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Topic #8309874
SouthernBelladonna - Sheila is changing into her swim suit. All other HGs in the BY. NT 0 Replies #8309874 1:33PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8309939
SouthernBelladonna - Sheila comes out and says she had a little meltdown and that everyone knows she's crazy. Nat tell her to stop that. 0 Replies #8309939 1:38PM 18/03/2008
Nat blowing it off...

Adam, "Sheila, welcome to the pool, babe!"

He asks if she was crying. She says she was..."you know I'm crazy. I'm sensitive...things hurt me...don't fault me for being sensitive"

Adam asks her what happened and she says nothing..."I'm back"

James jokes with ehr that she's a robot that they can program when she will break down.
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Topic #8309949
SouthernBelladonna - James asks if he made her cry. Sheila says yes, "you get off on that, don't you?" NT 0 Replies #8309949 1:39PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8309985
SouthernBelladonna - All HGs are hanging out in the BY. 0 Replies #8309985 1:41PM 18/03/2008
Adam/Nat joking around in the pool.

(ed. I'm out...someone else take over)
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Topic #8310142
CruiseCritic - James in the KT and tellsJosh that Sheila is a "C" and that he wants to call her out 1 Replies #8310142 1:52PM 18/03/2008
and bring up that last night she said she was going to vote out Matt and today she is saying Ryan
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mymissy - he was speaking to josh not matt NT #8310164 1:54PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8310154
CruiseCritic - James just said he knows he can go pour water on her (Sheila) and now talking with 0 Replies #8310154 1:53PM 18/03/2008
Josh about rallying the house against her. Josh cant wait to use his words against her. Josh says she is the stupid one and FLAMES
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Topic #8310184
CruiseCritic - Feeds come back and James said something about her having her microphone on 0 Replies #8310184 1:55PM 18/03/2008
and calls her the c word again. Josh going on and on how Sheila goes back and forth and says Adam and Sheila are playing as one...Josh says he trusts Adam more than Sheila.

Josh says Ryan will believe anything. James says he really wants to fill a pot of water with ice and pour it on her. Josh says maybe we should chill and wait til tomorrow.
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Topic #8310200
CruiseCritic - Chelsia comes in the kitchen and goes to the counter and Josh says 0 Replies #8310200 1:57PM 18/03/2008
Sheila went up to James last night and said she was getting rid of Ryan and now wants to get rid of Matt. Josh says she likes you now - James says because you disowned me.

Chelsia says she hasnt even talked to her yet. Kitchen feed switches to Ryan and Matt on hammock
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Topic #8310229
camera12 - James again, "I officially hate Sheila" (ed. lol). NT 0 Replies #8310229 1:58PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8310245
CruiseCritic - BB- Joshuah please go to the DR. All 4 feeds now on Matt on hammock and now 0 Replies #8310245 1:59PM 18/03/2008
all 4 switch to James and Chelsia in the kitchen at the counter.

Chelsia says she did get some color from being out there for like 5 minutes. SHe wants James to stop calling her fat because now Baller calling her that too..she doesnt want to be called chubby.

She says she understands she is gaining weight and he tells her to shut up - you are not gaining weight. He says who am i to talk, i have acne, I am scrawny, etc etc and tells her not to let the Brawny man intimidate her.

Chels says the first thing she had this morning was chocolate milk.
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Topic #8310271
CruiseCritic - James says Sheila is now voting for Ryan to stay so they can make the house go 0 Replies #8310271 2:01PM 18/03/2008
split so he is made out to be the bad guy and he votes someone out. James says they think it is split with you, Adam and Natalie for Matt.

Chels says she is going to tell Matt that the only way she will vote for matt is if the votes are 4-2. James says she needs to go talk to Sheila - tells her she cannot be inside because he and Josh are the only ones inside. she doesnt want to go outside. he tells her it is necessito.

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Topic #8310311
CruiseCritic - Chelsia still in KT, yawning and stretching saying she is going to lay like this 0 Replies #8310311 2:05PM 18/03/2008
-with her arms above her head so she can "get her pits"

James tells her she has to go talk to Sheila and Chels says she is going to tell her Josh will go nuts and will go after you and your son if you dont vote for Matty.

James wonders if they can see thru the windows, Chels says no. She is still in the kitchen and James walks away from the counter. She talks about a shower and James tells her that her shower sh!t is upstairs.

