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Topic #8307885
Suzan - Feeds switch to Sheila and Ryan. Sheila telling Ryan that she's not going to tell him she is or she isn't - 0 Replies #8307885 10:54AM 18/03/2008
that things are going back and forth. Ryan asked her what Matt has done for her and Sheila replies nothing. Sheila now saying well Matt did say he'd vote for her so he did do something. Bringing up the Natalie 50/50.

Ryan looks mad. He's on the lounger with Sheila but he's pretty much giving her a mad stare and has his arms crossed across his chest.

Sheila talking about the votes and that she can flip the votes in the house, Ryan asking why not flip them in my favor? Ryan asking Sheila if she thinks Matty is not consipiring with them to put her up? Sheila afraid Ryan will put her up. Sheila promising she'll tell Ryan when she decides.
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Topic #8307916
cannotsleep - Sheila to Ryan: My gut wants to keep Matty NT 0 Replies #8307916 10:58AM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8308089
Suzan - Natalie telling Sharon that she's sad that Matt is going to leave that they were just starting to connect - 0 Replies #8308089 11:11AM 18/03/2008
that that's always what happens to her in life (oh Sheila is there too in the kitchen). Natalie saying she should be used to it because it's always what happens in her life. Sharon commented that there was always outside the house and Natalie said she wanted to experience so much more with him in the house - laughter, fun, games.
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Topic #8308185
Suzan - Adam comes in from outside and Sheila and him go off to the spa room to talk - 0 Replies #8308185 11:18AM 18/03/2008
low whispering - S asking A if he wants to vote for Matt and he says yes. Sheila whispering about why not. Sheila telling her that she had promised Ryan, and Adam brings up that now she's promised both of them and she laughs, agrees and says she is on the fence.

Sheila explaining the tie breaker scenairo - saying she thinks it should be "on him" to decide who goes. Sheila saying she probably will vote to keep Ryan here. Saying Matt will go neck to neck with them. Saying the two of them would have to go neck to neck with Natalie and Matt - are you kidding me? Saying she thinks he can compete with Ryan.

Josh, Sharon & Me - votes for Ryan to stay
Chelsia, Natalie, Adam - votes for Matt to stay - this is how Sheila thinks it will go. Saying he is HOH let him break the tie, let him walk them out the door. If it goes to a split who cares, who f'in cares, let him decide who he thinks is more of a threat. So Matty's on his side this week doesn't mean he'll be on his side next week. Sheila telling him he needs to help her if she gets HOH because there is some major Arse kicking that needs to go on.

Sheila saying she had a dream that Josh had a fit and was throwing furniture and BB had to come in and take him out.

Sheila telling Adam to don't let them know she's voting for Ryan, let them think they have the vote and let James make the ultimate decision. She wants to leave it 3-3.

On the way out Sheila tells Adam he doesn't give her much info.
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Topic #8308195
Suzan - Adam heads outside but the feeds don't go there. Feeds are on S/S/N in the kitchen talking about life NT 0 Replies #8308195 11:18AM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8308272
WVpdles - Matt's outside working Josh, saying he and nat are 2 votes for Josh in jury, and he can control who nat puts up and if josh keeps M J/S won't go up NT 0 Replies #8308272 11:23AM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8308562
Suzan - Diary Room good-byes are being taped so the feeds only have two cameras working and they 0 Replies #8308562 11:50AM 18/03/2008
are keeping them on the same people, not switching very often. Right now they are on M/R, talking a little game, Ryan thinks it's going 3/3, Matt agrees and then laughs that his fate is in the hands of his arc nemesis. Some BS talk about life, then Matt wonders how James made it back in and was able to backdoor him, they laugh.

Matt saying James is just thinking who is less likely to f me in the game. MAtt saying that's a tough decision.

