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Topic #8382051
cindytexas - Nat says that once you ask for forgiveness for your sins they are washed away as if they never existed as long as you don't do it again. She said she 0 Replies #8382051 3:06PM 22/03/2008
doesn't care what Chelsia says, that was years ago.
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Topic #8382125
lakeview - Sharon/Nat outside 0 Replies #8382125 3:13PM 22/03/2008
Nat saying that she had the chance to get mad at them when Matty was on the block. And she just instead cried. They all threw pickle juice on her.

Sharon saying that she thought it was Jacob in the box and didn't want him back bc she wouldn't be able to handle that.

Nat is confused why Alex was voted back.

Sharon: maybe America thought he was cute?

Sharon: how could Parker be 2nd?

Sharon: who knows what they even showed on the show.

Nat thinks America will hate Chelsia when she leaves. "People will be coming up to her left and right."


Sharon saying Chelsia wanted to leave with a bang.

Sharon said Chelsia's gonna rip into everyone. Nat: did she say she was gonna do more. Sharon: all I know is Chelsia said 'I will leave with a bang'.

Nat wants to leave on a positive note. Sharon: that's how I left.

Sharon thinks maybe Chelsia will get a lot of fans by doing that?

Nat's going to pretend she doesn't hear anything. Sharon says that ignoring them will piss them off more. Nat: they want a fight I guess.

Nat: ... forgive sins ... God washes away ... that was years ago... I've been a good person ever since. There aren't many strippers out there who can say they danced and never went back.

When Nat quit dancing, she was going to school every day, and then working at Hooters, making $80 a day...

Nat was saying that she made $800 - $1000 at the strip club in a day.

Nat was thinking at the time "how much is this worth your soul?" Then she wanted to leave. Nat saying the devil then conspired against her and her engine blew up and it cost $2000 to fix. But she didn't want to go back to stripping. When she finally got her car back it was three months later.

Nat thinking the engine thing was a test to see if she'd go back to stripping since that would've been an easy fix and she didn't do it.

Nat said that the next Monday they had told her now it's $6000 and she lost the car and then she got kicked out of her apartment bc her boyfriend had too many cats. Her credit score dropped. Nat saying the devil wanted to test her.

She saved enough money and bought a Prelude 3 years ago for about $3500. Nat saying that her trials showed a lot of strength. Nat said she never drank while stripping. She was painting/drawing the back room instead.

Nat couldn't stand seeing guys with wedding rings talking nasty things to her. She quit 5 years ago.

Nat: [Chelsia] can put me down for that all she wants. Sleeping with a different guy every month is better than dancing for money?

Nat saying she can count the number of guys she's been with on one hand. Sharon: so can I.

Nat will do the boring old lady jobs when she's an older lady. Enjoy her youth.

Sharon: no reason not to.

Nat's going to ignore Chelsia from now on. Quotes some more scripture.

Nat thinks her dad is going crazy at how Chelsia is acting to her.
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Topic #8382184
lakeview - More Sharon/Nat outside 0 Replies #8382184 3:20PM 22/03/2008
Nat is bored now that Matty is gone.

Sharon: ... Jacob ... This is god's way of getting closure.

Nat: Everything happens for a reason. Whatever is meant to be, is meant to be.

Sharon: they laugh at me that I read Psalm 23 to Josh.

Nat: what's that? Sharon quotes it. Nat: yeah, that is a good one. I love the Psalms. I love the Proverbs.

Nat loves the book of Matthew. "It's my favorite story."

Nat saying James had told her to stop reading the bible bc it's against the Big Brother game. That they're supposed be lieing and stuff instead.

Nat saying she doesn't have to lie, cheat for this game. "Yeah, I've done it a couple of times, but I've asked for forgiveness for that."

Sharon's picking up cups and stuff from outside now.

Nat is surprised they haven't gotten any banners yet.

Sharon: someone was saying they threatened all the planes that did that. So they probably won't do that. No one wants to lose their ... or get fined.

Sharon doesn't want to get burned.

She walks inside.
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Topic #8382243
lakeview - Adam/Nat in backyard 0 Replies #8382243 3:29PM 22/03/2008
Adam walks outside. "Hi Natalie."

Natalie's got 30 minutes more in the sun. Adam's just walking around. He turns on the outside shower. Nat: what are you doing? Adam: I don't know what I'm doing.

Adam wishes he ccan watch the movie.

Nat saying Chelsia only said to her today a question where the redwood forest was.

Adam saying it was a good idea to let her vent.

Adam saying we have to win HOH this week. "I can't deal with this sh--"

Nat saying yeah, or else I'm going. Or Sheila or Ryan.

Adam: but I'm definitely staying. Nat: yeah, you'll stay.

Nat asking god to use his almighty powers on her. Let his will be done.

Adam saying if wins the week after he'd get rid of Josh. After Nat gets rid of James next week.

Nat's glad they're getting rid of one of the crazy people [Chelsia] this week.

Adam: James has to go home.

Nat hopes HOH is a physical. They'll have an idea if they close outside early on on Wednesday.

Adam: 4-5 hours.

