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Topic #8474688
WhatdoIKnow - Josh/James/Nat talking about Sheila wanting to go on the block Nat: I break the tie... I don't know if that'd make her quiet or worse and laughs NT 1 Replies #8474688 11:12AM 28/03/2008
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baumer - details of conversation, please? NT #8474821 11:22AM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8474729
ILuvMySoldier - Adam yelled at by BB with the "mean voice" to put on mic AGAIN NT 0 Replies #8474729 11:15AM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8474740
WhatdoIKnow - Nat has a feeling that this POV's going to be tedius...they've been talking about how simple it was to set up the tea cups from BB8 (couple of bowling 1 Replies #8474740 11:15AM 28/03/2008
alleys, teacups and bowls, how hard is that?)

BB: Not in the happiest voice, Adam, put ON your microphone

Now the kitchen crew's talking about the Angel POV and the puzzle pieces

Sharon and Sheila in the boat room talking about Jacob, and how Sharon's "stronger now than she's ever been" and why she tried out for BB9, had nothing to remind her of Jacob there, etc. and how when he walked in she thought "well, this game's shot for me" Sheila: Shot your game plan and your relationship

BB: (again) Adam, put ON your microphone

Sharon saying she could talk crap about Jacob...and how she'll always love him

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WVpdles - (ed. Teacup was for HoH, not PoV as Nat thinks) NT #8474847 11:24AM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8474811
ILuvMySoldier - BB: Do not discuss DR sessions.. even though they were not really talking about them per say; Ryan exchange mic please NT 0 Replies #8474811 11:21AM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8474958
WhatdoIKnow - Josh dancing in and on a chair, jumps off (cheerleader moves?) NT 0 Replies #8474958 11:32AM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8475009
cjo - Sheila / Sharon in boat room. Sharon saying she wants to lead by 0 Replies #8475009 11:35AM 28/03/2008
example & that's how she's always been. When she was a kid, and her friends would stay overnight, they knew Sunday was Church day, and they had to go. That was the deal / if you stay Saturday night, you go to Church with us on Sunday. That's how she leads by example.

Sheila says she has born again Christians in her life too. Her sister is a true Christian. She doesn't judge Sheila for all the stuff she's done in her past & she loves that about her sister. & that's how a Christian should act. They should lead by example, and not judge others, and be kind, so other people will want what they have. The peace, the joy. You know? Her sister never thumped her Bible over Sheila's head, because she didn't have to. She lives by example, and that's the way it should be.
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Topic #8475010
WhatdoIKnow - House lockdown still on, Josh doing cheers in the kitchen now (spelling out Texas) 0 Replies #8475010 11:35AM 28/03/2008
Sharon and Sheila still talkin' in the boat room

