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Topic #8502163
WieKacie - Natalie is talking about her ex Jacob to Sheila and Sharon in HOH. NT 0 Replies #8502163 10:34PM 29/03/2008
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lakeview - Nat/Sharon/Sheila in HOH 0 Replies #8502203 10:39PM 29/03/2008
Nat/Sharon saying they'll go hang out with Sheila since the guys are outside playing pool. Saying they never include the girls.

Nat and Sharon walking up stairs with hot water.

Nat: I think Ryan and Adam are on board with getting rid of Josh.

Sharon: Yeah, I talked to Ryan earlier.

They walk into HOH room and Sheila's there listening to music.

Sheila wants hair dye. She wants to go to the DR but doesn't know if they're calling anyone in there.

Sheila is listening to #14 and will be done. "Does anyone know what time it is?" No response.

Sharon saying that she was trying to get people to stop something (pranks maybe) but they wouldn't.

Sharon saying no one has done anything all day.

Sharon says they're saying that Sheila is in HOH room avoiding people. Sheila: I would prefer nothing thrown on me tonight.

Sheila: I wasn't hiding from him.

Sharon: that's what I said.

Sheila: I mean, he made my life a little sh--y today.

Sheila's favorite from yellowcard are #8 and #14. They're unbelievable. The CD is amazing. Natalie thinks they're so passionate. Sheila: yeah, they are. They are a really good band. I was talking and yeah, they are famous.

Natalie gives a little info on yellowcard's videos and other albums.

Sheila wonders where the word yellowcard came from.

Now discussing one of their songs.

Sharon: is that water on? Nat checks.

Nat describes what they look like. Sheila said Ryan said he saw them on MTV.

Sheila thinks someone in yellowcard reminds her of Dave Matthews.

Sheila says the violins make it have a different sound. Nat says she bawled when she was listening to it. Nat says she told her ex 1 week before they broke up that he had to get the new album. Her ex introducecd Nat to them. Talking about a yellowcard song about a guy who died while falling off a rock - called Heaven or something like that.

Sheila: they're Chrisitians right? Nat: mmhmmmm.


Nat tried to give back someone their cat. An ex. He upped and left. Nat was paying $150 a month until something, but then stopped and she still has his cat. Named Precious.

Sheila: who does that? Just up and leaves?

Nat says she got depressed then and lost a lot of weight. Down to 100 pounds. But then she decided she'd get over it eventually.

Nat thinks him watching her is bringing up everything.

Nat wonders how he just dropped her after 4 years. She waited him for 6 months. She was in Vegas at the time. He had gotten a license (pilot?). They were going to get married after he got a job and he went to South Carolina and got his license. Came back after 6 months for a couple weeks. Then he called her up and asked for his dog. She sent him. Then he called her and broke up with her. He had a girlfriend there. Nat then had to go to Hooters the next day. She was crying the next day. Her boss James - Nat can say his name since he signed a release - she went crying and the boss came in and he had never seen her cry. She was balling and he said "you're a hot Hooter girl, you can get any guy you want, c'mon Nat you're beautiful and funny. Don't let it get you down. You deserve better." Nat said the ex was her best friend and they never fought. They were head over heels in love. They had met at the gym after she had been at Vegas for a month. She saw him at the gym - worked there - they made eye contact and love at first site. He told her he loved her after two weeks. They had just stared at each other while she handed him her ID. She walked away and looked back. That night he came to the sauna - he modeled 6'2'', 215, blue eyes with puppy dog eyebrows. See through blue eyes, dimples, chest/abs you wouldn't believe, loves god. He was a model. No accent. Parents divorced. Mom in Vegas, dad in SC. They left the gym at the same time, and they stopped at the same red light and he yelled over and asked her out to a movie. They were inseparable for a long time.

Sheila: not as long as yours (Sharon). Sharon: not as long.

Nat said she had been with some other guy for almost 2 years. Chris. He was the one with stuff on myspace. But Jacob (her other ex) was the best thing in the world.

Sheila: it's probably the long distance that did it.

Nat thinks he met another girl. He said he fell out of love.

Sharon: mmmmmhmmmm, mmmmmhmmmm.

Nat: if I had seen.... I already had felt like I wanted to kill somebody.

Sharon commiserating.

