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Topic #8489483
lakeview - Sheila/Adam/Ryan near pool table Nat comes out later (more) 0 Replies #8489483 12:02AM 29/03/2008
Adam telling Sheila that they might keep Josh.

Sheila's saying don't play with me Adam. You are joking right?

Ryan saying yeah don't joke Adam.

Adam: I don't mean to be mean to you but I can't sit here and take this abuse day after day.

Sheila: we are the last couple. They will come after me. I'm fully aware that I might have only one more week in this house. Especially James. I had a dream that my ex came to the wrap party and punched him out.

Ryan: you had a dream Sheila? [they laugh]

Sheila saying that James was called to DR a while ago for using c--t word.

Ryan: c--t is the word of this show.

Sheila: I could've done what Allison did, but whatever, the cat's out of the bag, and if he wants to come after me, he'll come after me. I don't want to be scared anymore. And I'm not gonna lie to anyone anymore. I'm better off not talking to anyone anymore. He got to bitch me out and he's happy and I just told the DR and they were like ... I'm not scared of you. Yeah, he was with his arm in my face. I've stood up to guys before.

Sheila: if I can handle Josh and him too, I'd be okay. You guys wouldn't do that to me. It's low class and it just shows disrespect for my age. (Ryan: respect your elders). I'm 45 years old.

Sheila: no one's gonna break me. No one's gonna break me in this game. Oh, stop it.

Adam: I don't stop ever. Whyd don't you put your head right here and blow my meat.

Sheila: stop it.

Sheila leans over underneath Adam who's sitting on the dryer and puts clothes in the dryer.

Sheila loves Adam. He's good people.

Adam: it's Friday night. Kinky Friday night.

Sheila: Adam you're doing this. You're trying to keep Joshua.

Sheila: are you serious. Please don't kid me.

Adam saying he's kidding.

Adam: it's better for you to put James out of this house.

Sheila washes her panties in the sink when she can't wash them in the machine. For a week after that frickin fish competition. I bleached it. I put bleach in it (the sink). Unbelievable how people take things and run with it here.

Ryan: Sheila you're gonna surprise everyone one of these times. I have a good feeling about it. I thought today was your day.

Sheila isn't good with math and didn't understand two questions. 3000 gallons. Thought they meant ounces. Sheila was close on the lard. Guessed the asparagus but they never asked it.

Ryan: you would've knocked me out if you had stayed on the [?]

Sheila: I was folding every frickin hand. I only stayed on two hands.

Sheila: I'm sure they're going to get a kick out of saying 3000 gallons. I thought they meant buckets.

Sheila wants to go to bed but is waiting for the DR.

Sheila wants her birthday party here. Adam: if you don't win HOH you're going home. You'll go and celebrate with Matty and [have sex with him] Sheila: I'm his frickin mother's age.

Sheila: April 12 is my birthday. Big party. Adam: if you're here. Sheila: are you keeping me here? Ryan: you'll be kicking us out.

Sheila again saying James will be coming after her next week bc of the argument.

Adam: he can't win HOH.

Adam: Josh said he'd be cool on the block.

Sheila: what do you mean. Adam, don't be a traitor. It wouldn't be a pretty sight.

Adam: what would you do.

Adam: Sharon putting me up scares me.

Sheila: I can almost guaranty she wouldn't. She might put one of you up against James.

Adam: she's a man hater.

Sheila: don't freak me out here. I want to get to sleep here tonight.

Adam saying we still have the numbers regardless of who goes.

Adam saying Sharon is a mole and will help James. Sheila: no, she's not a mole. once he's gone, she's by herself.

Adam: she'll be with James.

Sheila: she doesn't trust him. Adam: yes she does, I know. Sheila: who told you. Adam: the birdman told me.

Sheila: please don't do this Adam, you're supposed to be my hero. Adam: I put Chelsia up. Sheila: I didn't tell you to do that. I wanted her to come down until she went off. Adam: that shows your judge of character.

Sheila: let's just not falter here. Let's do what we said we're going to do.

Ryan: everything is on schedule.

Sheila's on slop and all sensitive now.

Sheila took a beating last night from James so "let's try to stay on the road here this week." It's getting down to low numbers.

Sheila thinks that they're attacking her because it's low numbers and she's a threat.

