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Topic #8315329
FrouFrou - Josh does demon stance (so funny) while Nat is saying I have my Mattie tonight. NT 0 Replies #8315329 7:48PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8315332
WVpdles - Nat - if i get mad, that will just make me win NT 0 Replies #8315332 7:48PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8315337
streetsense - Matt ordering Nat what she can and cant do NT 0 Replies #8315337 7:48PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8315341
WVpdles - FLAMES NT 0 Replies #8315341 7:49PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8315357
streetsense - Matt saying hell do a one-two combo on Josh--FLames NT 0 Replies #8315357 7:49PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8315400
WVpdles - Sheila I will not walk out of this place gracefully, I won't be Ali or amanda NT 0 Replies #8315400 7:50PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8315417
streetsense - Adam tells girls to confront it--get it out of the way--MAtt tells him to shut up--Adam says "oh cuz its your last night" sarcastically NT 0 Replies #8315417 7:51PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8315429
WVpdles - josh to camera don't worry BB, I'm just a gay boy going off <roar> I won't make threats just words. NT 0 Replies #8315429 7:51PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8315446
streetsense - Matt calls himself King of insults and he can make people cry--thats why he was put on show NT 0 Replies #8315446 7:52PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8315453
FrouFrou - Matt playing pool with Nat and Adam. Matt is busting on Nat and ALLOWING her to play pool. NT 0 Replies #8315453 7:52PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8315479
WVpdles - Sheila - I want him to hit me, i'm gonna tell him to hit me like he would hit a man. I already had a dream about it the police came and had to get him 0 Replies #8315479 7:53PM 18/03/2008
He threw furniture. Matt/Ryan he won't hit anybody
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Topic #8315491
FrouFrou - Matt saying I was protectful calm. No one has seen me go nuts. NT 0 Replies #8315491 7:53PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8315502
streetsense - Matt saying if Josh says one word hell go over and get in his face---if hes even here when it happens NT 0 Replies #8315502 7:53PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8315536
FrouFrou - Adam saying Josh needs to get busy. James saying Matt is a loser. Adam saying yeah. NT 0 Replies #8315536 7:54PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8315540
streetsense - Matt tells girls Josh wont go off on her tonight--they shook on it NT 0 Replies #8315540 7:55PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8315594
streetsense - matt guarantee's JOsh wont say a word tonight--but he cant stop Josh from looking at her NT 0 Replies #8315594 7:57PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8315610
streetsense - Nat saying she gonna go up to josh and say "Hi, How you doing" NT 0 Replies #8315610 7:57PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8315661
streetsense - Josh comes out of Dr ans James asks if he had a restraining order put on him--Josh says " i cant talk about it, lets not talk about it" NT 1 Replies #8315661 7:59PM 18/03/2008
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Antoinette - josh said they gave him another have to stay five feet away rule NT #8315806 8:04PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8315761
streetsense - Josh telling james and adam hes not intimidated of sheila NT 0 Replies #8315761 8:02PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8315762
lakeview - S/A/N/M/R by pool table 0 Replies #8315762 8:02PM 18/03/2008
Sheila: I will not walk out of here gracefully. I will go ballistic on him.

Matt says he can make people cry easily.

Nat doesn't want to break the balls. Wants to save her strength for tomorrow.

Sheila wants Josh to hit her to kicked out of the game. Matt: that will never happen. He won't come within 5 feet of a woman.

Sheila brings up Josh getting on Amanda, Allison, Natalie.

Matt says the first word out his mouth I'll be out of there.

Sheila: I will make it my duty to get that out of this house. [that = Josh]

Sheila telling Ryan he shoulda put Josh up instead. Sheila: I've said it a million times. I knew it was coming.

Matt: not coming yet, it will though.

Matt says if anything happens tonight, for Sheila to come get him.

Matt says Josh shook on it that it would be a peaceful last night.

Sheila/Nat saying they're going to be super sweet to Josh tonight instead.

Sheila finding it odd that they haven't been called for more DRs. Matt: maybe tomorrow.

Ryan's winning the pool game. Sheila's croquet-ing away now.
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Topic #8315832
streetsense - nat walks in ---Josh says "hi natalie " nat says "hi how are you" Josh says brewing NT 0 Replies #8315832 8:05PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8315861
realitydoll - Adam & James in KT: Adam "that's why I'm instigating it" (I missed the beginning).. 0 Replies #8315861 8:06PM 18/03/2008
Paraphrasing, my rewind won't work.
Adam: I would rather have him go off tonight rather than before HOH

Josh walks in, says he has been formerly warned. He can't talk about it. (James questioned him)

Adam asks what is the cause of it.
Josh, the less you know the better

Someone hollers in about Joshes laundry. He tells them to do it because he doesn't want to go out and go off.

James says look at shelia.
Josh: she looks like one of those star wars ewoks.

Josh wants to know again, if shelia is scared.
James says nope.
Josh. Really??? (he is pizzed now because his strategy isn't working!!!)
He is just going off and calling her a big monostat, yeast infection, out of work actress.....she is pathetic, a flip flopper, she's pathetic..has no spine.

Josh: Watcha gonna do?

Adam asking about what to eat.

James says: how shelia says she didn't sign up for this (the verbal abuse) but she did sign a waiver for her son.

James: You know how natalie is going to do that..."ha ha it doesn't affect me! doesn't affect me!!!" (mimicking nat)
Josh: oh yeah

Josh: Hi matt
Matt: Just put this in storage?
Josh: Yeah

Nat walks in
Josh HI NATALIE! Howya doing??
Nat: GOOoooood! goes off..nother room (I'm listening, not watching trying to type this all up)

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Topic #8315904
streetsense - James Adam Josh laughing about Josah making fun of Allisno and her third eye--they all laughing NT 0 Replies #8315904 8:09PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8315921
streetsense - Josh asks Adam if hes gonig to do anything, Adam says hes just gonna laugh--James says Ryan wont do anything but call him a ***** NT 0 Replies #8315921 8:10PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8315952
WVpdles - Sheila says she's gonna go to BB and tell this if they don't want her to leave the house, then it's either him or her. 1 Replies #8315952 8:11PM 18/03/2008
who do you want in this house, me or him?
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WVpdles - S - you better hit me and man up. you better hit me and man up NT #8315994 8:13PM 18/03/2008
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