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Topic #8250391
streetsense - ok they doing it ---------here they go NT 0 Replies #8250391 12:03AM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8250404
Taelyn - She is gonna be SO MAD NT 0 Replies #8250404 12:05AM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8250471
ariel1981 - sheila was NOT amused!! (ed. it was so funny) NT 0 Replies #8250471 12:10AM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8250473
bbshannon - The whole house plays a practical joke on Sheila 1 Replies #8250473 12:10AM 14/03/2008
Sheila was in bed, they all planned to pretend it was POV.
Josh busts into Sheila's room, turns on the lights and screams POV! They all run screaming to the backyard, telling her to hurry up! They all laugh hysterically waiting for her to get outside. She puts on her unitard and comes out dazed...wondering what is going on. Are you serious??
She sits down with them in the backyard and they all pretend James just got called to the DR and they are waiting for instructions.
James comes out and says wait for furthur instructions but busts out laughing. Sheila laughs and tells them they're full of *****, she goes back inside. She was a good sport about it.
They all laugh hysterically, go on and on.
Sheila gets called to the DR and they all bust out laughing.
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jgill270 - Sheila was called to dr NT #8250512 12:13AM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8250483
BBFanChelle - Shelia: This house is fin insane. NT 0 Replies #8250483 12:10AM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8250508
bbshannon - They are all pleased with their prank..James says it was house bonding 1 Replies #8250508 12:12AM 14/03/2008
"Her face was priceless"
Reenacting the whole thing, lots of laughing.
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bbshannon - Josh would love it if the real POV was right now..Sheila would not believe them #8250519 12:14AM 14/03/2008
Talking about a huge light being gone now.
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Topic #8250554
bbshannon - Chelsia thinks that Sheila is in the DR sobbing 0 Replies #8250554 12:18AM 14/03/2008
They want to see her reaction when she comes out of the DR.

Adam talking about an Asian gangbanging chick being in the house..they are mean! He wants to be hooked up with Chelsia's Asian friend.

Josh, Chelsia and James check out their food supply. They are fully stocked, all munching on food. Something about the food lasting for 2 weeks, or something...James says "will you be here?"

All in kitchen eating now.
Nat still saying how funny that was.
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Topic #8250578
bbshannon - Josh is giving his diet a day break..he'll start again tomorrow 0 Replies #8250578 12:20AM 14/03/2008
Josh: before I go back to my anorexia

Nat still giggling to herself..everyone else seems to be over it.
All eating in kitchen, opening random bags of things. Nat eating Tim's Potato Chips.

Josh says one of these days Sheila will crack. He made a cheese dip.
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Topic #8250624
bbshannon - Adam feels bad, they all realize Sheila is still in the DR. 0 Replies #8250624 12:25AM 14/03/2008
All still laughing about it.
Natalie thinks it'll be shown in the episode.
James eating an orange.
Everyone in the kitchen minus Matt and Sheila

Natalie: She hates getting in and out of that thing (the unitard)

James tells Chelsia that he eats the orange's healthy.

James says Mattie went to console his suspected mother in the house.
They all say that would be a great twist.
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Topic #8250655
bbshannon - Josh thinks the twists the week were so overplayed. First becoming singles, then the twist with James staying 0 Replies #8250655 12:28AM 14/03/2008
He thinks every week will be something crazy.
Josh says there is a lot riding on this show..or people wont watch it in the summer. Nothing else is on.
They are the guinea pigs.
Natalie thinks they've been lucky, two evictions that didn't go down.
James: one person did leave though..
James eats Starburst and tells Sharon to go console Sheila.

Josh hopes she doesn't get HOH next week.
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Topic #8250687
bbshannon - Josh hopes for the POV tomorrow morning, random chitchat in the kitchen 0 Replies #8250687 12:32AM 14/03/2008
Chelsia and James at counter, Chelsia in her red robe.
James unwrapping his Starburst candy.
Josh still munching on chips. Sharon also in there.

It sounds like someone is brushing their teeth but there isn't a feed on anyone else but the people in the kitchen.

James and Chelsia being silly, stacking the starburst, calling eachother names. James tries to devour his whole "jenga" stack at once. He has at least 5 in his mouth, trying to chew them. Chelsia just watches.

Sheila out of DR, Josh says.

Chelsia wants to see...James opens his mouth full of candy and they pretend to kiss.
Josh would rather Sheila just hate him than apologize for the prank.

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Topic #8250714
BBFanChelle - Shelia out of unitard. NT 0 Replies #8250714 12:36AM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8250738
bbshannon - Everyone goes into Sheila's room 0 Replies #8250738 12:38AM 14/03/2008
Chels, Sharon, James and Josh go into Sheila's bedroom.