M: What's being said around town is that if I leave Natalie may cling on to you.
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Topic #8308586
kandio - J/A BY chatting..Talking about the show. How many peeps BB 0 Replies #8308586 11:53AM 18/03/2008
has working.How much producers make. Flames
Talking Judges on AI saying they need new judges. Saying Berry looks like Splinter Ninja Turtle.
James joins
Saying Nat wants to know how BB is getting presidential Candidate..they ment Candidate. laughing
Adam asking how to vote. James said how you want

Talking about Nat saying Nat is blinded by love. Matt saying Nat would try to stay.
Ryan said if you were up w/Nat you could say bit*h dont camp againts me or i will never like you
Talking about votes. Matt saying if its a tie my fate is in the pink hair kid..Makes for good tv if he kicks me out

Matt talking about last hoh comp..Saying he could have made it
Talking how can James win hoh or pov
Ryan saying James lied to him. Said he would take me off the block.
M: saying Nat will cling to you. It wont be the same as the Mattie bound
R: saying Sharon is a hooker
Adam comes over
R: who are you voting for. Adam not saying
A:saying stress here stress in seg
feed change
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Topic #8308619
Suzan - Sheila goes up to J/James to tell James how she is going to vote - says she is going to 0 Replies #8308619 11:57AM 18/03/2008
keep her word to Ryan. James says he doesn't care - he really doesn't want to know how people are voting. A little back and forth of that.

When she walks away - James says - She's lying.
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Topic #8308735
kandio - J/J/Sheila saying she is going to vote for Ryan because she promised 0 Replies #8308735 12:09PM 18/03/2008
him. James i dont care vote how you want. Sheila goes
James saying C will have blowout w/?
Josh saying people keep asking how to vote because the dont want to be the hang vote
Josh saying Ryan was talking to him about C going to vote for Matt
Saying Ryan is freaked out.
Matt comes over ask James for a gift
Feeds change to Sheila/Ryan
Sheila saying James will have the vote. Says she is sick of flipping the house. She cant tell peeps how to vote. James has to pick who he wants out.
Sheila saying she now knows where Nat stands w/her she does not have my back
R: saying if Matt goes Nat will need you
S: saying maybe i dont want her
S: Changing the story of what James said to her
Feed changed
J/J/M matt offering a deal.
James telling Matt that Sheila said her gut wants to keep Matt
M: saying if i get hoh you own me
Nat comes over. Josh asking who would you put up if you get hoh. Telling Matt not to say anything
Saying Ryan has nobody you have Nat. Matt saying Nat will do whatever Matt says. Josh says Nat you have no brain then. Nat said yes. Matt said just admit it Nat.
James saying C went off to do her own thing
Back and forth lies

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Topic #8308759
kimber1 - Sheila and Ry converse in spa room 0 Replies #8308759 12:11PM 18/03/2008
Sheila tells Ryan although she doesn't want to vote for either of them, she is voting for Ryan to stay. Ryan says why don't you want to vote for me. Sheila says cuz you argued with me while I was on the block. Ryan says he perceived she was campaigning against him.
Sheila continues to talk about how she is playing with her gut from now on and will no longer protect Matt. Ryan says when Matt is gone, natt will swing to Sheila. Sheila says maybe I won't want her. Ry says you always need numbers and Sheila says I know.
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Topic #8308775
TheMike - James to Matt: "You have the votes where it stands right now." NT 0 Replies #8308775 12:13PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8308781
kimber1 - Matt tries to make deal with James and Josh outside 0 Replies #8308781 12:14PM 18/03/2008
Matt promises safety to Josh and James for next week if he or Nat win HOH.

Matt says he knows he has Adams vote. Josh calls Natt over to confirm that she will make the same deal. Matt says Ryan is more dangerous to keep because he is less of a target than J/J.

James keeps trying to convince Matt he is staying and that CHel is no longer playing with James ("the plan").

