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James went and got chess board playing a game with self NT - whitepanther
5:10AM 02/04/2008
playing in KT NT - whitepanther
5:11AM 02/04/2008

james still playing chess does move then puts pieces back checking strats - whitepanther
5:18AM 02/04/2008

James went to the bathroom ,came out looked in the mirror - gnysgttank
5:34AM 02/04/2008

James just got himself another cup of joe. Back to chess game. NT - gnysgttank
5:41AM 02/04/2008

James starting another early morning card game of WAR with himself NT - CruiseCritic
6:01AM 02/04/2008

James in pink shirt and pink undershorts? today to go with his newly dyed pink hair..... - CruiseCritic
6:02AM 02/04/2008

James still standing at flower end of counter playing cards NT - CruiseCritic
6:10AM 02/04/2008

James finishes game, carries cards ifor a minute and heads to WC.... NT - CruiseCritic
6:13AM 02/04/2008

James comes out of the toilet and walks out without any hand washing and goes back into the KT - CruiseCritic
6:15AM 02/04/2008

James has separated the cards into suits and organizes piles of them from 2 thru ace NT - CruiseCritic
6:17AM 02/04/2008

James pulls up a chair and is straightening the piles of cards up and now has two piles on top of eachother and now - CruiseCritic
6:20AM 02/04/2008

James starts to shuffle the second pile and stands up and looks like he gave a thumbs up to one of the cameras - CruiseCritic
6:21AM 02/04/2008

James finishes card game and goes into sauna room to look at himself in the mirror - - CruiseCritic
6:32AM 02/04/2008

James wipes head down again with the cloth, water running. turns off water and is drying head with the - CruiseCritic
6:36AM 02/04/2008

James making faces in mirror as he checks out his teeth. he starts to shave - CruiseCritic
6:37AM 02/04/2008

James done shaving and back to KT counter and playing chess with himself NT - CruiseCritic
6:42AM 02/04/2008

James brushing teeth and totally gagging all the way thru it NT - CruiseCritic
6:47AM 02/04/2008

James back in KT and now over staring at the memory wall.... - CruiseCritic
6:49AM 02/04/2008

James wanders over to round table and goes and gets the set of checkers and - CruiseCritic
6:50AM 02/04/2008

James on floor, holding his feet, almost sitting cross legged - now has one leg - CruiseCritic
6:53AM 02/04/2008

James picks up mic, walks past memory wall and thru the LR and now - CruiseCritic
6:54AM 02/04/2008

Ryan gets out of bed (he had been tossing) and walks thru red BR - - CruiseCritic
7:08AM 02/04/2008

Ryan flushes and another non hand washer and goes thru kitchen and heads back to bed. All HGS in bed asleep - CruiseCritic
7:10AM 02/04/2008

James up and in the WC. NT - purplerain
7:59AM 02/04/2008

james up went to WC to tolet NT - whitepanther
8:01AM 02/04/2008

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