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Topic #8496052
WhatdoIKnow - Nat asking about phone calls in sequester, Sharon says they should tell a group of people a certain date/time and put it on speaker, 0 Replies #8496052 3:00PM 29/03/2008
Sheila thinks she's hearing voices, not sure if it's the slop or not
Adam asking how Sheila's doing, she says for him to kiss her arse
James comments to Adam, what's that you were saying about a "wide crack?" (laughter)
more planes, more general pool talk, Nat begging for more sun, Sheila's saying she's going to go to the DR and find out if the boys are going to get into trouble for what they did and again, more comments about her mic being messed up and waiting for them to call her, Nat saying she just had to dust hers off
Nat asking Josh if he used his flag this morning, he says yes, he did his halftime routine
Nat wondering if people looking out of the planes can tell if this is the BB set and if they recognize it
(earlier they were mentioning about hearing voices and how many people are involved with BB)
You hear sirens and Ryan says "the cops are here", he and Nat are saying "everybody freeze" and how they'd take everyone away
Sheila saying she can't wait to win HOH and turn this "chit" around and how sick of it she is, Ryan/Nat just "mm hmming", Sheila saying this "chit" isn't going to stop you know that, they're trying to break me
SSheila: We signed our friggin lives away for this, nothing we can do about it
Nat: mm hmm
more pool chit chat, Josh saying he's going to get the rule book out

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Topic #8496061
WhatdoIKnow - Nat's up and says she wants to go lie in the hammock and see if she hears any voices NT 0 Replies #8496061 3:01PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8496319
WhatdoIKnow - very slow right now, cam's focusing close up of Nat on hammock (Ed: seems to really like her lol, one of them), distant shot of all lounging in yard, 0 Replies #8496319 3:15PM 29/03/2008
Adam's smoking, James is doing laundry, Josh is going in to check his dirty laundry and checking his to see what needs to be done, Josh/James in kitchen, Josh says Sheila's on strike for doing dirty dishes, they both say she needs to then start winning competitions, J/J/Sharon in red BR
Nat/Ryan/Adam talkin HOH competition to come, saying Adam's gotta win it, Ryan says no more pizza and cigs for Adam,Adam's pacing while smoking, Sharon's carrying sheets/laundry out to the washer/dryer
Sheila commenting more on needing to wash her hair because there's still flour stuck in it, Ryan saying he had no idea he was going to do that, Sheila going on and on Ryan and Nat just saying mm hmm mm hmm, etc.
BB: Adam, smoking is permitted on the patio only Adam: I'm well aware of this
Ryan: Hey James, how much time is left on that dryer James: 12 minutes
Ryan up now from the double lounger, Adam headed back outside (went in momentarily), Sheila going on and on about flour in her hair again, cam's focusing in on Nat up close then to Sheila playing with her hair
Ryan folding laundry on the pool table talking to Adam, Sharon loading up the washer, Sheila saying something but Nat's saying she can't hear her, now Adam's folding laundry on the pool table saying the watermelon came out of his pants
James is now hosing off the boat lounger trying to get all of the flour off of it
Josh: What's up Sheil? Just trying to stay away from being terrorized?
Sharon's concerned about getting her mic wet, guess James was teasing her about spraying her with the hose
Josh was saying this bed's about had it when it went to flames (Ed: I'm outta here in a few minutes to deal with reality errands lol
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Topic #8496351
WieKacie - Sheila talking into her mic... 0 Replies #8496351 3:16PM 29/03/2008
She says "I thought he wasn't allowed to throw flour at me. Someone please call me into the Diary room."
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Topic #8496354
FrouFrou - Sheila trying to get called to DR about the flour incident. She is still scratching it out of her hair. James cleaning up all the flour residue I 0 Replies #8496354 3:17PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8496359
Shannon72 - Can't see Sheila but can hear her -- She is asking BB to call her into the DR so she can talk about what James did to her (ed. Operation Flour) NT 0 Replies #8496359 3:17PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8496381
FrouFrou - Adam and Josh talking. Ryan joins. Josh saying it just makes me love James all the more. Josh saying there is nothing to do. NT 0 Replies #8496381 3:18PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8496414
FrouFrou - Nat just explained to sheila that you can't backdoor anymore. Sheila saying he is going up again. He has 9 lives. It will be the 9th week. NT 0 Replies #8496414 3:20PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8496462
WieKacie - Adam and James are switching Sheilas mattress with his. NT 0 Replies #8496462 3:23PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8496465
FrouFrou - James and Adam moving Sheila's mattress to to boat bed and stripping it down. They are changing it with Adam's? James says it fits. NT 0 Replies #8496465 3:23PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8496482
Shannon72 - James and Josh taking the taking the mattress off Sheila's bed and switching it with another one. 2 Replies #8496482 3:24PM 29/03/2008
Now they are hurrying to try and remake it before someone catches them.

