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Topic #8562832
cindytexas - Adam yells, "Time to jerk off three times a day!" NT 0 Replies #8562832 7:02PM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8562919
cindytexas - The girls are gathering in the bedroom together. Sheila is telling Sharon she is good. (Sharon) 0 Replies #8562919 7:05PM 02/04/2008
Sheila says she's going to win POV this week and keep it the same. (She is assuming it will be James vs Sharon).

She says Adam better not put her up.
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Topic #8562941
cindytexas - Sharon still going on about not winning HOH. Nat says it's good that she didn't because she's not the target anyway. NT 0 Replies #8562941 7:06PM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8563000
cindytexas - Nat says she's going to wash the sheets before she gets in the bed because there are probably juices and buggers and everything 0 Replies #8563000 7:08PM 02/04/2008
else in there, guy stuff.
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Topic #8563024
cindytexas - Now Sharon is saying she WILL win HOH next week. NT 0 Replies #8563024 7:09PM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8563115
cindytexas - James tells Adam congratulations, says he's not mad at him, he's mad at himself. 0 Replies #8563115 7:12PM 02/04/2008
Adam tells James he's his boy, it's just a game. James says he knows, it's just a game. James says he knows there's nothing he can do about anything, but if there is, Adam should come to him.
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Topic #8563140
cindytexas - James goes outside alone and yells, mother f'er, another week in the ***** hole. NT 0 Replies #8563140 7:13PM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8563240
cannotsleep - Natalie tells James: I still want to work with you on the down low. NT 0 Replies #8563240 7:17PM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8563244
cindytexas - James asking Nat what happened. She says she told Ryan what was going on, that she would break the tie by keeping Joshua. 0 Replies #8563244 7:17PM 02/04/2008
James says Ryan told him differently. Nat acting like she doesn't know about that. She's saying they can still be friends.

James and Nat whispering. She's telling him to eat plenty of food tonight and get ready for POV.
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Topic #8563317
cannotsleep - James jumps around in the kitchen, goes out to the BY by himself and yells: "Will James pull through for another week on Big Brother 9?" NT 0 Replies #8563317 7:20PM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8563415
allen - looks like sheila has moved back to ballers bed when he goes up to HOH 1 Replies #8563415 7:25PM 02/04/2008
nat remaking the matty bed for her return, might be an all girls room now
bet baller never gets back in there.. Nat said it was 600 count sheets
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lindarie - Adam was sleeping in Nat's bed and she is coming back there now. Ryan sleeps in other bed. NT #8563497 7:29PM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8563452
cannotsleep - Sheila crying to Adam, Nat and Sharon. Says she wanted to win, but she's happy for Adam NT 0 Replies #8563452 7:26PM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8563515
ShannonLK - James in HT: Sharon comes out to ask James if he wanted a protein shake 0 Replies #8563515 7:30PM 02/04/2008
James said he went into DR to ask if he can eat something because he is pis*ed off.
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Topic #8563607
ShannonLK - Shelia and Sharon talking: Shelia tells Sharon that Neil Joshs his orignal partner in the start of the game 0 Replies #8563607 7:34PM 02/04/2008
are a real couple in life: That Neil has a child that he adopted and the reason Neil had to leave was because of something that happened to child. ( All per Shiela, saying Josh told her this before he left )
Sharon: Shocked, saying why wouldn't he have told her
Sheila: He didn't tell you because maybe he felt there would have been a target on them in the house.
Sheila: Childs name is Chase - Sheila saying that she could tell when Neil talked about his son. How she doesn't want her son brought into the same, Neil looked at her, and shelia seen the LOOK. Sheila says why would he make that up before he was voted out.
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Topic #8563619
susooz - S/S in SR - sheila telling Sharon the lie that josh told her about Neil being his partner & Chase their adopted son -but sheila believes it NT 0 Replies #8563619 7:34PM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8563704
ShannonLK - Shelia still talking to Sharon about why Josh would still attack her 0 Replies #8563704 7:38PM 02/04/2008
Sheila says she knows why ppl attack her, because she is an easy target because she wont win any comps. She is everyones punching bag. She is now saying that if Josh would have told her this before, she told him that she would have found a way to keep him in the house.
Shelia saying Josh leaves in Texas and goes back and forth to see Neil and child Chase:
Sharon is shocked Josh never told her, Sheila answer that Josh didn't want Shar / Josh to be a target: Josh said he didn't want his personal life to be an issue:
Sheila says that Josh made comments that Neil had bad teeth, and he wasn't his type
Sheila saying she is glad Josh went out with grace-
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Topic #8563737
cannotsleep - Sheila talking to Sharon in the salon, tells her that Neil is Josh's real boyfriend and that they have a son named Chase (the story he was planning to 0 Replies #8563737 7:39PM 02/04/2008
tell right after Julie said he had been evicted). Says she can't tell anyone else. Sheila says he told me that before he left. Sharon says why wouldn't he tell me, Sheila says that maybe he didn't want them to be more of a target. Sheila says that's why she was crying.

