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Sharon walks in, whispering with Nat about something. Ryan walks in. Nat: Hi Rye bread! Telling him "a whole lot of A-baller up in my bed," NT - dustytissue
12:30PM 02/04/2008

Nat about her bible: Mine is the new international version. It's easy to read. - dustytissue
12:36PM 02/04/2008
B/4 Ryan came in Sharon whispered something , game talk, Natalie taps Adams shoulder - DrC
12:48PM 02/04/2008

Nat praying to keep her safe since she can't play. "Make the questions really easy for Ryan and Adam and Sheila. Like bam! Answer the question. - dustytissue
12:39PM 02/04/2008

Josh vacuuming. Sheila by the bathroom looking for something in a cabinet. James walks by and all the feeds switch to Nat/Adam/Ryan. NT - dustytissue
12:41PM 02/04/2008

Natalie still reading scripture aloud NT - Stella222
12:48PM 02/04/2008

Ryan asked Nat/Adam who was Sodam&Gomorrah (sp) Adam said cities. Nat/Adam still lying on bed reading bibles NT - bb9lover
1:13PM 02/04/2008

Ryan in his bed reading bible Flames now NT - bb9lover
1:15PM 02/04/2008

It appears all hgs are in HoH NT - bb9lover
1:17PM 02/04/2008

Josh in HoH bathroom flossing NT - bb9lover
1:18PM 02/04/2008

Nat complaining BB took her Yellowcard cd....she wanted to listen to it NT - bb9lover
1:19PM 02/04/2008

Flames again NT - bb9lover
1:19PM 02/04/2008

Hgs playing the card game BS NT - bb9lover
1:21PM 02/04/2008

All 4 feeds on empty HoH bathroom NT - bb9lover
1:21PM 02/04/2008

S/S/J/A playing cards....R/N/J laying in HoH bed NT - bb9lover
1:30PM 02/04/2008

James corrected Adam on calling him Jimmy. James does not like the name Jimmy NT - bb9lover
1:35PM 02/04/2008
James told Sheila & Adam last nite his name is JAMES NT - susooz
1:45PM 02/04/2008

Nat took Sheila's place in cards....Sheila goes into HoH bathroom NT - bb9lover
1:43PM 02/04/2008

still outside lockdown NT - bb9lover
1:52PM 02/04/2008

James was locking Natalie in the bathroom. Nat came out, "Not funny! I remember these things! I have a file cabinet in my head!" (joking) NT - dustytissue
1:59PM 02/04/2008

James stood in front of the bath room door so Natalie couldn't get out. (LOL) NT - WieKacie
1:59PM 02/04/2008

All feeds on Josh shaving his face. NT - WieKacie
2:03PM 02/04/2008

Flames. NT - WieKacie
2:09PM 02/04/2008

trivia NT - Mitzi
2:27PM 02/04/2008

Big Brother just TOTALLY screwed up. Has been on TRIVIA, but for a couple of seconds went to - camera12
3:13PM 02/04/2008

Trivia ... all feeds NT - mgd911lcfr
3:56PM 02/04/2008

STILL Trivia:( NT - BBjunkie247
4:21PM 02/04/2008

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