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Topic #8319735
WVpdles - josh asked James if Matt has asked him about breaking the tie. Jam- he was suppose to come talk to me tonight but he didn't 0 Replies #8319735 11:29PM 18/03/2008
jo- so he's that sure he has the votes.
ja-nat is in for an utter shock. we have to rock this out all the way to the live show.
jo- i know it's ugly, but intimidation works.
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Topic #8319744
scandalous - J/J/C looking @ the screen in HOH, saying how Matt looks all cocky, Chels saying "crooked-eye" something or other... 0 Replies #8319744 11:30PM 18/03/2008
Josh saying he can't wait until tomorrow night when they're celebrating in Josh's HOH room.

James: We gotta rock this out right through the live show/HOH comp.

Josh: Allison knew those quotes better than me, but she was so scared that Sharon took her down.

James: Where is Sharon on everything?

Josh: She's great either her or Josh will win HOH & the other will win the next week. But it will be close.

James: She's usually good about predicting those.
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Topic #8319753
staydownmtown - Matt and ryan playing chess 0 Replies #8319753 11:31PM 18/03/2008
Matt was digging in his butt for a good 30 seconds
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Topic #8319773
scandalous - Josh: If those 2 (Nat & She) are knocked out of comp 1st he'll be giddy... 0 Replies #8319773 11:33PM 18/03/2008
Josh: Matt is a horrible actor. They can see right through them.

Josh reiterating the convo about part of Matt's deal is that Nat saying she'll do anything Matt tells her to.

That's how messed up she is.

Chels: Please show that on television.

They say Nat was just giggling about it.

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Topic #8319803
scandalous - JJC joking about how loud & obnoxious Sharon is. James says we wanted to make sure you(chels) are still on board... 0 Replies #8319803 11:36PM 18/03/2008
Chels: are you kidding? I'm just worried about acting tomorrow.

Josh: after everything we'll tell Ry we did this just so you can see what the people who say they're your friends are, then Chels will be a hero.

Sharon comes up to the room. They're freaking b/c the 4 of them shouldn't be up there together.

Sharon: Nat was just down there saying that they owe Chels for helping them

Sharon also says people downstairs are asking who's upstairs, she claims she came up to get Josh to help make the bed
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Topic #8319822
scandalous - James reassures Chels she'll be fine. He also says he only has to tell Ry that he's voting for him to stay & house will flip & keep Ry NT 0 Replies #8319822 11:39PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8319907
scandalous - Chels asking where James is going to sleep, James said b/c Sheila looks at that, James said maybe Sharon will sleep up in HOH w/ Josh... 0 Replies #8319907 11:46PM 18/03/2008
Chels wants to know Sharon's story & that she's like a lost puppy dog.

Chels says she called Josh out on his family owning an Oil Company.

James: if his parent's owned it why would you do a show like this?

Chels: I'd do it for no money, it's fun to compete.

James: would you do it if no exposure, no nothing?

Chels: I wouldn't have given up school.

James tell Chels he blew She up in his blog that she should't leave her child alone.

James: She took him out of school.

Chels: She took him out before, there's something up with that.

Chels: Chel's mom was going to do BB last season with her, but when her mom saw it she said no way, Chels would be better.

Chels: She read the blogs & seen how much sh*t people talk & still came in the house. Sick stuff, that whatever people can come up with, they'll blog about it.

James says now he's gonna give her sh*t.
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Topic #8319941
scandalous - Chels: Sheila was saying the people in the house are materialistic. Jam & Chels say she's talking about herself... 0 Replies #8319941 11:49PM 18/03/2008
Chels states that She is also saying that once Josh is gone she can finally play her game. J/C say it's ridiculous.

Chels: maybe she'll finally pull the cord (not sure if Nat or Sheila) but James says that's tomorrow & how they have no doubts that Josh will successfully pull off his tangents w/out swearing.

Chels: Sheila & Nat say if Neil was still there Josh wouldn't be that way. J/C think it would have been Josh doubled or even worse b/c Neil could manipulate really well.

(ed. my hand's falling asleep, can someone take over?)
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Topic #8319949
scandalous - James very excited that he's about to ruin Matt's dreams. (gotta go, can't feel my hand) NT 0 Replies #8319949 11:50PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8319976
scandalous - Nat in LR reading Proverbs to Adam; Matt goes up to HOH & Chels jumps up (she had been laying w/ her head in his lap) NT 0 Replies #8319976 11:52PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8320019
Gorf - Josh and Ryan in Bathroom, Josh telling Ryan that its either going to be 4-2 or 3-3 0 Replies #8320019 11:56PM 18/03/2008
and thta he hopes he sees who he cant trust.
Ryan says oh I know. he then asks if its 3-3 what will James do
Josh tells him that James will keep Ryan

they assure each other that they have each others votes
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Topic #8320021
Disneyisme - Matt went in to HOH and is trying to get from James what will happen tomorrow. James is not 1 Replies #8320021 11:57PM 18/03/2008
budging..he says he isn't going to say anything or help Matt out at all. he tells Matt He doesn't really care which one of them go. He tells Matt to just go to bed and get a good nights sleep. Matt keeps asking "nothin I can do huh?" James says "nothin...there's nothing anyone can do. The three people that I used this week are the 3 people that screwed me over...."

James says he has nothing to say, he isn't going to put himself in a position to get 'caught' if he doesn't have to and he says he doesn't have to because he isn't voting. He tells Matt again that they just have to wait for the votes...tells Matt again to get some sleep..he KNOWS how hard it is.
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Disneyisme - James keeps telling Matt that he is not going to tell him what he knows about how the votes will come down. #8320051 11:59PM 18/03/2008
Matt wants to make an offer and James says "nope".
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Topic #8320053
scandalous - Matt says he's worried, James still non-committal, saying get some sleep, I'm not gonna help you out... 0 Replies #8320053 11:59PM 18/03/2008
You guys didn't give me any help last week.

Matt says I know, but (once again) that wasn't my idea last week.

James says if your people go through...

Matt asks if James cares one way or the other? He says no. Matt says he didn't do what "the other" (Ry) did & it isn't his time to go. James says it wasn't his time to go either.

James: I really don't think you have to worry.

Matt: I always worry

James: I have no alterior motives, I wanted to touch everyone involved with getting me out.

James: He's caught out there either way if it goes 3-3.

James: if the votes fall out accordingly then you should be....(doesn't finish his sentence, implying that he should be ok)

James giving Matt pointers on the convo w/ Julie on the outside, that it's hard & easy to clam up when she's asking you questions.

Matt keeps asking if there's anything he can offer him. James says the only person who can save him is himself. Matt, "the only people who can save me is my housemates." James says then go talk to them.

Matt says again, it wasn't his plan. James says, "you have 14/15 hours left until you find out whether you get a bday present in the house or..."

James: Sheila already gave her word out

Matt: To both of us

James: She did the same thing to me last week

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