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Topic #8518253
BB_Addiction - Flames NT 0 Replies #8518253 12:06AM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8518271
BB_Addiction - Nat says in 3 months it will be 1 year since she last had sex NT 0 Replies #8518271 12:08AM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8518370
dustytissue - Adam and Nat in kitchen watching James eat his slop. Others seem to be asleep. NT 0 Replies #8518370 12:25AM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8518418
dustytissue - Nat telling James how Sheila said she doesn't want James to start again with the pranks. 0 Replies #8518418 12:35AM 31/03/2008
James: She hates me.

Nat imitating her.

James: She really hates me. I love it.

Nat telling him about Sheila telling her about the bed being broken.

James laughing. Seems attentive now that she's talking about Sheila. He was quiet and unresponsive the whole time before that.
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Topic #8518469
pOOtyGirLy - FLAMES ~NT 1 Replies #8518469 12:51AM 31/03/2008
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pOOtyGirLy - ~Flames #8518479 12:53AM 31/03/2008
Just as Natalie was explaining herself on how everyone in the house (james side) has been gunning for her. "Everybody and their mother" then flames

Now Natalie going to bed......
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Topic #8518487
dustytissue - Nat and James talking in kitchen. Nat: you actually handled the block pretty well 0 Replies #8518487 12:54AM 31/03/2008
James: first time was pretty rough, then it started getting better. i don't care at this point.

James: i played the scenarios in my head and seems like adam has a great set up but at the same time he doesn't

Nat tells James she's scared if James wins HOH(?) because he might put her up. He says he doesn't know.

J: It's Adam and Sheila that really want to gun for me. That's what I feel. Ryan is not as entrenched as you three are.

N: I'm not going to vote for Joshua.

J: so you're going to vote for sides

she says she will vote based on how they treated her.

Nat going up to HOH now, seems to be getting ready for bed.
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Topic #8518500
pOOtyGirLy - Natalie watching spy cam and getting ready for bed. ..... Is in bed now and trying to snooze NT 0 Replies #8518500 12:56AM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8518595
WVpdles - James out of DR, went to WC, now in massage room doing a paper towel picture NT 1 Replies #8518595 1:10AM 31/03/2008
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IggysPINKTights - paper towel pic belongs to Ryan :D NT #8518615 1:13AM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8518759
DrC - James just finished playing chess, his partner I believe was Jimmy , not sure who won (lol) 0 Replies #8518759 1:42AM 31/03/2008
now off to bed, all other HG asleep
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Topic #8518861
Gorf - James now in the Hottub after spending sometime in the Sauna Room on the bed NT 0 Replies #8518861 2:19AM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8518916
AndreBBFan - James humming to himself, spalshing around in HT. Unravelling, maybe? NT 0 Replies #8518916 2:35AM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8518921
Gorf - James out of HT covering it up and moving inside NT 0 Replies #8518921 2:36AM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8518922
AndreBBFan - Ja gets out of HT, pulls cover over it, towels off and goes inside NT 0 Replies #8518922 2:36AM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8518939
Gorf - James in the Sauna, just moans/makes a weird noise NT 0 Replies #8518939 2:42AM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8518964
Gorf - James out of the sauna and now in the shower NT 0 Replies #8518964 2:47AM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8518973
AndreBBFan - James in shower, pacing, thinking up a storm (ed note: I wish he'd TALK!) NT 0 Replies #8518973 2:50AM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8518980
Gorf - Would appear James is Masterbating in the shower :P sound isnt on him though NT 0 Replies #8518980 2:52AM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8519005
Gorf - James finished, out of shower, looking at memory wall and the GP, moving slowly towards the bedroom NT 0 Replies #8519005 2:58AM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8519012
CruiseCritic - Looks like James picked up something off the shower floor and then put it in his mouth? when he got out 0 Replies #8519012 2:59AM 31/03/2008
(ed-I just woke up and no clue what he was doing (masturbating)- so not sue what he picked up off shower floor)
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Topic #8519019
Gorf - James got something from the Storage room, white box. going back to the bathroom with it NT 0 Replies #8519019 3:00AM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8519028
CruiseCritic - James has a container of some sort from storage room and has brought it into the WC - 0 Replies #8519028 3:01AM 31/03/2008
he smells it the entire way to the WC. Opens it and smells it again and now cam not on him. He leaves bathroom with a glass and heads into the kitchen.

When James got out of the shower and put his shorts on, there was a nudie shot of him as well
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Topic #8519035
Gorf - James in Kitchen eating Pickles, sound still on the Sauna room and not him NT 0 Replies #8519035 3:02AM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8519041
CruiseCritic - James gets out a jar of pickles and a papertowel and sits at flower end of the counter and starts to eat 0 Replies #8519041 3:03AM 31/03/2008
a pickle. He bites the pickle and holds it over the pickle jar so the juice goes in the jar. He is now on his second pickle
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Topic #8519049
CruiseCritic - James eats a total of 3-4 pickles, cleans counter with papertowel and wipes his face. puts pickles back in the fridge and 0 Replies #8519049 3:05AM 31/03/2008
walks thru LR and heads into the red br and gets into bed.
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Topic #8519092
CruiseCritic - F1- Sheila in bed asleep/F2 Red Br - really cannot see James in bed and just heard a noise in the house while on Sheila cam - 0 Replies #8519092 3:16AM 31/03/2008
Joshuah moving a bit under the covers and of course, cannot see his head (lol) Just did closeup of cam 2 and now can see James moving around in his bed.

F3 - Natalie in bed in HOH room. F4 - Adam and Ryan in their beds asleep

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