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Topic #8495081
WhatdoIKnow - Sharon (wrapped in green towel from waist down, wearing yellow bikini), Ryan (wearing white tank, dark shorts w/stripes on the sides) in the kitchen 0 Replies #8495081 1:40PM 29/03/2008
making the tuna slop, trying to determine if they should make it separately or together (Sharon says together then bring their bowls up to grab the stuff)...then she goes over and digs out some pickles to eat

hot tub crew talking about the water going off and the various pranks they've fallen "victim" to so far

BB: Sharon, please move your microphone higher
Josh talking about how he can't leave until May 3rd
Ryan stirring slop
Sheila bringing up the tampon pranks again
Ryan dishing out the slop, Sharon asks if it's his or hers, she says you make yours and I'll take the rest

James has already joined the hot tub crew btw, Sheila's back on the edge wrapped in her towel, James on the side opposite of hers

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Topic #8495085
allen - all HG at HT discussing BB messing with them today 0 Replies #8495085 1:41PM 29/03/2008
James finally joins the rest of the HG at hot tub. Shelia hears voices, thinks BB will focus on her and Josh for effect. Nat heard giggling behind the walls just before the face appeared. They all now agree that BB will mess with them for the remainder of the weekend.
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Topic #8495104
WhatdoIKnow - James talking about dreams, Sharon at kitchen counter mixing up her slop, Ryan at the end counter eating his, thinks he added too much mustard, 0 Replies #8495104 1:44PM 29/03/2008
Adam has now joined them in the kitchen, they're both telling him about the slop
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Topic #8495132
WhatdoIKnow - Nat asking about how the nominations thing works, Josh explaining about it (spinning the wheel, etc.) 0 Replies #8495132 1:46PM 29/03/2008
Nat (?) saying she can't wait to see how they put this all together
More talk about the POV, Adam saying all you had to do was pick food
Adam telling Sharon she had a slop pass so she shouldn't complain, she says she wasn't
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Topic #8495151
WhatdoIKnow - Ryan saying he thought for sure Sheila would've picked food, says Sheila has no idea what she's doing, that he knew she was going to mess up in the 0 Replies #8495151 1:49PM 29/03/2008
Now he, Sharon and Adam are laughing about it, Ryan mimicking Sheila "I just don't understand guys, I just don't get it"...says I do my own and that's it, when I'm on slop
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Topic #8495173
WhatdoIKnow - F3's focusing on Sharon eating her slop, Ryan at the end of the counter saying, now Sharon, you're not allowed to get up out of that seat until you 0 Replies #8495173 1:51PM 29/03/2008
finish all of that slop, ok? (lol), Sharon says "ok"
hot tub crew talking about the BB peeps walking around behind the walls and how you can hear them, how HOH is the darkest room in the house

F1 & F2 on the hot tub crew
F3 on Adam drinking from a cup and now eating
F4 Sharon at the end of the counter
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Topic #8495235
WhatdoIKnow - Nat's repeating her story of the water prank, looking out the screen to the kitchen, Sheila now in hot tub (Ed: ick lol), James asking how Ryan's 0 Replies #8495235 1:56PM 29/03/2008
doing on the slop, James saying physically he's fine, it's when he sleeps, Sheila saying your body goes into shock is what happens

funny, everyone's out of the hot tub now that Sheila's in it, just dangling their Sheila's getting out and sitting on the Josh gets back in that she's out (Ed: coincidence? lol)

The rest of the boys (R/A) joining in the back yard, Sharon only in the house sitting at the counter

Either Sheila or Nat asking Ryan how he's doing on the slop

F1 lovin' focusing on Nat sitting on the edge of the hot tub (does that quite often)

BB: Houseguests, you're not allowed to talk about your diary sessions with other houseguests

Josh talking about Abba, saying they want to see us up and about dancing
guess they played Too Legit this morning per Ryan

Sharon still sitting at the counter, F3&F4 on her there (Ed: guess she's taking Ryan seriously? lol)

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Topic #8495281
WhatdoIKnow - Adam back in the house, Sharon still eating her slop, cam zooms in on a bowl full remaining, Sharon staring at the memory wall, 0 Replies #8495281 2:02PM 29/03/2008
James went into the kitchen, Sheila offering to make some more fried pickles for appetizer/late night snack

BB: James, please put on your microphone
Sounds like James had a nightmare/dream, woke up yelling I think, scared Josh, Sharon was laughing, James thought it was real, he was calling Sheila names, etc., then asks Sharon why she didn't use her slop pass, says she's crazy

helicopter flying overhead, F1 showing first Nat then Josh waving up to it from the hot tub

Josh talking about who goes next on what week then "game over"