Nat wonders when the movie is.

Adam: Chelsia may be flipping out again tomorrow when she's up against Sharon.

Nat heard Chelsia say last night that it was her worst week ever.

Adam: she lost.

Nat asking Adam if he heard the argument last night.

Adam: I hope Jimmy doesn't win. You can't win.

Nat: if it's a game where you knock someone out, we're knocking him out first. Then Josh.

Adam saying Sharon would probably put Nat up. Adam: unless I can con her into putting up James.

Nat thinks Sharon would put up Nat and James if she won HOH.

Adam/Nat saying if Nat/James next week and Sharon HOH, they'd have the votes to get him gone.

Nat: we have to win, we have to win. God please give me your powers this week. I need them more than ever.

Nat: I'm so due. I've come so close.

Nat: just work for me god. Give me the power like you've done in the POV with the clouds and angel. Big Borther give me a game I will know and I'll school everybody.

Adam: how good it would be to get James out of the house.

Nat: then it's cake from then on.

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Topic #8382312
lakeview - More Adam/Natalie outside 0 Replies #8382312 3:38PM 22/03/2008
Nat wants to win HOH. See her family and friends and get a letter. To know they're watching. Nat doesn't know if her family's getting the live feed.

Nat saying they don't know how big this is until they leave. If they have fans or not.

Adam thinks it got bigger bc of Evil Dick year.

Nat saying nothing else is on tv right now so they have 13 million. James said 9 million last year. Adam thinks a lot of chicks watch the show.

Nat got hooked to the show when she was bored and flipping through channels. Mid-season season 6.

Nat kept her application 8 months ago and then her friend Josh said that BB was in Oregon. Nat found about the audition 2 days before it happened. She was supposed to work that Saturday but went there instead.

Nat's summoning her powers to win HOH.

Nat: you begun week 7 and I'm closing it. Good will prevail.

Adam: We don't have much choice. Unless Quick wins or Big She. I hope She wins it this week.

Adam saying it would be good if Sheila won HOH next week.

Nat's asking god to have A/R/S and N be the final four.

Nat: 3 strikes your out (regarding James).

Adam saying he came through clutch.

Nat: you survived when everyone was targeting you and Sheila in the beginning.

Nat saying her and Matt were talking everyone out it in the beginning. "Are you crazy? What would they do?"

Nat saying they told Jen/Parker it was smarter to get rid of a stronger couple the first vote out.

Adam: he'll be happy to see Chelsia.

Adam: she f---ed him {Matt) over.

Nat: disgusting. Talking about someone who isn't even there anymore. And about something he can't even help.

Adam walks away

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Topic #8382435
FrouFrou - Adam so playing Nat against James. Trying to keep her focus there instead of Josh. NT 0 Replies #8382435 3:51PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8382441
FrouFrou - Adam smoking. Nat counting. How many bird books and what they are about. NT 0 Replies #8382441 3:52PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8382466
FrouFrou - "Let you will be done and let the good people pervail." Nat NT 0 Replies #8382466 3:54PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8382582
lakeview - Even more Adam/Nat outside 0 Replies #8382582 4:01PM 22/03/2008
Adam saying DR keeps asking her questions about the numbers to screw with her.

Nat saying no, no, she's on to something. That DR said congrats on figuring out Evil Dick was coming. "How does it feel that you're right again"

Adam: it's really you and Ryan versus the three of them next week.

Nat: c'mon Sheila step it up.

Nat: what else could it be? What could HOH be this week.

Adam: we just did quotes. Nat: we did true/false. Love quotes.

Adam: it might be time for something about the house.

Nat: that's what I'm saying.

Nat's going to count the number of birds.

Nat: what if it's this: "houseguests have you taken notice of the books on the wall". "First question: name one of the fairy tale books. One of the bird books. What years are the world history books"

Adam: James would just give up.

Nat: he hasn't studied that.

Nat knows every book up there.

Nat thinks the bookcases have to mean something.

Nat names a bunch of Shakespeare books. 19 enclopedias. "I know every question for that wall"

Adam: Sheila just sucks dude. Nat: she does suck.

Adam: why did we get the Big Sheila on our side? Nat: we have to keep her until we weed out the other ones. Know what I mean? Adam: I know exactly what you mean.

Nat: noone thought you'd win anything. Adam: why? Nat: I don't know why. I do not know why.

Adam: I was pissed Matty got evicted out of the house. Nat: I was pissed. That's why he pushed me away. He doesn't like to be hugged.

Adam: why did he throw POV. Idiot. He fell on purpose.

Nat: he should've won POV.

Adam: that disco ball was built for you to win. Alex came back - he wouldn't've won it. Maybe Sheila's one is up next.

Nat: Quick is smart. We got good chances: 50-50.

Adam: no, we have Sheila. Nat: yeah 40 - 60.

Nat: maybe she'll step up her game. Adam: she doesn't have game.

Adam: what if Crazy James wins. Nat: say goodnight to me.

Adam: if then you win POV, I'm f---ed. Nat thinks Adam would still stay.

Adam doesn't want it to be James HOH and go to 2-2 again.

