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Topic #8487219
JanJan - Ryan eating a bowl of slop goes to BY, Nat goes out too. As a plane flys overhead 0 Replies #8487219 10:10PM 28/03/2008
BY HGs yell up to it, Baller again waves flags. Adam done smoking, he and Nat go inside to clean up dishes, Ry goes in to. Nat tells Adam WE need to clean up dishes before food drys on. Nat begins cleaning, Adam doing no work, puts hand down front of pants, does a bit of itching then leans on counter by Ryan and watches Nat clean up.
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Topic #8487283
JanJan - Nat chooses to let dishes soak while she lets her food digest. Sheila comes in kitchen and states that she is NOT gonna do those dishes. 0 Replies #8487283 10:14PM 28/03/2008
Nat goes up to HOH. Nat/Sharon in HOH talking game....Nat telling Sharon that Josh has been trying to make a deal to stay over Sharon. Sharon is surprised to say the least (not sure if she believe Nat).
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Topic #8487341
FrouFrou - Nat and Sharon talking. Sharon throwing Ryan under the bus. But she made sure first that Sharon wasn't going to put her up first. NT 0 Replies #8487341 10:16PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8487365
FrouFrou - Nat telling Sharon that James/Josh and Ryan are trying to send Sharon home. Nat saying we are even they both put me up on the block. NT 0 Replies #8487365 10:17PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8487387
FrouFrou - Sharon saying she thinks it is funny. Nat saying she wants to stick with her original plan and get rid of the boys. NT 0 Replies #8487387 10:18PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8487400
FrouFrou - Sharon just told Nat again that James will put up Adam and Ryan again. his meter has changed. NT 0 Replies #8487400 10:19PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8487417
JanJan - Sharon trying to convince Nat that J/J would be F2 if they keep Josh. 0 Replies #8487417 10:20PM 28/03/2008
Sharon does look like she's believing Nat about the boys plan. Sharon's voice is getting loud and high pitched...sounding a bit riled up. (ed: Hoops in the house?)
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Topic #8487434
FrouFrou - Nat asking who James will try to take to the end? Sharon tells him someone weak. Nat says Sheila. Sharon saying she doesn't know. NT 0 Replies #8487434 10:21PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8487471
FrouFrou - Nat saying I have always been told that Josh and James were coming after me. Sharon says not before. Sharon now saying that Josh tells James every- 0 Replies #8487471 10:22PM 28/03/2008
thing. Nat saying that Josh and Ryan saying that they catch her talking with James. Sharon saying this game is not built against James.
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Topic #8487493
FrouFrou - Sharon playing the girls against guys card. NT 0 Replies #8487493 10:23PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8487517
FrouFrou - Nat saying you have to make deals to Sharon. Nat saying us girls have to stick together. NT 0 Replies #8487517 10:25PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8487550
FrouFrou - Sharon totally playing the con artist card with Nat. NT 0 Replies #8487550 10:26PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8487562
FrouFrou - Nat saying I called him a bum because he has family not homeless. NT 0 Replies #8487562 10:27PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8487768
mrmac - Adam and Ryan playing pool, and having a convo about Josh vs. Sharon. Ryan feels that Sharon is all for the girls vs. the guys and bigger threat. NT 0 Replies #8487768 10:36PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8488257
Taffy - Nat, Sheila and Sharon plotting...Sheila livid at how James/Josh has been playing 0 Replies #8488257 10:56PM 28/03/2008
Sharon. Sheila says to sharon that she's sorry, Sharon says she's been thrown under the bus many times,that it's okay. Sheila saying that that is messed up...They're talking about talking to Adam. Sheila asks what does Nat think Adam wants. Nat says Adam wants to stick to the plan of taking Josh out. Nat tells the girls that if they see her in conversations with the boys not to worry that she's going to tell them (Sheila/Sharon)everything that is said.she says she told James she wasn't going after him cuz that's what she's supposed to say so he doesn't come after her.

