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Nat in KT putting Matt's B-Day card in a ziplock, All other HG's in bed NT - bb7asfan777
12:21AM 02/04/2008

Natalie in bubble bath. Adam & Ryan in bed talking. - mcoop
12:40AM 02/04/2008

Natalie gets out of bath, drys up. the towel slips a couple of times and we can see her boobs. NT - mcoop
12:55AM 02/04/2008

Nat brushing her teeth. the bath is draining, and really loud. NT - mcoop
12:57AM 02/04/2008

Adam and Ryan are up playing Pool, talking trash to each other about each other, random talk NT - Gorf
1:07AM 02/04/2008

Natalie turns lights off, and slides into bed. than we get FLAMES! NT - mcoop
1:09AM 02/04/2008

feeds back, apparently Ryan got yelled at by production "no one in this game has even yelled at me like that" NT - Gorf
1:11AM 02/04/2008

Feeds back, and Ryan saying how he has never been yelled at like that before - mcoop
1:11AM 02/04/2008
UPDATE: Ryan got yelled at for smoking next to the pool table. NT - mcoop
1:13AM 02/04/2008

all HG now in bed. Ryan and Adam still chatting in bed NT - mcoop
1:14AM 02/04/2008

The Big Brother house is quiet. All HGs now asleep NT - mcoop
1:46AM 02/04/2008

James up and in kt dancing and just walking around NT - whitepanther
4:41AM 02/04/2008

he's looking at figures on microwave and eating something NT - whitepanther
4:44AM 02/04/2008

looks like some kind of slop concoction NT - whitepanther
4:45AM 02/04/2008

now in SR looking for something? looks like he got some protein shake NT - whitepanther
4:47AM 02/04/2008

J in kt cooking up a batch of slop NT - whitepanther
4:49AM 02/04/2008

Adam stirring in bed NT - whitepanther
4:50AM 02/04/2008

james eating slop mix and drinking something hot maybe protein shake NT - whitepanther
4:56AM 02/04/2008

looking at memory wall, back to eating at the flower counter table NT - whitepanther
4:58AM 02/04/2008

almost fell off of chair (lol) NT - whitepanther
4:59AM 02/04/2008

into the WC, don't wash hands and back to kt dancing and eating (gross) NT - whitepanther
5:02AM 02/04/2008

putting dishing in sink and putting up slop,back to eating NT - whitepanther
5:03AM 02/04/2008

closeup of slop (f1), james dancing (f2) NT - whitepanther
5:04AM 02/04/2008

dancing around, eating, and looking in mirror at himself NT - whitepanther
5:06AM 02/04/2008

went to WC to weigh himself NT - whitepanther
5:07AM 02/04/2008

back to kt eating, finish bowl of slop rinsing out bowl NT - whitepanther
5:09AM 02/04/2008

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