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The HGs got pizza for dinner and beer. NT - BBFanChelle
7:57PM 02/04/2008

Sheila is saying it may be Nat and Adam in the end. James says he will vote for Nat hands down. - cindytexas
7:57PM 02/04/2008

They got pizza and beer. Six beers, one beer apiece. They are attacking the pizza, and make a toast to the final 6. NT - cannotsleep
7:58PM 02/04/2008

All HG's digging into pizza and popping beers. They all cheer to "Final 6." NT - cindytexas
7:59PM 02/04/2008

Shelia to Ryan: Are you happy right now? Are you in heaven. NT - BBFanChelle
7:59PM 02/04/2008

Natalie is smacking her food and wolfing it down. Sheila says, "God Natalie, you are acting as if you've been on slop. Look at you." NT - cindytexas
8:00PM 02/04/2008

Sheila says she is going to miss Josh's routines in the mornings, his dancing. They say BB played "It's Raining Men" for Josh this morning. NT - cannotsleep
8:03PM 02/04/2008

Quiet now as HG's all eat. Sheila says she's going to miss Josh's routines in the morning. - cindytexas
8:03PM 02/04/2008

Sheila says she's been on slop three times in two months. She said she holds the record, says, "Hey, I'm a record holder! I'm not proud of it, but - cindytexas
8:05PM 02/04/2008

Nat is re-telling (again) about the questions Julie asked her up in the HOH room and what her answers were. - cindytexas
8:08PM 02/04/2008

Nat says she can't do any more paintings, they took all her paints away. They wouldn't let her send a card for Matt. - cindytexas
8:11PM 02/04/2008

Ryan asking Adam who he's going to put up against James. Adam says Sheila. Ryan thinks he's kidding. - cindytexas
8:14PM 02/04/2008

Sheila saying that everybody says she's an acress but not in this game she isn't. Then she says, "Well, - cindytexas
8:16PM 02/04/2008

Adam and Ryan talking in the BY. Ryan asks who he is going to put up against James. Adam says Sheila? Laughs and says no because he doesn't want - cannotsleep
8:17PM 02/04/2008

Ryan and Adam talking about the HoH being tailored to James. because Natty couldn't play NT - TracyTurnblad
8:17PM 02/04/2008

Ryan tell Adam that "they" are pushing to keep James, asking why doesn't he hook up with James, etc. NT - Shar
8:17PM 02/04/2008

James lying in bed with his eyes closed NT - TracyTurnblad
8:21PM 02/04/2008

Sharon has gone in to the bedroom where James is, put on her blue scarf/blankie, gets her Bible out. NT - cindytexas
8:23PM 02/04/2008

Sheila is telling Adam (in front of Nat) that no matter what, she will never put Adam on the frikkin' block, ever. NT - cindytexas
8:24PM 02/04/2008

Sharon reading the Bible in bed, James picking his feet(looks like he's thinking) NT - TracyTurnblad
8:25PM 02/04/2008

Sheila and Nat whispering in sauna room. Nat thinks Sharon and James will go up and if Sharon wins POV she will probably leave it the same since she - cindytexas
8:26PM 02/04/2008

It is bothering Nat that James said something about "the nines" and that means Sharon told James what they said. - cindytexas
8:27PM 02/04/2008

Ryan now joins Nat and Sheila in sauna room. They are rehashing the HOH comp. - cindytexas
8:30PM 02/04/2008

Sheila says, "I told Adam to be my hero and get Joshua out. And he did...and so did you and you." They are talking about how they - cindytexas
8:31PM 02/04/2008

James alone in BR drinking a beer and looking bummed out NT - RockinThePink
8:33PM 02/04/2008

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