Sheila can't believe that Ryan would go to the other side. Nat telling them that Josh told her he caught Matt/Chel making out in sauna, both Sharon/Sheila denying it, saying it didn't happen. Sheila says that Adam cannot flip flop right now cuz they need him (S/S/N). Nat says she had a dream that Chelsia was still in the house and Adam won HOH and put James/Chel on the block. Nat says she doesn't know who's supposed to be Chelsia but that she's sure that means Adam will win and put James on the block.

Nat tells them not to say anything. That Nat will tell Josh that she's sorry but she thinks he's the bigger threat.Nat tells them Josh asked her if he could get the votes if she would keep him and she said "yeah".

Sheila says by taking Josh out Nat will be taking James' wing man. Nat says how could they (Josh/James) think she'd forget how they've treated her and the things they've said about her mother. That her family would be yelling at the TV "what are you doing Nat?!" (Go Nat! ed)
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Topic #8488428
alexarae71 - Natalie is talking to sharon and shelia seems as if she is turning on ryan and making a new alliance with girls....if she 0 Replies #8488428 11:04PM 28/03/2008
Ryan and adam playing pool trashing shelia. (ed. need to wait a couple of hours to know for sure if nat is playing the girls based on what she tells the guys)
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Topic #8488467
lakeview - Adam/Ryan/Josh near pool table 0 Replies #8488467 11:06PM 28/03/2008
Josh campaigning to Adam. Says "I am not campaigning but..."

Promises that he'd be safe next week. Tells Adam that Josh can go up as a pawn next week.

Josh: I think it's going guys versus girls upstairs.

Adam: where do you stand? Josh: believe it or not I have a penis, which means I'm a guy.

Josh says if Sharon wins she won't put up a girl or James. If James wins POV then bye-bye R or A.

Josh: it's risk management.

Josh is gonna eat his bbq sauce and pout.

Josh walks away.

Adam burps.

Ryan: what do you think? We can only go with what we believe man.

Ryan campaigning now on behalf of Josh.

Ryan: god this game's wacky.

Adam; we'll all be playing POV.

Ryan: you me and Natalie can stay strong together.

Adam: if James or Josh win, hopefully it would be Sheila next. Ideally we would win and put them up, James would leave and then put the two b-es up on the block.

Ryan: we're getting down to the nitty gritty. 6 people left. 1 out of 3 chance you me or Natalie will win. That'd be ideal.

Ryan: if I could've just won today....

Adam: I can't believe he f---ing won.

Adam: worst case, both me and you or maybe Natalie are up.

Ryan: pretty sure Sheila's going no matter what. Especially if we keep Josh.

Adam: James might not throw her up. Ryan: you see what happened last night?

Adam: he hates her.

Ryan: say James throws you and Sheila up, you'd get me and Natalie's vote and Josh's too.

Adam: if both of us up and Natalie pulls other down to force Sheila up...
We'd have the two votes with 3 people voting. 3 out of 5 chance of winning the POV.

Ryan: gosh, I should've won today.

Adam: we have to clean house next week. James/Josh up there again and one more week.

Ryan: oh my gosh, I should've won today.

Adam: you blew it bro.

Adam: you took a risk on the one you had to risk.

Ryan goes in to get a drink.

Adam follows him in.
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Topic #8488503
alexarae71 - Josh and James whispering in pull out BR NT 0 Replies #8488503 11:08PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8488623
Taffy - Nat: I'm sticking with you girls! they are looking at the HOH cam 0 Replies #8488623 11:15PM 28/03/2008
Nat says soon the guys will be worried that the girls are upstairs with her and are going to be asking her what were they talking about. Nat goes to the bathroom. Sheila calling Ryan a "little traitor" says here she was thinking he's such a nice guy. Sheila says those guys have no spine.

They continue to look at the cam...they're figuring out how to leave the room without being suspicious. Nat saying she's an actress that the guys think they have tricked her but she's no buying their Bs.