Haven't seen Ryan or Adam for a while, James was in the WC, now in the kitchen
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Topic #8475020
cjo - Sheila says Sharon comes from a good family, and it shows. NT 0 Replies #8475020 11:36AM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8475043
cjo - Sheila DISing on Adam (I think) saying a man shouldn't pick his nose, 1 Replies #8475043 11:37AM 28/03/2008
not even a boy should do that.
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cjo - sorry.. I think it's James she's dising. Now dising on Josh. NT #8475061 11:38AM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8475055
WhatdoIKnow - Josh/Nat talking about past theme songs and about all the airtime they're getting on BB, Showtime, online NT 0 Replies #8475055 11:37AM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8475080
cjo - Sharon just being quite while Sheila is talking about Josh & James. NT 0 Replies #8475080 11:39AM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8475112
WhatdoIKnow - Sheila going on about how all one comes into this world with is your parents and your siblings and to take advantage of that NT 0 Replies #8475112 11:40AM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8475144
WhatdoIKnow - Josh/Nat/James in kitchen talking about past seasons of BB, Sheila repeating herself about family "Dr. Sheila for today" 0 Replies #8475144 11:42AM 28/03/2008
Sheila: You will see me walk out the door and you will see me walk out with class, "Thank you for this experience, thank you for making me a better person, etc."
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Topic #8475150
cjo - Sheila saying all kinds of things in boat room with Sharon (more) 0 Replies #8475150 11:42AM 28/03/2008
All you have is family.
A person doesn't have anything else! Your family, that's it!
Sheila's taken her son for granted before, but she doesn't anymore.
She had a rough childhood, but her family is good people.
Sheila says this is a lesson from Dr. Sheila.
When I walk out this door I'll have class.
She'll just say thank you, and good luck, serioulsy, I mean it!
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Topic #8475151
WhatdoIKnow - James talking about going to Iowa and visiting Chelsia, and where to hangout NT 0 Replies #8475151 11:42AM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8475174
WhatdoIKnow - Sheila's now crying, F4 zoomin in for a closeup of her wiping away tears 0 Replies #8475174 11:45AM 28/03/2008
James talking about his bike adventures "I did Portland to Seattle in a day" Talking about being pulled over in WA and a cop's warning him of where it's basically safe to stay/sleep
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Topic #8475186
WhatdoIKnow - James now talking about a bunch of kids pulling him over to stay at their place 1 Replies #8475186 11:46AM 28/03/2008
while their parents were out of town, neighbors cooked up some food for him, etc.
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keekeet - It was a meth house, he said the parents were meth cookers. NT #8475351 11:56AM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8475202
cjo - Sheila tells Sharon to this point she's been so afraid, but she can't be 0 Replies #8475202 11:47AM 28/03/2008
that anymore.
Sheila is now crying.
Sharon is comforting her.
Sharon says you had it worse than Nat.
Sheila agrees / she has had it worse in here than Nat.
Sheila very afraid her son will be embarrassed or ashamed of her.
Her son is the only thing that is important to her.
She loved what Josh said at the table the other day / talking about his parents being afraid of him being in the BB house because there might be gay bashers. She understands that fear.
She's afraid for her son in the same way. She doesn't want him to see his mom being degraded or disrespected.
She says she's just trying to survive in here.
Sheila hates that she's cried so much in this game.
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Topic #8475210
cjo - Sharon & Sheila still in boat room (more) 0 Replies #8475210 11:48AM 28/03/2008
Sharon saying everyone is in your life for a reason.
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Topic #8475218
WhatdoIKnow - FlamessNT 0 Replies #8475218 11:48AM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8475281
WhatdoIKnow - Sheila asking Sharon how she feels about coming from a Christian family 0 Replies #8475281 11:52AM 28/03/2008
seeing what happens in this house
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Topic #8475349
erin33520 - James and Nat talking about Eugene (OR) and the Univ of OR and Portland 0 Replies #8475349 11:56AM 28/03/2008
Nat apologizes for the situation last night, and James says he was just frustrated with everything and needed to get things off his chest. Nat agreeing. James says he felt bad for ripping into Sheila, Nat says Sheila brought it on herself.
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Topic #8475353
TheMike - James talking to Nat in kitchen 0 Replies #8475353 11:56AM 28/03/2008
James is telling Nat about when he biked through Oregon and got a flat tire there but the guy who owned the bikeshop wouldn't fix it for free. Now they are rehashing last nights fight when James went off on Nat and Sheila. He said it was just eating him up and he had to get it out.
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Topic #8475368
WhatdoIKnow - Sharon says this show is either going to mentally or physically break you down, you choose which one it is 0 Replies #8475368 11:57AM 28/03/2008
it's your choice.........I don't have to open my mouth to speak the word of God...I'm not sitting here smoking cigarettes, drinking, talking about past experiences with meth, etc., I'm not going to do it, I'm not going to stoop, I'm not stupid...I don't need to be a follower in life, it's not going to happen, I'm going to do what's best for me
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Topic #8475377
erin33520 - James says the reason he was so upset was that Sheila was the one person in the house saying she had his back 0 Replies #8475377 11:58AM 28/03/2008
and it made him happy and then he heard her saying the exact opposite in the kitchen. Nat says she had to put him up and if she wins the POV then they can talk. James says no, it has nothing to do with game play, don't worry about it.
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