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Topic #8529640
allen - sharon must be on a surgar rush shes bounceing all over the house 0 Replies #8529640 7:58PM 31/03/2008
lays down in bed for about 3 mins trys to read the bible, then hops up walks fast to kitchen slams doors, then back to storage room picks up 3 rolls of paper towels then back to KT and puts something in the microwave,, her shake! tryin to make hot chocolate out of it. stirs and nukes it again, off again marchin to the bathroom.. to tell ryan,,, then runs back to kitchen to get her shake out of kitchen,,, oops sees josh out of DR now, and he by contrast is walkin real ,,,, slow.

I think she told ryan something about he might feel ryan owes him cause he took him off the block but couldnt tell who she was talking about. josh goes to storage room to stare into the fridge,, talks to himself,, looking for bbq sauce. grabs a bottle and stroles back to the kitchen. where sharon is still stirring that shake with a spoon, guess it wont desolve for her.
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Topic #8529662
cannotsleep - Sheila asks Adam, do you honestly think that once Josh and James walk out that door, that Sharon will vote the same way they do? Adam says Sharon 0 Replies #8529662 7:59PM 31/03/2008
will vote the way she wants to. Sheila says James thinks he can control Sharon's jury vote. She says James is already counting his money. Says James cannot have one person to talk game to, or have on his side if he stays in the house.

Sheila thinks James won't put Adam and Natalie up, but that he'll put Adam and Sheila up, because they're still seen as a couple. Adam says I know he'll put me up, because I put him up. Sheila says she'll also put him up because James knows Sheila could win the money over him, same with Natalie.

Sheila says she's so confident that Sharon would put up James, that she would eat slop for the rest of the game. Sheila keeps talking about the money, the money, the money. Also, says James is the one person everyone wants out of the house. Reiterates she is going to win HOH, know this.
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Topic #8529724
lakeview - Sheila/Sharon/Adam in HOH. Nat sleeping on bed (more) 0 Replies #8529724 8:02PM 31/03/2008
Ryan says that James would be wanting to take Josh to the end.

Sheila saying that James thinks he'd beat Josh at the end bc of what Josh has done to Natalie and Sheila and Amanda - she's not in sequester but - to Allison...

Ryan leaves room.

Adam says why does he think he deserves the money more than anyone else.

Sheila says James thinks Adam is a floater; Sheila is a floater breastfeeding off of Natalie. James told her yesterday that everyone wants Sheila out there.

Sheila saying James said Adam doesn't deserve it bc he's been throwing competitions.

Sheila saying James knows if he was ag Natalie he'd lose. That's why he doesn't want Natalie there. Sheila saying that Nat and Sheila are the targets.

Sheila saying Nat, her and Sharon would vote for Adam in the end. James would only get Josh and Chelsia in the end. They don't have the #s if it's the three of them in sequester.

Sheila saying they have the numbers in sequester at the end even if up ag each other [including Sharon with them]

Sheila saying all the pre-sequester people didn't trust or like James. Everyone of them. "Allison said if she came back that was who she was gunning for."

Sheila saying this is the biggest eviction in the house.

Adam: Joshua?

Sheila saying that they all have to beat James on Wednesday. Sheila saying she'd be in Sharon's ear if she wins HOH.

Sheila saying there's no logic in keeping Josh here. Bc then Josh wins.

Sheila saying Nat knows it too.

Sheila saying we have to turn on each other eventually. Sheila wants Adam and Nat in the end. "We could be the last 3 or 4 here."

Adam saying Sheila would be in Sharon's ear all day long. Sheila saying that's what she would do.

Sheila saying James will not get off the block. "It will be April 9 the next eviction. 9 lives up.' Adam: 9th week.

Sheila: "you will be going to sequester house. You are the houseguest who will not go away. Why does noone like him?"

Adam: con artist ... bull ***** up to his ears ... [more stuff - he talked fast]

Sheila saying no one laughed when the flour got dumped on her. Sheila saying no one found it funny. If they had laughed that would've hurt more. Sheila didn't show any weakness in front of him. Sheila thought to herself that night, "Sheila, you are better than this." He is going home.

Sheila: remember how ... I had such fear of Joshua. I took my power back. Do you know what I told to Josh to make him shut up?

Adam: what?

Sheila had pulled himself before and called a truce before an HOH. Sheila told him if he won HOH, put her up. If he doesn't like her as a person, put her up. She didn't plan on gunning for him. She chose not to attack him. "Not only that, but every time I walk into the room, I say positive things about you." Josh said that's bullsh--. Sheila saying that she told him that isn't a lie. But she did say that he treats women bad. Sheila saying that her telling him to put her up, cheered him up. Sheila saying he'll have his last word when he's left.

