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Sharon joins Nat/Adam in BY - rockonbadteam
9:38PM 02/04/2008

Nat feels its her resposibility to win POV. NT - rockonbadteam
9:39PM 02/04/2008

Nat: Mattie's going to be cracking up laughing. Adam: He's going to rip 'em dude. Sharon: Chelsia's going to freak out. NT - dustytissue
9:40PM 02/04/2008

Ryan is alone in the salon, lying on the couch holding his stomach, he previously said he ate too much and felt sick NT - cannotsleep
9:42PM 02/04/2008

Nay saying JAmes contradicts everything he says (LOL) NT - rockonbadteam
9:43PM 02/04/2008

Nat/Adam/Sharon are hoping for a luxury competition this week. Nat: James wants to get me on slop. Don't fall for that crap. Idiot! - dustytissue
9:44PM 02/04/2008

Natalie telling Adam and Sharon that James is going to try and throw the food comp so that Natalie has to go on slop, since she hasn't been on it NT - cannotsleep
9:44PM 02/04/2008

Nats annoying voice telling Adam about how cute his dog is in the HOH pictures NT - rockonbadteam
9:45PM 02/04/2008

Nat says she loved reading the letter Adam's mom wrote, how the dogs get excited hearing his voice on TV. NT - dustytissue
9:46PM 02/04/2008

Adam Nat going back and forth about who will sleep where once BB closes the boat room NT - rockonbadteam
9:47PM 02/04/2008

Sharon: Once Friday happens, I'll feel so much better because I'll know what's going down. Nat: His luck is over. It's done. NT - dustytissue
9:49PM 02/04/2008

Sharon saying she really felt stuck in the middle. She was with Josh and everyone associated her with him. NT - dustytissue
9:51PM 02/04/2008

Natalie says she loves Adam's dog. Adam says he is half shepard, half terrier. Says he is probably going nuts with Adam being gone. Now they're - cannotsleep
9:53PM 02/04/2008

Nat and Adam complain about BB pushing for James - rockonbadteam
9:55PM 02/04/2008

Nat about Josh: I wish he would've given me a hug. C'mon, it was a game. Adam asks Sharon if he knew he was going. - dustytissue
9:57PM 02/04/2008

Sheila comes out and joins them. "Hey kids. Just got out of the DR." NT - dustytissue
9:59PM 02/04/2008

Ryan says to Adam, "Nothing like drinking a beer and reading the Bible. Big Wednesday night, celebrating." NT - cindytexas
10:01PM 02/04/2008

Sheila and Nat in the kitchen looking at something Natalie painted. Sheila tells her it's beautiful, that she's talented. - dustytissue
10:03PM 02/04/2008

Sheila: This was a stressful day. You don't think? Nat: Yeah, it was. It was a long day too. Not knowing, just waiting. NT - dustytissue
10:05PM 02/04/2008

Ryan tells Adam he wants to go to his party after the show ends, says he'll tell Jen he's making a pit stop before he goes home to her NT - cannotsleep
10:06PM 02/04/2008

Ryan in kitchen now. He is also saying it was a hard day. Sheila: It will only get harder. NT - dustytissue
10:09PM 02/04/2008

Adam alone in the HOH, looking intently at each of his pictures, one by one, lets out a big sigh NT - cannotsleep
10:11PM 02/04/2008

Ryan and Adam in hoh, Ry is reading Adam's letter again...they are laughing and making comments... - stewart
10:27PM 02/04/2008

Nat tells Shelia that she just realized that its her and Adams responsibility to get James out since they voted him back in. NT - stewart
10:30PM 02/04/2008

Ryan joins Adam in the HOH room. Adam: Dude, we gotta get rid of Jimmy dude. Ryan: It's done. They wonder who he would have gone after if he won - cannotsleep
10:35PM 02/04/2008

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