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quick shot of Josh in the boat room pointing and smiling NT - Gorf
4:40PM 02/04/2008

Quick shot of LR couch (empty) with diary room door behind oon F1, F3 and - camera12
4:45PM 02/04/2008

All Feeds Trivia & Flames. Live Show Now in Progress. NT - admiral
5:01PM 02/04/2008

Josh Voted out 3-1 HoH Comp Getting ready to start. NT - admiral
5:41PM 02/04/2008
Josh's mom & dad on live feeds- mom said she had never seen him go off like he did on BB-she was embrassed NT - susooz
6:07PM 02/04/2008

HoH Comp. now underway. NT - admiral
5:48PM 02/04/2008

Adam won HoH. NT - admiral
5:53PM 02/04/2008

Live Show Over. Live feeds still Trivia! NT - admiral
5:57PM 02/04/2008

Live Feeds Back! NT - admiral
6:09PM 02/04/2008

All feeds on everyone in the Kitchen NT - BB_Addiction
6:09PM 02/04/2008

Nat tells Adam that "God is on our side" - BB_Addiction
6:13PM 02/04/2008

James telling Sharon that she needs to go to Adam and try and save her ass Sharon says she is pissed because she had the HoH won NT - Gorf
6:15PM 02/04/2008

Nat, Adam, and Sheila sit down at the table to play BS NT - BB_Addiction
6:16PM 02/04/2008

Sharon unpacking and putting clothes away while talking to James - BB_Addiction
6:19PM 02/04/2008

Sharon to James: "I hate everyone here".. "I just wanna die".."You'll win POV and I'll go home" NT - BB_Addiction
6:22PM 02/04/2008

nice shots of sharon coming across on feed 3 - allen
6:24PM 02/04/2008

James to Sharon: "I just really hate everyone here. Chelsia and Josh are going to be so pissed." NT - cannotsleep
6:24PM 02/04/2008

N/She/A/R playing cards (Bullsh!t) at KT table. Adam wins. NT - JanJan
6:32PM 02/04/2008

Random talk. Adam lift Nat up, she grabs hold of a step on the spiral staircase and does a few pull-ups. - JanJan
6:34PM 02/04/2008

KT crew are feeling hungry... waiting around for BB to provide dinner. NT - JanJan
6:35PM 02/04/2008

Nat telling the others what Julie asked her and her responses. Ryan thinks Nat is America's favorite. NT - cindytexas
6:39PM 02/04/2008

Sharon still going on and on about how she's mad at herself for missing that question, that she knew it. NT - cindytexas
6:42PM 02/04/2008

Sheila says ED didn't win things last year, his daughter did. She won 7 POV's. Then she catches herself and says - cindytexas
6:53PM 02/04/2008

trivia NT - LilKsweezy
6:57PM 02/04/2008

Ryan complaining that he is freakin hungry, can't wait to eat. NT - cindytexas
7:00PM 02/04/2008

Adam does 10 pull ups holding on to the stairs. Earlier Nat did three. NT - cindytexas
7:01PM 02/04/2008

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