Chelsia tells her it's time for the POV. Sheila doesn't have to wear the unitard anymore! She's not mad at all, they got her good.
Chelsia says its weird to see Sheila in clothes.
James doesnt like it.

Sheila hugs Chelsia, she's laughing, they got her good.
James called to DR.
Matt laying on pink bed reading bible.
The DR told Sheila they wouldn't do that to her but the POV is coming up.

Sheila animated, wearing black shirt and jeans.
She will never get over that..she's been called 5 times tonight.
Sheila: damn I'm gullible for 45!! They are all busting out laughing about Josh's acting.
Sheila says you guys are good! Expect the unexpected.
Nat says they were bored.
Sheila asks Mattie why he's not even laughing. Matt says he wasn't in on it as much, it was funny but...

Ryan on floor. Adam in bed, Matt in bed. Sheila and Nat also in pink room.
Sheila: it was fine...i thought it was funny. credit for originality.
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Topic #8250760
bbshannon - Theories on the "blocks" Does it mean they are "on the block"? It could be a food comp.. 0 Replies #8250760 12:39AM 14/03/2008
Maybe a foodcomp/POV.

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Topic #8250812
bbshannon - Sheila laughing about the pillows thrown everywhere..she loved it 0 Replies #8250812 12:43AM 14/03/2008
Sheila wants to know who's idea it was.
It was all or nothing. They were all doing it or nobody was.

The DR asked Sheila what she thought and she said "ohh they're all kids. You only play tricks on who you like"

Sheila says there are alot of actors in this house...
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Topic #8250868
bbshannon - All four feeds on pink bedroom, Matt reading bible, Nat beside him on bed 0 Replies #8250868 12:52AM 14/03/2008
James out of the DR.

Adam screams "Jimmy" through the wall
Natalie then says "Jimmy!"
James and Chelsia laying in bed together in other room.
Adam asks James if he's done with the HOH room (through the wall)
He laughs and says yeah. He's done with it.
Nat picking at her feet on bed beside Matt.
They all think the DR loves Josh.

Chelsia screams that Josh fingered a girl.
Adam: just now?
Josh says in the 90's.
Adam called to the DR.
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Topic #8250885
coz - Adam: my a*shole is burning over here dude, James does your a*shole burn? NT 0 Replies #8250885 12:55AM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8250891
bbshannon - Adam out of DR. Natalie thinks she'll be called next b/c of her role in the prank. BB: Chelsia please go to the diary room 1 Replies #8250891 12:55AM 14/03/2008
Adam's ass is on fire (tmi)
James gets on Adam's pink bed with him.

Natalie wants to do James' portrait in nailpolish.
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bbshannon - Making fun of Matt's nailpolish picture. It doesn't even look like him, look at his chinstrap. NT #8250895 12:56AM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8250898
bbshannon - Adam and James farting..Natalie says it smells like turkey sandwiches NT 0 Replies #8250898 12:56AM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8250908
bbshannon - BB: Adam, Chelsia, Joshuah, please put on your microphone 0 Replies #8250908 12:58AM 14/03/2008
Talk about more pranks they can play. Operation Icecold, Operation SubZero where they pour ice water on someone.

Josh getting into bed.
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Topic #8250931
bbshannon - James back in Chelsia's bed with her. Him and Josh joke about getting Chelsia out 0 Replies #8250931 1:02AM 14/03/2008
Looking at silver plate in the ceiling, Josh wanted to know what it was. Maybe picks up sound.

James and Chelsia wrestling on her bed.
James talking about farting in a cup. Chelsia tells him he stinks, what crawled up his a*s. He says his guts are rotting.
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Topic #8250935
bbshannon - Chelsia asks James if he's buttphobic..if he wants a finger down there. Umm.. NT 1 Replies #8250935 1:03AM 14/03/2008
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bbshannon - and vice versa. James makes Chelsia smell his finger. Chelsia says no thanks. #8250944 1:06AM 14/03/2008
Adam called to the DR again!

Lights going off.
Josh says we have a big P.O.V. tomorrow.
James says if you dont win it, you get herpes. He says its a big POV (he says it like pawv)
Chelsia laughing really loud, screaming that James is so weird!
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Topic #8251049
cannotsleep - James playing pool outside by himself apparently, everyone else is in bed NT 0 Replies #8251049 1:33AM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8251110
folieadeux8381 - Baller has joined James in the BY NT 0 Replies #8251110 1:45AM 14/03/2008
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Topic #8251133
cannotsleep - James says that he can't get to sleep and that he is wired. NT 0 Replies #8251133 1:48AM 14/03/2008
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