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Topic #8381024
Shannon72 - Inside -- Josh finally got into SR. Chels followed him. Outside Nat/Sharon/Sheila in pool talking about Sheila's traveling when she was a model. NT 0 Replies #8381024 1:27PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8381065
Shannon72 - Chels with Josh telling him that she really does feel bad for Nat. Josh said he doesn't, 0 Replies #8381065 1:33PM 22/03/2008
James just came in after a 5 minute work out. Watching Chels and Josh eat lunch.

James - Just imagine... you and Matt in the house
Chel - F you. It's really bothering Nat.
Josh - what else are we going to do with our day?
James - I'm going to take a shower.

Josh and James talking about microwavable lunches and hot pockets. Josh leaves leaving James/Chels in kitchen. Random chit chat. No game talk or Nat bashing. James making fun of Josh about how he looks in the mirror and making poses.

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Topic #8381132
Shannon72 - Sheila and Nat in pool talking about past HG's 0 Replies #8381132 1:41PM 22/03/2008
Sheila saying she really liked Kaysar.
Nat talking about an ex that took her dog.
Sheila saying everyone should just be happy that they are all still in the house. Sheila wondering what she ever did to Chels and that she is afraid of her. Sharon said it is not about Sheila. Sharon just thinks that Chels attacks Sheila because Chels knows more about her. Sharon said that the reason Chels doesn't attack her because Sharon doesn't tell anyone everything. (basically, Chels has no ammo against Sharon). Sheila agrees that because no one knows Sharon's dirty laundry no one can attack her. Sheila talking about how naive she was about the show and said she doesn't know the show very well so she went out and looked up info about it on the web. Sheila said she still didn't get it until she got into the house -- about why people went after each other. Sheila claims to believe she didn't know about the prize money at the end.
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Topic #8381178
Shannon72 - Nat saying she is going to enjoy her time in the house and she's not going to take anything personal. 0 Replies #8381178 1:44PM 22/03/2008
Sheila turns the convo back to herself and about how people attack her. Saying it comes with the territory.. comes with the game. Sharon said it feels like a frat party you can't leave. Sheila laughing how Sharon figured it out in the first 3 hours she was in the house before she was evicted. Nat said, let's just let it be. Sheila saying she respected ED's game plan and how he intimiated people really well. Now talk goes to ED's visit and how they woke them up with pots and pans. All thinking it was Adam at first.
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Topic #8381227
Shannon72 - Sheila wondering what else BB has in store. Thinking the game is only going to get worse and harder. 0 Replies #8381227 1:48PM 22/03/2008
Now the girls are talking about the butter and fishbowl comp from last season. Sheila saying she thinks the disco ball comp was much harder. Nat saying her neck hurt after that comp the worst.

Chels came to join the girls near the pool.

Talk goes back to disco ball comp.
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Topic #8381276
Shannon72 - Chels/James in BY eating chips and not talking. Just listening to girls convo in the pool. 0 Replies #8381276 1:52PM 22/03/2008
Josh in background getting sun. James just tried to put sunscreen on Chels but she smacked her hand away and some dripped in Sharon's drink.

House is very boring this afternoon.
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Topic #8381351
Shannon72 - Sheila hanging out of pool letting a bug crawl up and down her arm. Telling the bug it's time for it to leave and detach itself from her. 0 Replies #8381351 1:58PM 22/03/2008
Nat/Sheila talking about vacation spots and then talking about where they would consider living. Sheila said she would never leave California because that's where her family are. Now talking about family members and where they live and what they do for a living.

(ed. I have to stop posting in a few :-( Can someone please take over? Thanks!)
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Topic #8381529
Brendabythebay - Adam yells over to Sheila that BB told him to get enuf stuff out of his room for 4-5 hours 0 Replies #8381529 2:15PM 22/03/2008
and he is locked out of hoh. (Probably BB setting up for their movie.)

Adam says So Josh...

Sheila laughs and says you tryin to get his movie ticket? You oughta be talking to Chelsea she's on the block.
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Topic #8381552
Brendabythebay - James has shaving cream on face comes up to Chels to kiss her and she doesnt want to and Sharon yells over he looks like Santa Clause. 0 Replies #8381552 2:18PM 22/03/2008
Chels Adam he knows what to do to get a ticket (for the movie.)

Adam goes outside and yells so Sheila, do you not wanna be on the block?

Sheila says so you want my ticket and gonna threaten me now? Don't even start that sht.

Adam: Gimme your ticket.

Chels: You'd rather watch a movie than be in this house.

Sheila says she'll give it some thought. I dunno. Its pretty iffy.

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Topic #8381578
Brendabythebay - Nat says to Sheila she's glad she doesnt have a ticket. Adam goes back inside and Chels telsl him to 0 Replies #8381578 2:22PM 22/03/2008
grow a nutsack. Adam yells yo ***** and goes in and talks to Ryan who's in bed.