Adam: you're a threat to me. I don't know what you're ever thinking.

Adam does a karate move with the pool stick.

Sheila: when the washing machine stops, can you start it Ryan?

Sheila pats Adam's arm and walks in.

Ryan: she's freaking out already. Of course she wants Sharon to stay. It's better for her not good for us. Adam: you don't think it's good for us.

Adam: she'd put Jimmy up. Ryan: no, she won't. Adam: we should have a sitdown with her. Ryan: of course she's going to say she would (put James up)

Sheila gets called to DR. They laugh.

Adam says Nat thinks Josh should stay.

Nat walks out and says that they should try to get Josh/James to think Josh is staying and then James will get flustered when Josh gets voted out. Adam: Sharon will put one of us up. Nat: we can get her to put up Sheila.

Nat saying that they'll both think Josh will stay and then he's out of the door and James will be isolated. 3-1 against Josh and Sharon will be mad at James and defintely put him up.

Ryan says he's worried that Sharon would put Adam and Ryan up. Nat's going to talk to Sharon to agree not to.

Nat: I'll tell Josh we're still keeping him.

Josh walks out to go to hot tub right after that line.

Nat: what's up Josh.

Conversation goes away from game.

Nat goes to Josh "is Sharon in bed?"

Nat racks the balls. They play pool.
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Topic #8489842
BB8Watcher - Ry & adam in the WC talking bout keeping Sharon. 0 Replies #8489842 12:24AM 29/03/2008
Adam is pushing Ry to keep Sharon over Josh. He doesn't trust Josh & James together. He wants them to talk to Sharon together to make her promise to put up James. Adam thinks Sharon feels she can trust them b/c Jacob told her to trust them.
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Topic #8489865
Lindseeey - Adam & Ryan in WC 0 Replies #8489865 12:26AM 29/03/2008
Adam still seems to want to get Josh out. Ryan says they need to talk to Sharon tomorrow and make sure she would put up James if she gets HOH. Ryan says that they (Ryan & Adam) have the power to decide who goes home and they need to tell Sharon that.

A few minutes ago, Nat told Josh outside that Adam is going to vote to keep Josh, he told her so (Obviously she's lying).
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Topic #8489868
BB8Watcher - Nat Josh & James by the HT talking bout getting rid of Sharon. 0 Replies #8489868 12:26AM 29/03/2008
Shes wondering if she can trust them to not go after her if Josh or James gets hoh.
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Topic #8489995
katco - josh james trying to convince nat that s/a need to be split up. NT 0 Replies #8489995 12:34AM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8490085
katco - nat sticking with plan and telling josh she wants him to stay. NT 0 Replies #8490085 12:39AM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8490139
BB8Watcher - James is saying hes giving Josh a sympathy vote & he doesn't give a fu*K what the 0 Replies #8490139 12:43AM 29/03/2008
rest of the house does. He says he'll play next wk when it comes. He says he wants to get Adam off his back. Saying Adam has changed his demeanor since he won HOH He doesnt understand why b/c hes never targeted Adam. Josh Chimes in saying Him & James arew more trustworthy than Sheila. They are trying to say it is a better move for Nat ot trust them versus Sheila (and maybe Adam)
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Topic #8490157
BB8Watcher - Adam & Ry in the boat room talking bout pranking Sheila NT 0 Replies #8490157 12:45AM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8490160
katco - ry and adam thinking of something to mess with shiela. practical joke her NT 1 Replies #8490160 12:45AM 29/03/2008
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katco - ry puts on sheilas black robe. balla laughing at him NT #8490166 12:47AM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8490190
katco - adam and ry in bed. adam playing with tampon he found in boat room chest. (unused of course) NT 2 Replies #8490190 12:49AM 29/03/2008
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katco - adam goes over and whips ryan with it NT #8490196 12:49AM 29/03/2008
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katco - now whipping himself in head with it..saying its hits hard (lmao) NT #8490204 12:50AM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8490222
BB8Watcher - Adam cracking on Sheils clothes saying shes wearing MUDD jeans from 1998 0 Replies #8490222 12:51AM 29/03/2008
Adam is laughing at her saying he feels sorry for her & that she prob cant afford new clothesRy & Adam laugh then Ryan say its not that funny while still laughing. Then calls him a dick for hitting him w/ the tampon.
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Topic #8490231
katco - now they are dipping tamp in salsa and going to leave it somewher to be found.(gross) talking about getting the onions off it first NT 1 Replies #8490231 12:51AM 29/03/2008
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katco - put it in toilet. now laughiing hysterically at their joke NT #8490258 12:52AM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8490252
BB8Watcher - A & R plan to put ketcup on the used tampon and prank She w/ it NT 0 Replies #8490252 12:52AM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8490284
katco - ry and nat in kt discussing who to keep. ry is pushing hard for josh (lil obvious there ry) NT 0 Replies #8490284 12:56AM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8490321
katco - balla joins kt and nat runs over her plan again to get josh out and trick him into thinkin hes staying. NT 0 Replies #8490321 12:59AM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8490337
katco - ry telling nat to use toilet. tells her shiela came running out ...nat" OMG you guys" ry and adam are crackin up NT 2 Replies #8490337 1:01AM 29/03/2008
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katco - boys are playing like they didnt know what was in there. nat is buying it hook line and sinker NT #8490345 1:02AM 29/03/2008
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katco - now going to leave it for josh and james to find it. they have nat convinced its sheilas and real NT #8490364 1:03AM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8490383
katco - going over pros and cons on keeping josh or sharon 0 Replies #8490383 1:04AM 29/03/2008
going to have big sit down meeting in HOH tomorrow.
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Topic #8490465
katco - nat to adam in wc..i have to get josh out because family would think im an idiot for not getting out someone who put 0 Replies #8490465 1:12AM 29/03/2008
pickle juice and water on me.
would be a waste to put up two people she wanted out and then neither goes home.
doesnt want to make james stronger by keeping josh.
wants to get sharon to promise she will put up sheila and james if they keep her and toss josh.