Sheila: that's why he's gotta go Adam.

Adam: James keeps thinking end result. And that's the worst thing to think.

Adam: even if he wins HOH, he's f--ed next week.

Sheila: he's not thinking of anything else, he's just thinking end result.

Adam: he thinks if he plays hard, he'll get the votes.

Adam asking about Sharon. Sheila: that girl will turn on James so quick. She's been put in a horrible situation. You don't think she'll jump ship as soon as that boy walks out the door. Is she gonna go with one person or 4? He's not superman.

Adam says the second she wins HOH... Sheila: I'm winning HOH.

Sheila asking Adam to be her hero. About getting rid of Josh. Don't you worry about Sharon. Adam: I can trust her. Sheila: I have woman's instinct, and I trust her. She's been screwed over again and again.

Sheila: once Josh is gone, he has no one. That's his biggest fear. He walks into competitions and kicks our asses, which he does. His luck will run out.

Sheila: this is BB 9, this is the 9th week, he's a cat and his time is up. Once he's gone, then we can deal with the other stuff.

Sheila will be happy with anyone winning at this point if it's not Josh or James.

Sheila will walk out with a book deal. It could happen. People get that all the time for a book deal. Now, it's in the 200Ks or 300Ks. If she goes on tv and talks about it. She's already been on Letterman.

Sheila: Are you frickin' kiddin me if I could go on Letterman again? That's huge. Even if I go on the Early Show to talk about my book. That's why I did this show. To change my life and for my son. I won't disrespect these people afterwards.

Sheila will be happy with Adam winning. Nat too.

Sheila says James would just piss it away. He's had money before.

Sheila saying they still have the numbers. Adam: they can't not vote. They have to vote for someone.

Sheila saying Sharon will not vote with them. Adam: Sharon will vote how she wants to vote.

Sheila asking if they can talk about the end game.

Sheila saying J/J/C are in sequester. Matty and someone else. Sharon there too, she's not voting with them. Bc of what they did to her.

Adam: they vote individual at that point.

Sheila: I understand but you aren't getting me.

Adam: she's going to vote how she wants to vote.

Sheila saying James thinks he has Josh, Sharon and Chelsia.

Adam: you're talking to far ahead in the game.

Sheila: I'm not. He is. He's counting his money. That's why Josh has to go. He has to go. He can't stay here.

silence for a while.

Adam: they both have to go. Sheila: no kidding. he's gotta go. Simple as that. He can't have one person hanging out with him. Sharon's not going to flip flop back to his side.

Sheila: he won't gun after Sharon if he gets HOH. He's go after one of us.

Adam: So be it.

Sheila: I don't think he'd put you and Nat up. I think he'd put us up. You know why?

Adam: we're a couple.

Sheila: I'm more of a threat to him.

Adam thinks he'd definitely go up. Bc he put him up on the block.

Sheila saying she's still James's biggest threat bc Sheila would beat him at the end. "He knows he doesn't have the numbers ag me."

Sheila says James sees Adam as a threat bc James brought Adam's name up.

Sheila is so confident Sharon would put up James that she'd eat slop for the rest of the show - that's how confident she is. Adam: so if Sharon doesn't put him up, you'd eat slop for a month.

Sheila: she can't stand him. He's gunning for her too.

Sheila: he'd take Ryan with him. But I'd give $500K to Ryan over James.

Sheila's going to put up James next week though bc Sheila's winning HOH. He's not superman. If Sheila doesn't get him up, then week after he goes.

Sheila was not gunning after him until ... James had told Sheila not to lie to him after Sheila was pulled off block. Sheila had told James that he was gonna win POV this week. Sheila had told him that she knew James would be gunning for her bc she evicted him.

BB yells at Adam for obsturcting microphone.

Sheila had told James the truth, and the truth hurt. He didn't want to hear it. Only time she lied about it was that she told James that she might vote to keep him.

Sheila saying she never said names when she said people were gunning for him. Probably a good thing she told him bc it broke him down. And you know what? He came out powerful. When Chelsia left, he did horribly in HOH. he did not do well.

Sheila: I'm winning it. No ifs or buts. If I don't win it, my game is gone soon. He's going to want to keep Nat. He's going to think who is he going to try to manipulate. He'll go for the person who might flip flop back to his side. We can't do that.

Adam doesn't want James to think he'd flip flop back.

Sheila saying James is thinking of the end of the game. He has 4 more weeks left.

