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Topic #8549478
whitepanther - James went and got chess board playing a game with self NT 1 Replies #8549478 5:10AM 02/04/2008
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whitepanther - playing in KT NT #8549484 5:11AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8549518
whitepanther - james still playing chess does move then puts pieces back checking strats 0 Replies #8549518 5:18AM 02/04/2008
(well I'm out of here need sleep)
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Topic #8549608
gnysgttank - James went to the bathroom ,came out looked in the mirror 0 Replies #8549608 5:34AM 02/04/2008
and didn't wash hands and resumed chess game.
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Topic #8549640
gnysgttank - James just got himself another cup of joe. Back to chess game. NT 0 Replies #8549640 5:41AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8549728
CruiseCritic - James starting another early morning card game of WAR with himself NT 0 Replies #8549728 6:01AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8549732
CruiseCritic - James in pink shirt and pink undershorts? today to go with his newly dyed pink hair..... 0 Replies #8549732 6:02AM 02/04/2008
playing his game of war. he has finished up dealing out the hands and is now playing both hands against eachother
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Topic #8549768
CruiseCritic - James still standing at flower end of counter playing cards NT 0 Replies #8549768 6:10AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8549795
CruiseCritic - James finishes game, carries cards ifor a minute and heads to WC.... NT 0 Replies #8549795 6:13AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8549811
CruiseCritic - James comes out of the toilet and walks out without any hand washing and goes back into the KT 0 Replies #8549811 6:15AM 02/04/2008
Picks the cards up of the round table and goes and stands over at the flower end of the counter. He is flipping the cards over and pulling some cards out (not sure what he is doing) He pulls out some cards intermittently and then starts flipping ghem over again and now has 4 piles of cards.

not sure what he is doing
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Topic #8549824
CruiseCritic - James has separated the cards into suits and organizes piles of them from 2 thru ace NT 0 Replies #8549824 6:17AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8549843
CruiseCritic - James pulls up a chair and is straightening the piles of cards up and now has two piles on top of eachother and now 0 Replies #8549843 6:20AM 02/04/2008
has all four piles in his hand. starts counting on his fingers - he is now flipping ghe cards over and starts looking around the room....looks over at microwave, over towards basket/fridge area...stops with the cards and now flipping piles over this time face side down. he makes two piles of cards. Now has two even piles of cards and picks up one of the piles and starts to shuffle them up.

(he may have been checking earlier to make sure all cards were there)

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Topic #8549848
CruiseCritic - James starts to shuffle the second pile and stands up and looks like he gave a thumbs up to one of the cameras 0 Replies #8549848 6:21AM 02/04/2008
Now has two piles of cards and starts another game of WAR
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Topic #8549924
CruiseCritic - James finishes card game and goes into sauna room to look at himself in the mirror - 0 Replies #8549924 6:32AM 02/04/2008
leaves SR and is now in WC running the water in the sink - now looks like he is puting his face in the sink and is now running the water on his head and rubbing his hair out. soaking up the mohawk and rubbing fingers thru the hair - has his whole head in the sink.

takes washcloth and wipes bottom of sink out with it and then rubs the cloth over his head - leaves the water running and goes over to the shower - looks like he got some shampoo or conditioner and is rubbing it thru his hair.

head back in the sink and water running over top of head again...takes cloth and wipes head/hair down again - checking himself in the mirror with water still running. wipes down back and top of head - water still running.. runs hands under the water and puts some soap on his hands.

checking himself out in mirror, turns off the water and over by shower door drying off hair. now has a tube of something from shower and is putting it in his hair - turns water back on and puts some in hands and rubs hair back again.

head back in sink
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Topic #8549969
CruiseCritic - James wipes head down again with the cloth, water running. turns off water and is drying head with the 0 Replies #8549969 6:36AM 02/04/2008
washcloth. now fixing up hair with his hands, drying again with the cloth and pulling hair upwards - now flattens hair to head and then cloths it again. now checking himself out, clothing the head, hands thru the hair and starts jumping up and down.

throws cloth in pile of dirty towels and goes into the cabinet and gets out clippers? (it was shaver) running fingers thru hair and pulls hair straight up - gives himself a smig look in the mirror.

water on for a second and playing with hair - rubs some water on face and is now putting on some shave cream. face now covered in shave cream
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Topic #8549975
CruiseCritic - James making faces in mirror as he checks out his teeth. he starts to shave 0 Replies #8549975 6:37AM 02/04/2008
shaves a little, rinses shaver etc over and over.

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Topic #8550022
CruiseCritic - James done shaving and back to KT counter and playing chess with himself NT 0 Replies #8550022 6:42AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8550060
CruiseCritic - James brushing teeth and totally gagging all the way thru it NT 0 Replies #8550060 6:47AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8550076
CruiseCritic - James back in KT and now over staring at the memory wall.... 0 Replies #8550076 6:49AM 02/04/2008
looks at all the pics for a minute, hand on chin, smiles a second and now smelling his fingers.

doing some weird steps as he looks at himself in the mirror. now over to kitchen sink, bopping up and down. running water and playing with hair - checks out his butt in the mirror and over to chess board
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Topic #8550087
CruiseCritic - James wanders over to round table and goes and gets the set of checkers and 0 Replies #8550087 6:50AM 02/04/2008
puts them on round table. picks up the chess board and brings it into LR area and puts on the table between the two chairs.

now doing some leg stretches in the kitchen
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Topic #8550113
CruiseCritic - James on floor, holding his feet, almost sitting cross legged - now has one leg 0 Replies #8550113 6:53AM 02/04/2008
stretched out in front of him, holds foot with one hand and stretched other arm out behind his back. now rubbing his other leg.

stretches both legs out front , grabs feet. stands up and has hands and feet both on the floor, grabs back of ankles. spreads legs with hands flat on the floor. Now back in front of memory wall.

back over to counter with leg on stool doing some more stretching
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Topic #8550121
CruiseCritic - James picks up mic, walks past memory wall and thru the LR and now 0 Replies #8550121 6:54AM 02/04/2008
goes into the red BR - puts mic on night stand and gets in bed. Josh turns a little and covers himself up.

(good I am out for now)
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Topic #8550246
CruiseCritic - Ryan gets out of bed (he had been tossing) and walks thru red BR - 0 Replies #8550246 7:08AM 02/04/2008
Sharon stirs a little and Ry bread heads to the WC. Goes to the toilet
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Topic #8550264
CruiseCritic - Ryan flushes and another non hand washer and goes thru kitchen and heads back to bed. All HGS in bed asleep 0 Replies #8550264 7:10AM 02/04/2008
Ryan feeling his way around the dark bedroom and gets back into bed.

james tossing a little as well and does not seem to be asleep - he just rubbed his head again....face is down in the pillow

(later Jokers
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Topic #8550736
purplerain - James up and in the WC. NT 0 Replies #8550736 7:59AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8550754
whitepanther - james up went to WC to tolet NT 0 Replies #8550754 8:01AM 02/04/2008
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