Said Chase is not his lover, he is his son. Sheila says she asked Josh why, why didn't you tell us this before. Says Josh said he did this show for Neil and their son.

Sheila said she told Josh if he had told her this earlier she would've figured out a way to keep him in the house.

Sheila said she is the one person he could've trusted, because she is a single mom. Says why would he make that up.
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Topic #8563774
ShannonLK - Adam/Nat in pink room whispering away 0 Replies #8563774 7:41PM 02/04/2008
Nat saying they are set.
Adam saying that's a long way away ( The end that is ).
Also saying there's alot of comps between that time.
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Topic #8563825
cannotsleep - Natalie whispering to Adam in her bedroom, about God giving her signs, says she's going to win POV, then says they have new missions now: 0 Replies #8563825 7:44PM 02/04/2008
Mission one: win HOH, that's done
Mission two: get James on slop again
Mission three: win POV
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Topic #8563844
Gorf - Sharon told James what Sheila just old her about Josh and Neil, James says Josh told me he told her not to tell anyone 0 Replies #8563844 7:45PM 02/04/2008
so obviously she cant keep a secret
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Topic #8563933
cannotsleep - James talking to Sharon in the BY. James is in the hot tub. Says he's going to win POV and Adam can put Sheila up. He say's it's fine that Adam won 0 Replies #8563933 7:49PM 02/04/2008
it, but it's only going to make him stand out more.

Sheila comes out and sits with Sharon and James. She says she never wants to lie to James again. She says she loved his speech, thought it was very insightful. James says that he hates when Adam wins HOH, because he turns in a douchebag. Sheila says you might as well keep your bags packed Sharon. Sheila says she's glad Josh made up with her before he left, that he apologized.
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Topic #8563963
cindytexas - Ryan, Nat and Adam talking in kitchen, saying Sharon threw that HOH. 0 Replies #8563963 7:50PM 02/04/2008
Ryan said he called her out on that question and she claims she didn't understand it. He said that's bull, she obviously threw it because she didn't want the pressure on her. They want to know how James knew the thing about the 9 lives. They think Sharon told him what they've been saying.
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Topic #8563968
Shar - Adam, Ryan, and Nat discuss HOH comp........ all agree that Sharon threw it. 0 Replies #8563968 7:50PM 02/04/2008
She missed an easy question that "even Sheila" got.
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Topic #8564061
cannotsleep - Adam, Ryan and Natalie talking in the kitchen in front of the memory wall. Ryan asks if they think Sharon threw it, Nat says she definitely threw it 0 Replies #8564061 7:56PM 02/04/2008
Adam says James told him he's not mad that Adam won, that he's mad that he lost. Natalie says James keeps coming up to her saying they can still work together.

Natalie says Joshuah's gone, boom, his best friend is out of the house. Nat says Matt is going to be cracking up hard core. She says team TC is on fire, you just have to have faith and believe.

Ryan says that Sheila is pissed that Sharon threw that. They smell pizza in the storage room, telling BB please open the door... flames.
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Topic #8564063
BBFanChelle - Trivia NT 0 Replies #8564063 7:56PM 02/04/2008
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