James reiterates that he believes Matt has the votes. James says he is encouraging everyone to go with their guts.
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Topic #8308800
kimber1 - Matt says he has never broken a deal in this house, his "credit score is pretty good on that" NT 0 Replies #8308800 12:16PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8308805
kimber1 - Josh tells Nat that Matt says she does whatever he says. Nat and Matt agree to that LOL NT 0 Replies #8308805 12:16PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8308811
kandio - M/J/N Saying he told C to go w/her feelings. That shows he does not care about the vote 0 Replies #8308811 12:17PM 18/03/2008
Josh saying it does not bother you to be a target because of Matt. Nat: no
Matt saying i know you like me James..James saying the peeps on his side ride the fence & double talk. James saying you have the votes right now.
Matt saying Ryan shook your hand on a deal, not me
James saying no hard feelings. Matt saying he has not made any deals
Matt saying i was upset about last weeks BD..Josh saying that was Nats fault, she came to me crying saying she wanted you out.
Matt saying i have never broke a deal in this house.
Josh saying to Nat Matt says you will do whatever he say's
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Topic #8308830
kimber1 - JOsh says he is going to trade his hot coffee for a nice cool beverage then return to get skin cancer so he will be nice and tan when he is 0 Replies #8308830 12:19PM 18/03/2008
evicted next week. Josh and James go in spa room to discuss N/M offer of safety in front of Sheila. Sheila says so WHATever. You guys had to come in here to say that in front of me. Josh says makes you think. Sheila says I don't care.
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Topic #8308843
kimber1 - All 4 feeds on N/M in backyard talking about tanning. NT 0 Replies #8308843 12:20PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8308861
kimber1 - J/J in red bed room laughing about their plan. Scheming but whispering very hard to hear, evil giggling from James NT 0 Replies #8308861 12:21PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8308913
cannotsleep - Josh to James about Sheila: You're a pathetic middle aged b!tch and should be killed NT 0 Replies #8308913 12:24PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8308944
kimber1 - Sheila outside telling Nat she is p*ssed now. Sheila says whether Mat stays or goes Nat can win. 0 Replies #8308944 12:26PM 18/03/2008
Sheila says utimately James needs to make the decision, because he needs to avenge his eviction. Sheila says everyone has made her out to be a liar. Matt and Nat says we never have.

Matt says they think you are going back and forth. Sheila says I am.
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Topic #8308949
SouthernBelladonna - Sheila is fired up in the BY. She's talking to Nat, then Matt joins them. 0 Replies #8308949 12:28PM 18/03/2008
She is upset because just earlier, Josh/James came into the sauna room where she was sitting and made some comments about making a deal with Matt in front of her like she wasn't there. She thinks it was some sort of threat.

Sheila is calling James "the P word"...

She is still saying she doesn't know which way her vote will go...thinks Josh will come over to Matt's side.
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Topic #8308985
SouthernBelladonna - Sheila: What is James trying to do? Is he trying to catch me in a lie? 0 Replies #8308985 12:32PM 18/03/2008
S: He's trying to make me look crazy.

Sheila is still quite upset...N/M are trying to reassure her that she should vote with them.

Sheila says James doesn't have the guts to evict Matt...will evict Ryan 1st...that makes him a "P"

Sheila says he wants James to break a tie. M/N ask why...

Sheila says because it's not her's James.

Nat says she doesn't know what else to say to her.

S: Then go after me, then.

They're getting heated now...Matt wants to know why she would vote him out...Nat campaigning hard...

Inside, J/J/S are in the sauna room laughing about Sheila freaking out ib the BY.
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Topic #8308999
SouthernBelladonna - Nat/Sheila fighting. Nat gets mad and walks off. Matt trying to calm Sheila down. NT 0 Replies #8308999 12:33PM 18/03/2008
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Topic #8309026
kandio - J/J/S talking about M/N offering the same deal to Sheila. Laughing about the Sheila breakdown 0 Replies #8309026 12:35PM 18/03/2008
going outside. Sharons scared. Josh said i will go to the backyard if i want.. C says you go fag..{ Josh told her to do that last night as part of the fight}
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