Adam leaves. "Thanks for the talk."
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Topic #8529756
cannotsleep - Sheila tells Adam that if James wins HOH, that he'll put up the two of them. Says he won't put Natalie up because he'll want to keep her around so 0 Replies #8529756 8:05PM 31/03/2008
he can manipulate her. That's what he's going to do. (Note: Natalie may or may not be asleep right next to Sheila while she is saying this)

Adam leaves HOH.
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Topic #8529803
allen - oh no sharon not happy with her shake will dump and start over NT 0 Replies #8529803 8:09PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8529888
cannotsleep - Josh to Ryan: I'm so bored right now. They decide they are going to start doing dishes because there is nothing else to do in the house. Adam 0 Replies #8529888 8:13PM 31/03/2008
decides to help. Adam sees Sharon and says "Hi Mommy Sharon! Where have you been all my life?"
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Topic #8530076
cannotsleep - Adam washing dishes, Ryan drying, Josh doing crafts, Nat sleeping, and Sheila listening to Yellowcard CD, again. NT 2 Replies #8530076 8:28PM 31/03/2008
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JanJan - Josh is making candy in molds, from last weeks Easter basket. NT #8530142 8:33PM 31/03/2008
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cannotsleep - feed switches to James sleeping and Sharon reading the bible NT #8530123 8:32PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8530269
JanJan - R/A watching Josh work on his candy making. (Josh is rocking the mandana.) 0 Replies #8530269 8:43PM 31/03/2008
Ryan eating pickles. Adam sampling the melted chocolate that Josh is using...says it's only 'alright'.
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Topic #8530384
JanJan - While Josh continues on with the candy making, Adam & Ryan are asking him questions, 0 Replies #8530384 8:54PM 31/03/2008
reading the box, making suggestions (Adam taste testing). Adam takes the trash to the SR (w/a little help from the boys). He brings back games! (yay!)
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Topic #8530420
lakeview - BB gave them a bunch of things, including cards and I think molds NT 0 Replies #8530420 8:57PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8530423
Samantha293 - houseguests just got some new toys ! 0 Replies #8530423 8:57PM 31/03/2008
Cards, molding clay, and a few other things.
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Topic #8530426
lakeview - Ryan: Sheila, what do you know how to play? Sheila: go fish. NT 1 Replies #8530426 8:57PM 31/03/2008
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OSUmom - Ryan wanted to play Euchre NT #8530532 9:04PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8530473
JanJan - Sheila,James & Sharon are now also in the kitchen. Adam is enjoying a chocolate candy. James is playing w/the modeling clay. Sharon says it reminds 0 Replies #8530473 9:00PM 31/03/2008
her of 'Gak' Josh is painting. Ry rolling clay into a long tube shape. Sharon also has clay. Sheila complaining about fish smell from counter top.
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Topic #8530502
JanJan - They also have playing cards and are discussing games they could play. (trying to remember rules for Speed) NT 0 Replies #8530502 9:02PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8530584
JanJan - Ryan and Sharon at KT table playing a card game. Sharon voice squealing in excitement. 0 Replies #8530584 9:07PM 31/03/2008
Adam & Josh also at table painting. James still at counter with clay & Sheila watching Jimmy while having a drink.
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Topic #8530640
dustytissue - Josh thinks there still are things in the game they don't know about. NT 0 Replies #8530640 9:11PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8530743
JanJan - Nat still up in HOH room (last seen sleeping). No one has told her about the crafts/cards/games...they are all occupied and happy campers to have 0 Replies #8530743 9:16PM 31/03/2008
something to do. Sharon is tickled with herself in the card game w/Ryan (giggles/shreiking). The other boys are really focused on their crafts. Sheila also now working on some kind of craft project at KT counter. Not much talking except Ry/Shar.
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Topic #8530844
JanJan - HGs have about a 10 second convo about waking Nat for crafts, but choose to let her sleep ... they all keep doing their own things. NT 0 Replies #8530844 9:22PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8530938
dustytissue - Sheila made a turtle with her clay. It's a green turtle with yellow shells and eyes. NT 0 Replies #8530938 9:26PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8530942
DanaRose - Sheila made a smiling turtle out of clay, J/JandA also making clay thingsNT 0 Replies #8530942 9:27PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8530953
JanJan - Sheila'a art project appears to be a little turtle made from light & dark green modeling clay (ed: she also set a record for being awake & quiet). NT 0 Replies #8530953 9:27PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8530990
dustytissue - Josh says he's making a penis and they laugh. NT 0 Replies #8530990 9:29PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8531027
Samantha293 - Houseguests are in love with their new toys =) NT 0 Replies #8531027 9:31PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8531071
JanJan - Sheila now begins project #2 and states it will be a bear. James making a ??? (something phallic shaped). NT 0 Replies #8531071 9:33PM 31/03/2008
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Topic #8531074
dustytissue - Ryan has joined with the clay making. Playing with a blue thing. He says it's hard to mold. NT 0 Replies #8531074 9:33PM 31/03/2008
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