Nat didn't do anything for a year. Meanwhile it was easy for him bc he had somebody. Nat would cry herself to sleep and smoke pot with her friends. She had a collage that she made for him.

Sharon: I wish you had all seen how many things I gave Jacob.

Nat talking that the 2 weeks back in Vegas - he had said that he had made out with a different girl. Nat had been upset. Some Blink 182 song she told him to listen to. he was crying hysterically and Nat didn't understand why. He was holding her. Nat understood why he was balling.

Nat couldn't sleep or eat.

Sharon said her mom tricked her and got her on a scale one time. She was a lot skinnier than she thought she was.

Nat was at about 101. She couldn't watch anything romantic. Couldn't paint a picture. Would see girls and wonder if that was the type of girl he left her for. Nat says she has no closure still. Sheila: would you take him back? Nat: no.

Nat saying she tried to text him but his phone number changed. Sharon brings up the cell phone / no sim card line she got from Jacob.

Sheila: a little bitter?

Ryan walks in.
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Topic #8502218
Gorf - Adam James and Josh toilet papering Sheilas room with alot of rolls of paper :) NT 0 Replies #8502218 10:40PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8502250
lakeview - Ryan listens to Sheila's ex story for awhile and leaves saying "enjoy your puss party" NT 0 Replies #8502250 10:42PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8502251
JanJan - Girls in HOH, talking about ex's. Ryan comes up and says "Is this a puss party?" They laugh and say it is. 0 Replies #8502251 10:42PM 29/03/2008
He jokes he was hoping to find all the girls naked in the bathtub. Meanwhile, Adam/Josh/James are TPing the boat BR giggling.
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Topic #8502431
Gorf - the boys have finished TP'ing Sheilas room and are now playing the waiting game NT 0 Replies #8502431 10:54PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8502497
JanJan - Nat in bubble bath, S/S sitting by tub ... girl talk. Convo changes to Sheila saying she is sick of the 0 Replies #8502497 10:59PM 29/03/2008
treatment (pranks) she receives. She said "they are not allowed to throw flour on me and he did. I'm surprised they haven't been called into the DR." (referring to James threw flour on her @ 2:30 today). Then on to general bashing of other HGs bad behavior, etc. by all girls. Game talk/strategy follows. (ed: Sheila is not gonna be happy to see her BR, which is currently being TPed).
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Topic #8502648
JanJan - Nat's latest theory...the number nine. N tells S/S that next week is Week 9, April 9 is eviction day, James has 9 lives....she reasons that means 0 Replies #8502648 11:08PM 29/03/2008
Jimmy will be voted out.
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Topic #8502653
mcoop - james and ryan playing chess, adam watching NT 1 Replies #8502653 11:09PM 29/03/2008
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WieKacie - Josh laying near by. NT #8502694 11:13PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8502720
JanJan - Sheila says she has to win. Girls talking about comps that they have had to sit out. NT 0 Replies #8502720 11:14PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8502737
JanJan - Girls talking about Chelsia being negative & going off. They are glad she is gone. NT 0 Replies #8502737 11:16PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8502813
lakeview - Sheila/Sharon/Nat in HOH room bathroom 0 Replies #8502813 11:21PM 29/03/2008
Nat's in a bubble bath.

Sheila thinks Adam is going to win HOH. Just a feeling. Nat: me too.

Nat: April 9 is on eviction day. 9 weeks.

Sheila: James has 9 frickin' lives. April 9.

Sheila: I don't know where I got the whole cat thing.

Nat: He leaves April 9, 9th week.

Sharon thinking of double eviction that week.

Nat saying James thought Matty was crying in sequester seeing Chelsia. Nat bringing up the promise to Chelsia about saving Matty.

Sheila: Chelsia was saying...

Sharon: that was an act. that was all an act.

Sheila: she was pretending to be on our side.

Sharon: James told you that. I was there.

Sheila: whatever. You're right. I forgot.

Nat: with Cheslia, I was like cut the crap James, you think I don't think you and Chelsia were working together.

Sheila: everyone in the house is trying to manipulate. Nat: you're his biggest threat. Sheila: I hope so. I gotta win this. I have to win this.

Sharon: no matter what 2 girls will play next week. Double eviction week.

Sheila thinks Adam is strong but that he's been throwing HOHs. And a lot of POVs he's missed, etc.