Nat leaves and goes to red room where Josh and James are...Josh asks her where are Sharon and Sheila. Nat tells them Sheila is listening to music and Sharon was crying her eyes out in HOH because she thinks Josh is leaving. Nat says she was consoling her. Josh says that is so sad, Nat agrees. Adam comes in the room and Nat tells him he has to help her do dishes, both Nat and Adam leave.

James tells Josh that he feels that N/R/A are up to something...(they whisper and I can't hear what they're saying clearly. ed) Josh says he believes them, that he doesn't think Nat's told Adam about the deal. they're plotting about when they (J/J) win HOH to put up Adam and Ryan...more whispering... Josh says: that he'll tell Sharon that everyone is plotting against her..."we'll break them"
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Topic #8488852
lakeview - Nat/Adam doing dishes and various other people enter and leave (more) 0 Replies #8488852 11:26PM 28/03/2008
Nat telling Adam Sheila wants Joshua out.

Nat doesn't like the cups because she can't get to the bottom of them. Needs a scrub brush.

Adam: it's all f---ed up now.

(Ryan's sitting in the background eating a pickle)

Nat's whispering but can't hear exactly what she's saying over the water running.

Ryan walks up and says Natalie, look at this. Natalie: it's a cucumber. He walks away a little.

Nat: ... Sheila's listening to yellowcard now. It's number 8 that gets to her she said.

More hard to hear whispering to Adam from Nat.... Nat: Sheila wants James out. [I hear "James" a lot but not much else.]

Ryan and Adam looking in the garbage. Nat looks in "Why is that in there?" Adam: she's gross. I would never hook up with her ever. Nat repeats the line.

Josh walks in. "This is the house."

Ryan loves pickles.

Ryan doesn't know why he's so tired. Maybe slop or long day. Josh thinks it's a little of both.

Adam: look in the trashcan Josh.

[on another feed, Sheila looking at the tv view of kitchen, noting that they're looking in there because she put tampons, etc.]

Nat: what do we do on Fridays. Adam: today is Friday. Nat: oh I meant Saturdays. It's a free day.

Sharon and Sheila walk downstairs. Sheila saying "I love that CD". Nat: you love it Sheila? [ed. seriously, did yellowcard pay Natalie for this promotion?]

Sheila taking the trash out now. Sheila: do you guys date or have girlfriends or wives or anything.

Ryan: can't you flush that stuff? Sheila: no.

Nat: I'm going to call you Mufasa. Like the Lion King. (I think toward Josh)

Josh: your (Sheila) on Showtime discussing your hygeine products.

Josh: we don't get to see Kimberley tonight since no alcohol for the week.

Josh: I smell like green onions. Do you?

Ryan: if there's beer back there, I'm going to stash for next Thursday. I'll have an 18 pack.

Josh loves Chilis. He always eats their southwestern eggrolls. Sheila likes those too in the appetizer plate. Josh just wants outside food. Wants to win subway food. Just something.

Josh: we are going to turn into a pizza.

Ryan: chicken wings.

Adam makes a weird snorting noise.

Natalie gets called to the DR. Nat: okay, yes master. I just want one more bite of ice cream.

Nat is off the mestrual cycle now.

Josh and Ryan watching Adam eat ice cream.

Adam asking Josh if he's starving. Josh: I've had a sh--- day, I'm probably going home and I just want to eat.

Sheila: has everyone been called in the DR or no?

They agree only Ryan, Josh and now Natalie.

Sheila just wants to go to bed.

Adam has some ice cream hanging from her lip.

Sheila did something with two questions: the martini and the popcorn.

Josh makes a motion to his face and Adam realizes he needs to wipe away the ice cream from his lip. Thumbs up from Josh.

More POV talk....
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Topic #8489184
Jolt10 - Sharon/Josh/James in BR Josh says to Sharon "I heard you were crying up in HOH" 0 Replies #8489184 11:44PM 28/03/2008
He then asks her, what was going on up there. Sharon says she was listening to the CD and Nat and Shelia were talking about the bible. (Nat had told James and Josh earlier that SHEILA was listening to the CD and Sharon was crying)
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