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Topic #8567190
stewart - Ry and Adam are discussing why hg would or would not vote for them in the end... 0 Replies #8567190 10:40PM 02/04/2008
Ry says they might vote against me because of Jen, or
because i took the money from Shelia, they might vote
against you cause you won the bike or cause you are a
pervert...various other reason why and why not

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Topic #8567253
cannotsleep - Ryan says Sharon is an idiot, Adam says she's cool with it (going up with James). Adam says it's a crap shoot at the end for who wins the money. 0 Replies #8567253 10:46PM 02/04/2008
They both say, we're close dude. Ryan says if I just get there, final two, f*ck it, it's an accomplishment. Your face is on tv, you're semi-famous.

People will vote against me cause of Jen or cause of the 10Gs, they might vote against you because you're perverted. F*ck it, who know why they'll vote the way they do.

Adam says we've got to get Jimmy out of here, because people will say, he won f*cking competitions dude, he fought for it. Talking about the jury members campaigning against them. Ryan says, ahh man, remember 3 weeks ago when we thought we were f*cked when James won HOH, we turned it around dude. Ryan says I could've been like Jimmy when you guys voted me out, but I chose the right side.
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Topic #8567272
stewart - Nat joins Ry and Adam in hoh.... 0 Replies #8567272 10:48PM 02/04/2008
she tells them she HAS to win pov so she and Adam
can ensure jimmy is gone

shelia comes up rings bell, Ry yells "come on in toots"

now they are joking about putting shelia up and that it
will be really hard to decide to keep jimmy or shelia

shelia said sharon was still in DR

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Topic #8567274
cannotsleep - Sheila joins Adam, Ry & Nat in the HOH. Sheila says Sharon said she was going to throw the HOH to Sheila, but now she's denying throwing it at all NT 0 Replies #8567274 10:49PM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8567315
cannotsleep - Adam says Sheila said at the beginning: "I'm going to get Alex" Nat says Alex didn't really like Amanda. Sheila says Adam is Natalie's soulmate. NT 0 Replies #8567315 10:51PM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8567337
stewart - Shelia, Ry, Adam and Nat agree it would have been very very hard to vote out Alex if he was still there.. 0 Replies #8567337 10:53PM 02/04/2008
cause he was such a nice guy...misc small talk alaso
about Amanda and Jen...Nat reading Adam's letter

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Topic #8567355
cannotsleep - James lying in bed trying to sleep, tossing & turning occasionally, Sharon is in the DR, Adam/Ry/Nat/Sheila in HOH NT 0 Replies #8567355 10:54PM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8567387
stewart - Shelia says she knows that they showed James foaming at the mouth an inch from her face 0 Replies #8567387 10:57PM 02/04/2008
and that she didnt back down...says there havent been
any guys on guys arguments...Ry says he and Parker dis
sorta but it wasnt that bad...Shelia thinks this season
is the worst for guys yelling at the girls and no one
taking up for them

BB "Natalie please go to the DR"

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Topic #8567404
cannotsleep - Sharon leaves the DR and turns off the BR light for James, BB calls Natalie to the DR, Ryan is defending himself as to why he did not step in when 0 Replies #8567404 10:59PM 02/04/2008
James was screaming at Sheila in the BY. Ryan says he knew James wouldn't do anything physical to her so he stayed out of it. Sheila is staying, once again, that she wishes someone would've stepped in to protect her.
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Topic #8567434
stewart - Adam talking about living btwn Palm Beach and Boca Raton... 0 Replies #8567434 11:01PM 02/04/2008
looking again at pics...talks about {didnt get name}
being an attorney, office in Tribecca

ry on bed listening to Adams bon jovi

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Topic #8567435
cannotsleep - Balla's CD is Bon Jovi "Crossroads" Ryan says it's from 1986. Now Sheila says James wants Adam to put her up. NT 0 Replies #8567435 11:02PM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8567500
stewart - Shelia doenst understand why James gave Josh a pity vote and didnt give Chels one.. 0 Replies #8567500 11:07PM 02/04/2008
Ry says its because he was hoping it would be 2-2 and
he could stay, that he was really hoping someone would
flip and he could stay

Shelia didnt seem to know that was why...says they (j&j)
were scary...shelia says she will sleep better tonight

Adam and Ry are both lying on the bed, Shelia in chair

Adam is messing with Shelia again, makes face and growls
Shelia says James is scared of him...Adams says him mom
knows he is psycho, nuts