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DanaRose - James and Adam, not Josh NT #8496508 3:26PM 29/03/2008
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Shannon72 - Is looked like they changed it out with the one from Nat/Matt's old bed. Apparently Sheila's mattress was better so they stole it. NT #8496500 3:25PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8496486
SouthernBelladonna - James and Adam are switching Sheila's mattress with another mattress. NT 0 Replies #8496486 3:24PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8496490
FrouFrou - Definitely a nice mattress. Ryan says yeah dude you are set up. Ryan laughing about it now. Adam saying she won't even know. NT 0 Replies #8496490 3:25PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8496503
FrouFrou - Adam breathing heavy from the mattress and remaking the bed. NT 0 Replies #8496503 3:26PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8496519
FrouFrou - Sharon saying the 3 of them can have a Pow Wow in sequester (re: J/J/C). NT 0 Replies #8496519 3:26PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8496538
SouthernBelladonna - Adam wants to pull subtle jokes "so she (Sheila) just goes crazy." 0 Replies #8496538 3:28PM 29/03/2008
They are laughing about how you can tell the difference with the beds...Ryan doing an pretty accurate impersonation of Sheila
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Topic #8496546
WhatdoIKnow - 2 cams on James washing off windows (guess he got them wet while hosing off the lounger), Sheila saying she thought he wasn't allowed to throw flour 0 Replies #8496546 3:29PM 29/03/2008
on me
Josh is in the red dr with Adam, they're laughing about the prank, Ryan just came in, F3/F4 on Nat up close, then Sheila/Nat
Josh saying he can't sleep and there's nothing to do, asking Adam if he can think of anything to do, Adam says, you're playing pool for Christ's sake
Sheila's telling Nat that she guarantees you that Josh was egging him on to throw flour on her because he was doing that with the ketchup incident...same talk, that if she wins HOH you know what's going down, Nat mm hmmming saying that's why you gotta win this week, Sheila saying she understands that and that "he" (James) needs to be backdoored, that he's not going to go quietly, they're discovering that nobody can be backdoored anymore from hereon out, that everybody plays in the POV
Sharon's joining them on the double lounger, saying those boys are going to come after us
Sheila's saying they're going to terrorize me before they go, more comments about Evel Dick and how he was to Jen and "that's what's happening" and how she refuses to respond back to him and play into it..and that he wants her to come back at him...and now insists Josh had a part in it egging him on (Ed; she doesn't have proof, only assumes she's right) and how she knows this is because of what Josh did with the ketchup egging Chelsia on but BB stopped them, Sharon says she recalls that and how they talked about it outloud
Boys are doing something to the mattress from the pink bedroom to Sheila's bed (Adam and James) - ripping off the sheets, now pulling everything off of Sheila's bed, ripping the mattress up (they're changing them out between the beds), James testing out the mattress, Adam jumping across the top of the bed and now they're going to re-make the bed laughing while they do it (all nice and neat) the girls are talking about the POV again, Sharon: maybe it's meant for you to get them out Sheila: you think?
Boys are done remaking the bed laughing alot, Adam's making his bed, Ryan's testing it out (pushing down on it a few times), Ryan lies on Sheila's bed for a second, now Ryan's lying on Adam's bed saying how much higher it is
BB: Sheila please put on your microphone Sheila saying you mean it works with all the friggin flour on it?
Sheila saying Josh has to go, cuz he's James' friggin partner in crime
Adam still has a messed up bed (pink blankets not really made, appears messed up)
Boys are laughing Adam's saying the 2-minutes it took to do it was worth it
Adam: What's she going to say, my bed feels different?
Adam: It's April Fool's dude
Ryan's in the green chair in the red bedroom saying they gotta come up with more, James: that was ingenious Ryan: change up everything
Girls are still talking game out in the back yard
Josh has been in bed under the blanket, Adam leaning on the dresser, Ryan mimicking the girls reactions "is something different"
James commenting on how immature everyone is, about him having a "boner" and saying can't you control that?

Adam's wondering if Sheila's going to know it was Adam that changed the mattress out
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Topic #8496575
Shannon72 - Now the boys are trying to think of something else to do to Sheila. Adam said it needs to be subtle but enough 0 Replies #8496575 3:30PM 29/03/2008
to make her freak out. Someone suggested taking her clothes but decided against it.

They are all in red bedroom hanging out and laughing. James wondering if BB reuses the same beds season after season. Now Adam talking about past BB seasons and the beds they had -- bamboo, cots, etc. (ed. my favorite was last years short beds). Now saying that BB has made it "illegal" to sleep on the floor unless you get permission.
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Topic #8496605
FrouFrou - Adam saying I was playing this like f her. Talking about if they were still playing doubles. NT 0 Replies #8496605 3:32PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8496616
FrouFrou - Talking about it would be final wrap party this week. James saying 30 days. Adam says 32. NT 0 Replies #8496616 3:33PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8496626
FrouFrou - James saying he feels bad for Alex. He got screwed twice. NT 0 Replies #8496626 3:34PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8496627
FrouFrou - Ryan making fun of Amanda. NT 0 Replies #8496627 3:34PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8496636
FrouFrou - James saying I don't think sequester would be that bad. Ryan punching his own hand. NT 0 Replies #8496636 3:35PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8496642
FrouFrou - Talking about CBS suing them for 5mil for breach of contract if they leave sequester. NT 0 Replies #8496642 3:35PM 29/03/2008
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Topic #8496678
FrouFrou - Ryan saying that Sheila told him she was hearing voices on the hammock. Adam saying there are always voices in the walls. Ryan says they are in her 0 Replies #8496678 3:39PM 29/03/2008
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