Now discussing how Sharon sat out for a lot of them too.

Sheila: what was before pool table one? Things on the post?

Sharon: no, Josh and I won that.

Sheila: oh, the drinking game.

Nat: Chelsia had a chance to win POV.

Sharon thinks that Chelsia was flustered bc ED was there.

Nat: no wonder she's evil herself.

Sheila: y'know I did that 25 years ago and people are probably looking at me on the internet.

Sharon: they were the 3 amigos forever. I knew when the couple thing was over... Chelsia would never talk to me. Only after Easter. That was the first time we had a conversation between the two of us. Chelsia hung out with James and James liked Josh. Chelsia had a thing for Neil. And so she was comforting Josh on the night I came back.

Sheila: she was so frickin' angry at me. It must've pissed her off when Julie said to me "is ED your type?"

Sharon: James will chill out when Josh leaves. His partner in crime will be gone.

Sheila: he will be by himself.

Sharon: he'll be sleeping all day long.


Sheila: boohoo, boohoo.

Nat talking about the "gut feeling" and getting rid of Sharon instead of James conversations again.


Sharon saying that the guys were saying that Sheila was starting sh--.

Sheila said she had to keep her mouth shut bc James will be insane after this next eviction. There is no way in hell these boys will vote for him to stay here if he's on the block.

Sharon: no, they stand in the way.

Sheila: we have to figure out who goes on the block with him.

Nat: we'll figure it out. It'll just be a pawn whoever it is.

Nat saying again that Ryan went against her in the POV game when he shouldn't have.

BB: Natalie. Nat: yeah? BB: please put on your microphone.

They walk into the HOH room.

Sheila's getting ready to leave!!!
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Topic #8502848
JanJan - Sheila & Sharon down from HOH, in WC, brushing teeth, etc (getting ready for bed). 0 Replies #8502848 11:24PM 29/03/2008
Boys around chess board by GP cage, waiting for She to discover the condition of her BR. (Chess game is James vs Ryan).
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Topic #8502876
JanJan - Sheila taking her time in WC. Sharon leaves, stops to say hi to GPs and the guys 0 Replies #8502876 11:27PM 29/03/2008
then wanders back to WC. S/S whispering.
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Topic #8502897
JanJan - Sharon goes up to HOH, talking to Nat....discussing if their previous convos have been overheard 0 Replies #8502897 11:30PM 29/03/2008
by guys outside of HOH. Unsure. Saying Sheila does talk loud. Nat wants to talk to Ry/Adam later tonight. Downstairs...Sheila headed to BR!
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Topic #8502898
lakeview - Sheila / Sharon in bathroom downstairs 0 Replies #8502898 11:30PM 29/03/2008
Sheila is going to wash her face and go to bed.

Sharon is washing her hands and brushing her teeth.

Sheila: you're okay with it? (I think putting her up)

Sharon: mmhmm

Sheila washing her face.

Sharon: it'll be my third one. (nomination)

Sheila will be glad to get off the slop.

Sheila goes to the bathroom. Leaves and washes hands. Sheila's brushing her teeth.

Sharon leaves and walks in to see guys playing chess.

Sharon comes back to Sheila. Sheila's wondering if they heard them downstairs talking in the bathroom upstairs because the bathroom's pretty hollow. Sheila doesn't know. She doesn't really care.

Sharon walks away, going upstairs to HOH.

Sharon upstairs talking with Nat about sound issue. Nat doesn't think they can hear. "Hell no, they can't hear."
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Topic #8502930
JanJan - Sheila goes in room & finds it TPed "OMG, what the hell?" 1 Replies #8502930 11:34PM 29/03/2008
She chuckles, but she's not too amused. Sharon come in & chuckels, leaves to get Nat. Now Sheila says great they broke the bed too. Nat comes in and starts to laugh...but Sheila is a buzzkill.
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Gorf - yup she thinks the bed is broken but really earlier James and adam switched her good mattress with Adams bad one NT #8502950 11:35PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8503020
Brendabythebay - Sheila insists they broke the metal frame on the bed by standing on it and 0 Replies #8503020 11:41PM 29/03/2008
James tells her they already told BB the bed was broke so she goes "Ok then." Nat keeps saying its funny, its creative, give it to them for that.