Shelia still asking questions about why they dont take
up for the girls

Ry says he would knock someone out if they did that to Jen
on the outside

Ry says you just have to be able to take the verbal abuse

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Topic #8567529
stewart - Ry says tomorrow he is going to come up to hoh and "listen to cd and bawl his eyes out thinking of Jen" NT 0 Replies #8567529 11:11PM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8567548
stewart - Shelia says she is going have the record for winning nothing and getting to f4... 0 Replies #8567548 11:13PM 02/04/2008
she also asked Adam if he would be proud if she
won the pov

shelia says she can help adam if he wants to say in LA

now they talk about autism and donald trump and other
charities that help out

Shelia brother is a dentist and he goes to Belize and works
on kids for free

BB "Adam please go to the DR"

Nat back up in hoh with a Coke

James and Sharon talking in the bedroom, lights are off

Sharon says she got confirmed in the 8th grade and she recites
the passage before every competition

James says it sucks the way ppl isolate you, its part of strategy
that he was supposed to leave 5 wks ago..sound sniffly like he's
maybe been crying

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Topic #8567557
cindytexas - James says it's time like these that you have to look to the Lord. NT 0 Replies #8567557 11:14PM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8567561
cannotsleep - Sharon says "This is so weird I don't like it. Are they all upstairs in the HOH? James says yeah. Sharon says they're picking us off one (more) 0 Replies #8567561 11:15PM 02/04/2008
by one. James says wait...hold your horses. Sharon says I'm holding them.

(ed. paraphrasing:) James: I have intense faith right now that you or I will win POV, Sheila will go up and Ryan owes me huge for saving him.

James: I have a good feeling, I just can't be down. I gotta get motivated, I feel like I'm fighting for all the people that have been shovelled under the rug. I want to put my sister through school.

James: I see this as a calling to go 150%, I just miss my friends.

James: I don't think I'm being portrayed the way I want to over the television. I hate this good vs. evil stuff.

James: I know I have a mohawk and tattoos, but I'm not an evil person. I have all this pent up energy and once that's taken out of the picture I just focus on the game and me and stuff

Sharon: I know it's just hard

James: But if we make it to that point where we can see the light, we've earned it

Sharon: I've been through so much sh*t (more}

James: I didn't think I would fall for a girl on television

(ed. more, can't get it all, hopefully someone is recording this and puts it in Media, it's a great conversation)

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Topic #8567578
cindytexas - James and Sharon crying and saying how much they miss home. Sharon says, "You have no idea." 0 Replies #8567578 11:16PM 02/04/2008
James misses hugs. Sharon even misses Jacob's stupid ass.
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Topic #8567584
dustytissue - Sharon and James talking. Sharon is crying. James: You still got a whole lot of fightin' left. James: My heart's racing. I'm trying not to pump 0 Replies #8567584 11:16PM 02/04/2008
myself up but my body's already going to that state. I'm like, f*ck! Not good.

James: It's times like these you turn to the Lord and ask for help.

Sharon: Yup, I do everyday.

James: You can only be a badass for so long until you realize you need help. It's what I realized in this game.

Sharons says she prays for James and everyone every night.

They're talking about missing things. James misses getting hugged (he sounds like he's crying a little too). Sharon tearfully says she misses all those crazyasses, petty arguments. She even misses "Jacob's dumbass which is stupid". James says it's alright.
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Topic #8567588
cannotsleep - James: It's times like these that you turn to the Lord for help. Sharon: I do it everyday. James says I do it quietly. NT 0 Replies #8567588 11:17PM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8567626
dustytissue - Sharon asks if James ever believed in God. He says he did but he falls in and out of faith. Sharon asks what makes him fall out. He says 0 Replies #8567626 11:19PM 02/04/2008
something about thinking that he can do it himself, depending on his own self.
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Topic #8567660
stewart - James says "i have so much bicycling letf to do"...Sharon says Jacob say he was "so sorry he let her down" when they left. NT 0 Replies #8567660 11:23PM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8567671
dustytissue - James says he has props for Jacob. He thought he was an idiot for that big thing but he was loyal to some strangers. NT 0 Replies #8567671 11:23PM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8567729
cannotsleep - James to Sharon: I'm really going to need your support this week. Sharon says they both will NT 0 Replies #8567729 11:28PM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8567745
dustytissue - James: I'd rather be playing in a POV than an HOH sending someone home. Sharon: I agree. I feel the same way. Sometimes power's not a good thing. NT 0 Replies #8567745 11:29PM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8567755
cannotsleep - James: I'd rather be playing in a POV, than being HOH and taking someone out. Sharon: I agree. NT 0 Replies #8567755 11:30PM 02/04/2008
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