James says he wants to rag on Sheila today and is going to tell her he wants a closeup shot of her wrinkles and now talks about "flubber" on Sheila's arms. (He wants to go off on her)
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Topic #8310334
camera12 - James going to Hoh. NT 0 Replies #8310334 2:06PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8310339
CruiseCritic - Chelsia says she needs to pick them off (pimples?) with tweezers and says 0 Replies #8310339 2:06PM 18/03/2008
Natalie can I borrow your tweezers. James in KT looking at his hair in the mirror and heads up to the HOH room.

Chels says she bets he cant go up there - he puts key and gets in and yells to Chelsia that he CAN get in and asks her if she wants to come up there.
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Topic #8310387
camera12 - Sheila telling Sharon James wants her to vote Matty to stay. She is PISSED at James. NT 0 Replies #8310387 2:09PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8310404
CruiseCritic - Sheila talking to Sharon about "they" saying they were going to put her up 0 Replies #8310404 2:11PM 18/03/2008
every week until she breaks down and Sharon wants to know who and Sheila says she cant say - but if they think that I am the bigger threat then that is their problem. she says she isnt flipping the vote this time.

Sheila says there are only 2 freaken winners in this game, is anyone thinking about that.

All 4 feeds on Sharon and Sheila. Sheila says she doesnt care what those two think - James and Joshuah. Sheila says James contradicts himself and asks Sharon to please not say anything to anyone, not even Josh. Sharon says she wont (yeah right)

SHiela says that James came back and wanted revenge against Matty and now making her look bad. she wants to do what looks good for her and they know how to push her buttons. she said they are mad because she came out and yelled at them...

Sharon says she made it clear to Josh not to come after Sheila. Sheila says that is what he does. Says family, friends and even viewers will look at him like he is disgusting.

sheila sick of walking on eggshells and now James is trying to break me
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Topic #8310426
camera12 - Sharon and Sheila convo: 0 Replies #8310426 2:12PM 18/03/2008
Sharon says Joshua has NEVER said you (Sheila) are crazy.
Sheila sick of walking on eggshells. Sick of James calling her SheBot. Damnit, I am 46 years old.
Sheila called to DR.
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Topic #8310435
CruiseCritic - If you can live with yourself when you walk out of here then kudos to you - 0 Replies #8310435 2:12PM 18/03/2008
Sheila talking about James. Sharon talking about James and now BB calls her to the DR.

Sharon is tying the back of her suit for her and Sheila thanks her. SHeila says she will be back and Sharon says she will be ther doing absolutely nothing.

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Topic #8310440
kandio - S/S talking BY Sheila saying there are bigger fish then her. Saying peeps are mad because she 0 Replies #8310440 2:12PM 18/03/2008
can change votes & flip the house. Sheila saying James is not doing what he said
S: saying everyone waits to see how Sheila votes. I'am not telling anyone...maybe you
S: saying Josh never called her crazy..Sheila saying veiwers will look at Josh w/disgust for doing that to me. Saying James calls her Shebot like a robot
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Topic #8310453
kandio - Adam asking Sharon if Sheila was stirring things up again NT 0 Replies #8310453 2:14PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8310455
CruiseCritic - two feeds on Adam in the pool and two of large pan feeds of the BY - you can 0 Replies #8310455 2:14PM 18/03/2008
hear Natalie talking and Adam and Sharon are talking to eachother as well.

Adam says there are alot of crazies in Oregon
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Topic #8310486
camera12 - Joshua to Chelsia and James: Don't be telling your life story unless you want it used against you, ref. to Matt. NT 0 Replies #8310486 2:17PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8310499
CruiseCritic - Josh bashing Matts eyes and saying it is in his genes and that they are going to be hard up 0 Replies #8310499 2:18PM 18/03/2008
for money after this. Josh says dont tell me your life story if you dont me to use it against you. Chels tells Josh that Natalie is a Seattle Seahawks cheerleader...Josh is shocked. James tells her to keep it to herself and James says not to tell anyone else about it.

Josh says that is how she got on the show. James says Baller is a semi professional bowler...Josh says and I am a professional homosexual

(I will do more updates later when I am needed or else if they switch to more than ONE feed)
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Topic #8310503
camera12 - Chelsia tells Josh that Nat is a Seahawks cheerleader. Josh, "I am just a professional homosexual." NT 0 Replies #8310503 2:18PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8310524
camera12 - Josh doing cheerleading moves! Freaking out that Nat is a C.L. That is why she dresses so bad and knows so much about the team. NT 0 Replies #8310524 2:20PM 18/03/2008
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