Nat asking Adam to tell her if he has any crazy dreams.

Nat giving more info about the bookcase. Books with birds. Letters.

Adam: "Have you taken notice of things around the house, houseguests?" They'd all be like f---.

Adam: James can't win.

Nat: god give us the power to win HOH. James already won HOH twice. And POV twice. We've gotta take him out. Let your will be done for the good people. Please god.

Nat: 8 people left right now Adam?

Adam: uhhuh.

Adam: this is so f---ing huge. Nat: yeah, this is so huge. What else could the 8 mean? 8 questions HOH. Groups of 8. How would they question that though. That is the question.

Nat gasps in shock. Then says "oh no, never mind".

Nat: two guinea pigs.

Adam: study the pairs of two.

Nat: 2 times 4 equals 8.

Nat: Big Brother is creative. They're so smart. I'm going to recount everything. I haven't counted the baskets.

Adam: you've gotta count everything Natalie.

Nat: James said 305 logs. I counted 292.

Adam: Recount.

Nat: 8, 2 and 4 are numbers in the house. Each of the curtains in our room have 4 swags, 2 bows, 8 curtains.

Nat doesn't know. 14 groups of 8 in the house. 14 groups of 8; 14 houseguests.

Nat can't believe ED came back. Waking up to pots and pans banging. Nat's dad used to bang pots and pans when she was 13 to wake up for school.

Nat's parents divorced at 3, got together at 13 again and divorced again at 15. They argued a lot and then mom left and moved back to Oregon. They had lived in Northern California. Her dad's in the navy. That's why she went to Hawaii for 1 year - her dad went there. Nat loved Hawaii.

Nat thinks Matt's on a boat. Adam thinks it's fishy they have a boat picture on the wall.

Nat says sequester house is different every year.
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Topic #8382587
Panda4 - BB flashed a shot of fish in feed 3 then back on Sharon. (ed: her lips look like the fish). NT 0 Replies #8382587 4:02PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8382708
Panda4 - Flames on all 4 feeds. NT 1 Replies #8382708 4:13PM 22/03/2008
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Panda4 - BB called Adam to DR a short time ago. NT #8382722 4:14PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8382710
EvelDickthebest - Movie time ! NT 0 Replies #8382710 4:13PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8383003
WVpdles - Flames still on cam1/2. Kitchen with Adam/James/Nat on cam3/4 NT 0 Replies #8383003 4:49PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8383015
WVpdles - James/Nat/Adam think the jury house is in Hawaii, from the tropical theme in HoH to the boats. Ryan is now in the kitchen too NT 0 Replies #8383015 4:50PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8383099
EvelDickthebest - Popcorn is all over the living room floor NT 0 Replies #8383099 4:59PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8383121
WVpdles - Nat thought the picture in the LR was the view from the jury house, but James said it's not real. He then proved to Adam/Nat where the trees/boat 0 Replies #8383121 5:01PM 22/03/2008
were added.
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Topic #8383217
sexylexie1 - Ryan, Nat and Adam outsdie talking about the 30K trip Chelsia won1 0 Replies #8383217 5:11PM 22/03/2008
How Chelsia was excited and happy and Adam does not feel so bad about putting her out. Trip is to Vegas and will stay in a high rollers suite.
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Topic #8383388
echo - not much goin on....ryan and nat discuss all the diff coffee drinks she can make, you can hear adam and james playing pool but cant see them NT 0 Replies #8383388 5:29PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8383390
Photobug - Flames NT 1 Replies #8383390 5:29PM 22/03/2008
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echo - flames on f1 f2 only f3 f4 by NT #8383396 5:30PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8383434
mymissy - james and adam shooting pool .... 0 Replies #8383434 5:34PM 22/03/2008
Natalie and ryan in lawn chairs talking about the different flavored coffee and her uncles cookies.
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Topic #8383440
cindytexas - Nat is hoping BB will do something for Easter, like an easter egg hunt with prizes. 0 Replies #8383440 5:35PM 22/03/2008
Ryan wants a ham. Adam says a big sit-down dinner.
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Topic #8383475
mymissy - James "i would laugh my ass off if the movie sucked" ...Adam "yep" NT 0 Replies #8383475 5:39PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8383509
mymissy - Natalie going in to do her nails , Ryan working out , james and Adam still playing pool. pretty quiet NT 0 Replies #8383509 5:44PM 22/03/2008
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Topic #8383567
sexylexie1 - Nat and James making a deal in kitchen not to gun for each other this week. 0 Replies #8383567 5:50PM 22/03/2008
Both are done going after each other and will look out for one another. James says he thinks what Chelsia did to Nat last night was stupid. Does not wnat to be associated with this type of behavior. James says he is after you know who and he knows Nat is after you knwo who. Deal si for thsi week only.
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Topic #8383572
mymissy - james and natalie in kitchen........James "we are done" Nat says " ok so we will still pretend that we dont like each other" 0 Replies #8383572 5:50PM 22/03/2008
James " we dont have to pretend"
Natalie ok
James i'll look out for you
Nat ok then we are workign together
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