James pointing out that they've had 2 mental POVs
Ryan now sitting at the end of the counter with Sharon
Nat asking when Matty's birthday is again, Josh counting days in April and how many evictions left to end of game
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Topic #8495304
WhatdoIKnow - now they're talking about having their faces/article on it and typing in your name at a search engine and it'll pop up 0 Replies #8495304 2:04PM 29/03/2008
all the sites they're in....then flames
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Topic #8495374
WhatdoIKnow - Josh talking about how everyone knows their daily routines, that they know he's going to get up, dance, grab some coffee, go outside and check out the 0 Replies #8495374 2:10PM 29/03/2008
weather...said prior that people out there are going to love you and hate you that people are going to like you or not, that the bad always outweighs the good, Sheila said great, I'll be known as a manhater

Sheila talking about the tampon prank again, mentioned Ryan (Ed: think he confessed to doing part of it??) - talking about setting one up in the toilet and sending Josh to the bathroom...asking what was on it if it was the salsa or what...then Josh's reaction (gagging/throwing up)

F1/F3 are Josh in the hot tub F2/F4 is an distant overhead shot of the hot tub

Josh thinking the salsa ingredients were her eggs, etc., and knew Sheila has a heavy flow, etc. and that it didn't flush...talking about Adam on the couch in the bathroom laughing the one in the coffee was priceless....the one in the bowl of water in the boat room next to her bed, Sheila saying that kind of stuff doesn't gross her out...Josh saying he's a gay man, he doesn't have a girlfriend so he hasn't seen a bloody tampon in years and has never really been exposed to that
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Topic #8495412
WhatdoIKnow - all are out of the hot tub now drying off, Nat on the boat lounger, Sheila over by the washer/dryer grabbing another towel 0 Replies #8495412 2:14PM 29/03/2008
Josh wrapping a red towel around his waist...Sheila joining Nat on the lounger asking for the sun to stay out at least another hour, commenting how she hardly got any sleep last night, maybe 3-4 talking game Nat saying how she doesn't want Sharon to go and that she doesn't want Josh torturing her from sun up to sun down the next 3 days...and that if Josh DOES stay, he's not very good at competitions and that ups Sheila's chances of getting HOH - that she'll do her best to keep Sharon here (plane flying overhead)

Josh just brought Nat her sunglasses
more game talk, usual stuff
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Topic #8495455
WhatdoIKnow - Sheila saying for Nat not to be mad at her that she's going to vote for Sharon to say, Nat saying she wouldn't that she WANTS Sheila to vote for 0 Replies #8495455 2:19PM 29/03/2008
Sharon, but Sheila's worried that if Ryan goes to the other side, Nat says he won't, that she's going to continue leading Josh to believe that Josh is staying

Adam just came out screaming about something, not sure about what, Sheila thinks that Josh is in there starting "chit" about what they're talking about out on the lounger

Sheila thinks that if James continues thinking about nobody on his island he's going to break down, look at what he did before with Sheila and the pickles, etc.

Nat sayin that's why she's going to make sure Ryan and Adam stick to the plan

more usual (same) game talk by Sheila and Nat just saying "mm hmm, mm hmm, I know"

Adam just walked outside and Nat asked what happened in there Adam? Adam said nothin', Nat asking if BB's doing any pranks in there and if he saw anything and he strutted away from their lounger towards the pool table, then came back again

James now outside with Adam, smoking on the pool patio, Nat asking if BB's pulling any pranks, the boys deny anything happened
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Topic #8495471
WhatdoIKnow - Ryan now sitting on the pool table, Josh primping in a window, James says he's just waiting for the car to drive through the studio 0 Replies #8495471 2:21PM 29/03/2008
Sheila's saying she knows Adam's up to something, he says "what do you mean", the girls are saying that's why they know all 4 are out there at the same time..Adam approaches the boat lounger and they tell him not to "pass gas" on them...Ryan asking what Adam's up to...F3&F4 are on Sharon in the red bedroom putting a towel around her while she's adjusting her mic
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Topic #8495473
katelyn49 - Sheila talk about veto 0 Replies #8495473 2:21PM 29/03/2008
Sheila talking to house guests about veto.....
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Topic #8495479
katelyn49 - Josh is primping in a window! 0 Replies #8495479 2:23PM 29/03/2008
Josh is primping in a window!
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Topic #8495521
WieKacie - OMG. James just poured flour on Sheila. NT 0 Replies #8495521 2:27PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8495533
WieKacie - Sheila is p*ssed. Sharon telling them they are horrible. 0 Replies #8495533 2:28PM 29/03/2008
Sheila called them Aholes.
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Topic #8495549
WhatdoIKnow - Sharon with drink in hand enters back yard, high pitch "hello girls", Nat/Sheila say "hello", Sharon walks across the yard 0 Replies #8495549 2:30PM 29/03/2008
when the boys tease her about sitting so far away
Ryan says they're not going after Nat, Sheila says they're coming out for me, they're going after a 45yo mom who's just trying to SURVIVE, Ryan says your son misses you, Sheila's talking about how his birthday's coming up, how he's partying, Adam says he's going after some bush, Sheila says ok Adam, you don't have to go there, that's not something I need to visualize, he laughs