Adam tells Ryan he had to take enuf stuff out of hoh for 4-5 hours. Ryan thinks its gonna be big - Adam says red carpet (guessing what the movie nite will be like.)

Ry " Fk dude this sucks.

Ad: We're losers.

Ry: Whaddya gone do.

They're guessing its gonna be a big screen, plasma screen. Ry says 13" black and white vcr and they'll be eatin liver and onions. Its gonna suck for them.
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Topic #8381593
erin33520 - Professional coffeemaker Natalie thinks she can make real mochas with Hershey's syrup, milk and coffee NT 0 Replies #8381593 2:24PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8381606
Brendabythebay - Chels shaving James chest (nipples) and Adam says he'll have itchy nipples when it grows back in. NT 0 Replies #8381606 2:25PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8381617
Brendabythebay - Sheila tanning in BY: Week 8 is double eviction? I dont wanna think about that, that would freak me out. NT 0 Replies #8381617 2:26PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8381626
Brendabythebay - Sheila & Nat talking about 8. Sheila thinks their season ties in with season 8, they've already had 3 people come in from that group. NT 0 Replies #8381626 2:27PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8381639
Brendabythebay - Sheila telsl Nat she wonders how double eviction works she doesnt know anything about this game. NT 0 Replies #8381639 2:29PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8381758
ShannonLK - Bathroom Chat with Josh, Adam and Chelsia 0 Replies #8381758 2:40PM 22/03/2008
Chelsia is telling Adam to shave everything on his face but his stash. Adam looking in mirror, James asking Chelsia about shaving james down there, she was not comfortable with moving his parts. Adam exits.
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Topic #8381854
ShannonLK - Adam in room 1 Replies #8381854 2:47PM 22/03/2008
Adam in HOH room laying down reading his bible.

Nat outside with Sharon sunbathing, while Shelia goes inside to get some food. Sharon says she is proud of Nat that she handle herself very well last night, Nat saying something about the boys, saying she has to make out with someone, BB Nat put mic on. Says there were joking, that chelsia saying Matty did things to her ( Chelsia ) in the storage room, and going on about Matty pulling covers over theirs heads when they kiss. That matty didn't want to risk anything with his EX - Matty says that is there was anyone he would risk his relationship it would be with Nat. Sharon says that chelsia is just trying to p*ss nat off, she is a dying dog barks the loudest, Nat to Chels thats why your leaving and I am not. Nat says Chels made comments of FU you stupid C word. Nat says the more Chels judges the more she will be judged. Nat says to Shar she will probably win HOH because of those comments. Nat says Chels is jealous of her because of her Fake boobs, that is has been nothing but nice.
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CruiseCritic - Adam is in pink BR laying on Natalie's bed NT #8381867 2:48PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8381878
Harley08 - Adam in room with ryan reading bible NT 0 Replies #8381878 2:49PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8381924
Brendabythebay - Sharon tells Nat the reason she kept Ry and voted Matt out was cause 0 Replies #8381924 2:54PM 22/03/2008
Jacob told her that her that she could trust Ryan and Adam the most out of the house. Nat tells her that she loves Ryan and Adam and Adam loves her and he won't put her up.
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Topic #8381947
ShannonLK - Adam in room with Ry ( Correction) NT 0 Replies #8381947 2:56PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8381958
cindytexas - Nat is telling Sharon that her and Matty were getting close, they care about each other. She said that their fighting was all an act. 0 Replies #8381958 2:57PM 22/03/2008
She said they came up with it so people wouldn't suspect they were a close couple. Now she's denying that she did anything sexual with Matty, that all they did was kiss and hug.
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Topic #8381972
sexylexie1 - Nat telling Sharon her biggest mistake in the game was voting James back in. 0 Replies #8381972 2:58PM 22/03/2008
She wished she voted for the mystery box because than it would have been a tie and HOH (Ryan) would have voted for the mystery box.
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Topic #8381986
cindytexas - Nat is saying that Chelsia had come up to her previously and asked her to 0 Replies #8381986 2:59PM 22/03/2008
pray for her just to help her win a competition and that she was mocking her and that's why she wouldn't pray with her.
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Topic #8382007
ShannonLK - Nat & Shar 0 Replies #8382007 3:01PM 22/03/2008
N to Shar says she feels bad for Matty going home, and not choosing the mystery guest. Nat says she was getting closer to Matty. That N.M were getting close, and that ppl would find them as a threat, they decide to make up fights so ppl would not think of them as a threat. Nat saying Chels says Matt hated her, but Nat saying she doesn't know what was said when they were in bed together. Says all they did was kissing, cuddling nothing sexually.
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Topic #8382012
cindytexas - Nat is saying she is surprised that America picked Alex to come back into the house...and Parker second. 0 Replies #8382012 3:02PM 22/03/2008
She said Jen and Amanda were very pretty girls.
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