came outside. 0 Replies #8257628 4:28PM 14/03/2008
Sheila goes back in and James walks to Adam to smoke some of his Cig. Not to much talk outside. Ryan putting on a Nic. Patch.
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Topic #8257657
Brittney024 - James asks matt if he wants to Shoot a game, Matt says sure and they started racking the balls (pool) 0 Replies #8257657 4:31PM 14/03/2008
Ryan walking aroung dusting things off with his hand saying everything is dirty like sawdust (prob. from POV) Sheila joins the outside crew with some trail mix.
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Topic #8257713
DanaRose - James, Matt and Adam playing pool, Ryan and Sheila on BY couches small talking NT 0 Replies #8257713 4:36PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8257748
camera12 - Lock down. NT 1 Replies #8257748 4:39PM 14/03/2008
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WVpdles - Outside NT #8257762 4:39PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8257934
WVpdles - BB: lockdown over, free to move about the house NT 0 Replies #8257934 4:55PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8258052
camera12 - Nat trying to convince Sharon to keep Ryan and evict Sheila. NT 0 Replies #8258052 5:08PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8258127
N2BB - Matt and Nat talking to Sharon in red room 0 Replies #8258127 5:15PM 14/03/2008
trying to get her to vote Sheila out. Sheila walks in and says she should be nervous, she should campaign to stay but isn't any good at it.
Sheila then starts campagining for Nat and Matt's vote.
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Topic #8258129
Ben_Jamin75 - Sheila trying to convince Nat to keep her NT 0 Replies #8258129 5:15PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8258173
DanaRose - Matt said hes kinda glad he didnt win POV, but hes surprised he got out so quick NT 0 Replies #8258173 5:22PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8258202
DanaRose - Matt tells James and Josh that Sheila told Baller he'd better vote for her...(more) 0 Replies #8258202 5:27PM 14/03/2008
James say if i was voting id go with what you all went with last week...get rid of the strongest player. They all agree Sheila didnt do bad in the veto comp, she was going slow cuz she thought the others would fall
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Topic #8258205
DanaRose - Matt said he fell first NT 0 Replies #8258205 5:27PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8258221
DanaRose - Matt says he has to weigh it out who he owes more...Ryan or Sheila...He said what do 0 Replies #8258221 5:29PM 14/03/2008
I owe Sheila? James says shes been protecting you and campaigning for you for weeks
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Topic #8258227
DanaRose - Matt asks James if Ryan stays are you still gonna gun for him? James said no its over NT 0 Replies #8258227 5:30PM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8258234
lakeview - Sheila/Nat/Sharon in pullout bedroom 0 Replies #8258234 5:31PM 14/03/2008
Sheila talking to Nat and Matt trying to get them to vote against Ryan. Nat saying it's a tough decision. Sheila saying "Jen has $5K and Ryan has $10K".

Matt walks out. Sheila saying that if he took her off and put up Nat, she would vote against Ryan.

Sheila says that she has lied to people but not to Nat.

Sharon's lieing down on the bed in the back during this.

Sheila saying that story about "not piggybacking anymore". Said she did want to win the POV today and that she's going to fight to stay.

Sheila bringing up the $10K thing again.

Sheila says James doesn't have to believe her since she did lied to him in past.

Nat says she's going to wait to think about it until after POV. Sheila saying she is going to campaign and don't blame her for it.

Sharon / Nat saying it's still 2 days til POV ceremony.

Sheila's saying she's been lonely and that people have been avoiding her since she's been up on the block.

Sheila says "no one owes anyone in this game". Sheila saying that she's never lied to you guys and she doesn't know anyone hasn't lied. Nat agrees that everyone's lied at some time.

Sheila says the words "diary room" and soon after there's a "don't talk about DR" message played. Sheila's confused why.

Sharon says she wasn't stressing out about being on the block because "if it was my time, it was my time". She didn't feel it was right to campaign b/c people ultimately know what they are going to do the second people are on the block. "Especially when you're backdoored too".

Sharon says she had no clue when P&J voted her and Jacob out. "I'm sure they showed Jen making the pact with me when we walked in and Amanda". Nat saying Amanda also had come to her and had a pact.

Sheila wondering what the sexy 6 were. Nat admits who it was. Nat thinks it was Parker or Alex who came up with the name. Sharon to Nat: "you're the last two survivors of the sexy 6"

Sheila: This game's crazy. It changes daily.

Sharon says people already know what they're going to do. Sheila says I'm still campaigning. Sheila also says "if the house is divided, James still gets the last call

Now talking about the HOH competition. Sheila to Nat: you did the right thing. Saved yourself and Matty.

Sheila says a bunch of sentences with the words lightbulb moment and piggyback and gunned after you and on the block and backdoored and no one's gonna save me...

Nat says that Sheila beat Matty in the last couple of competitions.

Sheila says Hellllooooo. Helllloooo.

[this is getting really repetitive so I'm stopping]
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Topic #8258238
DanaRose - Matt lied and told James and Josh that Sheila MADE him promise to be on her team next time, and that he 0 Replies #8258238 5:32PM 14/03/2008
wouldnt promise her that. (Matt was the one who suggested that to Sheila and made the promise without Sheila even asking)
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Topic #8258285
Ben_Jamin75 - Shelia trying to talk to Adam. Adam says "I know what you're going to say, i heard everything" 0 Replies #8258285 5:38PM 14/03/2008
Sheila complaining that she always comforted everyone on the block, and no one is coming to comfort her.
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Topic #8258312
lakeview - Sheila/Adam 0 Replies #8258312 5:41PM 14/03/2008
Sheila walks into room where Adam is reading.

Adam says he heard everything she was saying to Nat in the other room.

Sheila says "we'll talk Sunday then." And then continues to talk alot more.

Adam looks like he's still reading and Sheila's just staring at him.

Sheila: Are you nervous? Adam: about what? being put up. You don't think he's going to take you down? Sheila: no.

Sheila says "do you think this is a hard decision to make" Adam says no but I don't have to decide yet. Until Sunday, it's all theory until then. Sheila: that's true.

Adam: are you nervous? Sheila: yeah, of course, wow, unbelievable, wow. The thought of getting evicted makes me sick to my stomach. And that's not being premature.

Adam says you have five days. Sheila says we'll know on Sunday. Adam: did you ask to take you off. Sheila: no, i deserve to be there. You know I'm not the only one who lied to them. Adam: who? Sheila: I don't have to call them out. You don't know who they are? Really? Adam: everyon in this house is a liar. Adam: so what are you going to do about that Sheila? Sheila: i don't know what do you think of. Adam: campaign now. Sheila: That's what I've been doing but no one wants to talk.

Sheila: James said you (Baller) lied to him too and don't do it again. Adam: I didn't promise him anything.

Adam walks out.
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