josh and james in wc now. told to look in toilet. josh freaks out! (lol)
adam is now rolling on floor laughing literally!

james takes tamp out of toilet with plastic bowl. josh sees it and starts puking in toilet.
(im lmaoo)

james puts bowl on shielas night stand

they all just found out its not real.
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Topic #8490505
katco - adam was sneaking into dr where sheila is to scare her but we got flames! (thanks bb) 1 Replies #8490505 1:15AM 29/03/2008
im out so someone needs to take over. im laughing too much to continue
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katco - apparently he scared the crap out of shiela. when adam went into Dr they were laughing and told him "good one" #8490834 1:43AM 29/03/2008
everyone hopes that makes it on tv.
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Topic #8490667
katco - shiela talking to ry trying to keep them on path to vote josh out. NT 0 Replies #8490667 1:28AM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8490754
katco - shiela finds the tamp "omg joshua, you are a sick human being" 0 Replies #8490754 1:35AM 29/03/2008
your an ill little puppy! why are you guys so freaked out about feminin products." she is laughing.
nat comes in and tells shiela who did it. all are laughing and sheila is taking it good. calling them all sick.
"ya gotta punk me" shiela. (lol)
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Topic #8490772
katco - shiela now explains to nat that your not supposed to flush them in toilets. nat says she always does 1 Replies #8490772 1:37AM 29/03/2008
james even joins in and educates nat what to do with tampons. (ed.for 21 he knows his tamps)
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katco - josh now takes the prank tamp and puts in coffee filters for shiela to find in morning. all are thinking of way to prank her more NT #8490819 1:41AM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8491008
Gorf - Josh Nat Adam and James discussing new pranks, Suggestions include whipped cream and feather 0 Replies #8491008 2:00AM 29/03/2008
Shave off one eye brow
and pour a huge bucket of water on her

adam and james test the water outside and they get a massive splash
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Topic #8491070
Gorf - Adam telling J/N/J how sheila said she likes anal and he describes how he can tell (adult) 0 Replies #8491070 2:09AM 29/03/2008
he says her ass is spread at the top from being spread open during anal sex instead of tight

Natalie demenstrates and shows how hers is tight

Natalie then tells the guys her attepmt at anal sex and how she did not like it, that it leaked every where. she was left gaping for hours and she had to take a big dump after words

James and adam look disgusted :P
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Topic #8491131
Gorf - Randam talk between A/N/J/J at kitchen table, about special competition hosts, pranks and sex NT 0 Replies #8491131 2:18AM 29/03/2008
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