Meanwhile James and Ryan are planning to wake her up every hour /hour and a half with pots and pans.
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Topic #8503042
lakeview - Sheila sees the TPing (more) 0 Replies #8503042 11:43PM 29/03/2008
Sheila: oh my god. Oh *****. Unbelievable. (laughing)

Pushing the tp away.

Adam: what's the matter Sheila?

Sheila: do you think you guys can come in here and clean this up because I'm not doing it. How old are you people really?

Pushing the tp away.

Sharon sees it. "Natalie needs to see this." She goes to get her.

Sheila: they're cleaning this up.

James laughing in other room

Sheia: very funny

Sheila's putting stuff away in the drawers.

Now Sheila's undressing for bed.

Sheila: did you guys break the bed too?

Adam walks in. Sheila: you guys broke the bed too. It never sunk in this much.

Sheila: you guys are going to have to clean this up.

Sheila pushes tp to other side of room.

Nat: this is fun. reminds me of a party. I like it up Sheila.

Sheila: it can stay on the cursed side.

Nat lies in bed. Nat: it's fine. It's not broken. it's still comfy. (ed. I hope so, it's her mattress)

Nat laughing about it. "What'd you say? You said 'who did this?'"

Nat: they're going to show this on April Fools Day.

Sheila: what are they 3?

Nat: this is what happens when they're dieing of boredom.

Sheila looking under mattress.

Sheila saying they broke the frame. "See you can see the crack under it."

Nat: they're really bored, Sheila. (laughing)

Sheila: it has nothing to do with the mattress. They broke the frame.

Adam walks in smiling.

Sheila: you guys broke the frame. Adam: it's still comfy though. Sheila: no it isn't.

Adam: isn't it pretty Sheila.

Adam starts throwing the tp around.

Sheila: it's over your stuff now.

James sticks head in smiling then leaves.

Adam: did you inspect it? Sheila: no.

Sharon/Nat: April Fools.

Sheila: extremely creative. Adam admits everyone tped. Adam says noone stood on the bed. Sheila's not sleeping in the cursed bed.

Sheila: why are you so obsessed with f--ing with me. Adam lies down next to Sheila smiling. Sheila: 'let's break Sheila's bed and make her uncomfortable.'"

Adam: are you mad? Sheila: I'm more mad about the flour.

Sheila: it is what it is.

Sheila hopes to get HOH so she gets the master bed.

Nat thinks Sheila looks like she's in a sunken boat.

Sheila saying she was shocked when she walked in.

Adam pulling some more tp down from the ceiling.

Adam: did you expect it at all?

Sheila: no.

Nat saying this is because they were really bored.

Adam and Nat leave room. They turn the light off.

Sheila rolls over to sleep.
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Topic #8503087
Brendabythebay - Waking up Sheila with Pots and Pans will commence at 1am. Nat is in KT with the boys and knows. 0 Replies #8503087 11:48PM 29/03/2008
James wants to sprinkle her with flour first and then wake them up. Nat complements the boys on the TPing of the room says it was very creating and then doing impression of madShe going off about the broken bed.
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Topic #8503157
JanJan - S/S in bed. Others in KT. Discussing pranks..Nat imitates Sheila complaining. 0 Replies #8503157 11:52PM 29/03/2008
Nat says Sheila hates shoes on countertops. Josh has 15 pairs of shoes and he puts them all over the counters.
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Topic #8503168
Brendabythebay - Josh now covering the counter with shoes. Nat says She is gonna come out and see that and be mad. 0 Replies #8503168 11:52PM 29/03/2008
nat says She will be like "Who DOES this?" She doesnt want your feet juices and germs on the counter when you eat. Manly feet gross her out. You might as well get your underwear and throw em up here too.
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Topic #8503188
Brendabythebay - Josh now smearing hands on fridge surface (they are laughing saying that will drive her nuts) NT 0 Replies #8503188 11:53PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8503245
JanJan - Josh puts hands in flour and puts hand prints all over refridgerator (another of Sheilas pet peeves...dirty fridge). 1 Replies #8503245 11:56PM 29/03/2008
Nat and James begin playing around, slap fighting. They all want to have fun (and are waiting for inspiration). Ryan has eaten about 6 pickels in the last 3 minutes.
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Lissy - They were going to do flour but then did it with Olive Oil. NT #8506026 7:44AM 30/03/2008
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