Josh/James standing at end of pool table, Adam and Ryan sitting on the pool table...F4 zooming in on Nat on the lounger with her left leg/knee up, now F3 alternating between her and Sheila and F4 on Sheila and Nat sunning
James just poured a cup of flour all over Sheila's face, Sheila's cussing and not happy, James laughing, Ryan saying he did not see it, Sheila's in the shower cursing them out again "a-word", Ryan omg, that was alot, Id id not see that coming, cam zooming in on boat lounger at a ton of flour all over it and Sheila yelling that she's not going to put up with this, F3 zooming in on Sheila in the shower and all the flour washing off, Nat's being a totally good sport about it, she got a little on her

Boys are talking about it and laughing about it, Ryan says that's why she's a manhater right there, Nat saying I knew you guys were up to something, Sheila towel drying saying they got it all over the mic and hope BB knows that, still cursing, now she's on her way out with a towel wrapped around her...Nat saying she got it up her nose, brushing it off, Sheila saying real mature, real f-in mature

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Topic #8495556
WieKacie - Adam Yells "April fools!" Sheila says "Yeah real F'n funny." NT 0 Replies #8495556 2:30PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8495598
WhatdoIKnow - Sheila still ranting, now in the hammock, saying she might need a new mic because there's flour all over it (Ed it works fine, can't count how many 0 Replies #8495598 2:34PM 29/03/2008
times she's repeated that lol), "calls the boys a bunch of d#$%s, that's what they are, it's between their legs", she's asking who did it, Sharon tells her, cam's zooming in on the flour all over the lounger, Josh singing, plane flying overhead, Sharon on the single lounger, boys playing pool, Nat back on the boat lounger next to the flour asking if Adam will move the big one (lounger) over by Sharon because the flour is still blowing on her face from the wind, again Sheila mentions about possibly needing to replace her mic because it has flour all over it
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Topic #8495646
WhatdoIKnow - Sheila saying again about her mic (Ed: Argh! lol), how she's going to go to the DR about it and how messed up that is, 0 Replies #8495646 2:37PM 29/03/2008
Nat says hers was messed up with flour a little bit but it's fine, talking about how nice it is outside, boys aren't talking much while playing pool just pool shot talk

cams are just bouncing around between the boys playing pool (between the different boys shooting and distant shot)...same with the girls lounging (distant shots of Nat on double lounger, Sharon on single, Sheila in the hammock, and then one just on Sharon (who's waving to someone, maybe the plane flying overhead)
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Topic #8495674
evillady - Shelia needs to give James some of his own jokes NT 0 Replies #8495674 2:38PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8495702
WhatdoIKnow - BIG planes flying overhead, more pool talk, Nat saying "come on sun, come back.....all up my nose" in regards to the flour 0 Replies #8495702 2:40PM 29/03/2008
Josh and the boys saying they should switch out the oil with olive oil or citronella

Ryan asking who wants to blast her with the fire extinguisher? Josh says "it's tempting"
James (Ed: smart guy cuz it's true) says it'll take all the oxygen out of there
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Topic #8495836
WhatdoIKnow - James/Josh/Adam playing cutthroat, general chit chat, James saying he has to do his laundry today, girls are quiet 0 Replies #8495836 2:48PM 29/03/2008
Ryan brought a pillow over to the double lounger and laid down next to Nat, can't tell what they're talking about but Nat just said "DR" and it went to flames
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Topic #8495899
WhatdoIKnow - planes flying overhead so not sure what R/N were talking about but Sheila replied, thinking that they were talking about her, thought she heard her 1 Replies #8495899 2:51PM 29/03/2008
nname, Nat's telling Ryan she thinks she's going to eat the leftover steak in there and go up and listen to some Yellowcard...then asks Sheila if she still has that song stuck in her head...

Nat saying she wishes the sun will stay out, one day and she's already losing her tan, general chit chat (game talk) between the boys playing pool, Adam's racking
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sunflower05 - She also told Ryan that her/Ryan/Adam need to talk later in the hoh NT #8496141 3:06PM 29/03/2008
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