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Topic #8552513
mdr4 - Ryan called to DR 0 Replies #8552513 10:17AM 02/04/2008
Tells Sheila good morning and asks if she made coffee.
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Topic #8552538
mdr4 - Sheila gets dressed and heads back to KT where Sharon and James are NT 0 Replies #8552538 10:18AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8552581
mdr4 - Ryan joins the KT group 0 Replies #8552581 10:20AM 02/04/2008
Ryan asks how to fix coffee. Then we hear, Natalie, Ryan, change batteries
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Topic #8552598
mdr4 - Natalie called to DR NT 0 Replies #8552598 10:20AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8552638
mdr4 - KT group 0 Replies #8552638 10:23AM 02/04/2008
Sheila showing Ryan how to make coffee.
Sharon and James playing cards.
Nat comes out of DR and walks through KT on way to get dressed
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Topic #8552698
mdr4 - Natalie back saying good morning 0 Replies #8552698 10:26AM 02/04/2008
Sheila: We're making fresh pot of coffee saying how Ry is getting addicted to coffee now
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Topic #8552731
mdr4 - J/S/S still in KT. Hear water running - loudly - prob from WC NT 0 Replies #8552731 10:28AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8552754
mdr4 - James and Sharon trying to teach Sheila how to play cards NT 0 Replies #8552754 10:30AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8552784
mdr4 - Sheila ask James if he did good in Math 0 Replies #8552784 10:34AM 02/04/2008
Sheila: Did you go to college
James: No. But took all honor classes in school.
Sheila: Did you make all A's
James: Can't remember
Sheila: You just don't want to tell me.
James: No....and said something else..
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Topic #8552803
mdr4 - Ryan comes in KT now 0 Replies #8552803 10:35AM 02/04/2008
James: How's the salsa coming out
Ry: Hasn't come out yet...but had some rumblings in stomach
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Topic #8552825
mdr4 - Ryan starts to make protein shake 0 Replies #8552825 10:37AM 02/04/2008
Sharon says she'll make one after him.
Talk about who likes which shake flavor better
James leaves KT
Ry and Sheila still talking about shakes
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Topic #8552860
mdr4 - Everyone but Ry leaves KT. Ryan finishes his shake NT 0 Replies #8552860 10:40AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8552870
mdr4 - Ry goes to wc where Sheila is drying hair NT 0 Replies #8552870 10:41AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8553034
mdr4 - Ryan looking for something in SR missed what it was for and now in WC NT 0 Replies #8553034 10:53AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8553137
ILuvMySoldier - Nat & Sheila in HOH Bathroom, Nat said she WILL keep Josh if it is a tie 0 Replies #8553137 11:00AM 02/04/2008
so Josh is the target next week. Sheila is begging Nat not to keep Josh. Nat knows if she keeps Josh, she will be safe next week. She wants to keep Sharon but not if it is tied. Nat says Adam must vote out Josh
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Topic #8553157
mdr4 - Sheila goes to HOH where Natalie is and give her a cup of coffee (long) 0 Replies #8553157 11:02AM 02/04/2008
Sheila: You're the one that needs to talk to Adam
Nat: I need to talk to him
Sheila: Tells Nat about what James said this morning...I evicted three people out of her. Sheila said who...Allison, Matty and ??. Tells her about what he said about the money.
Nat: I need to talk to him and says if it is a tie, I'm voting to keep Josh.
Sheila: no..Sharon said she will go up with James. If we keep Josh
he will put two of us up.
Nat: I've got to stick it in his brain that he has got to listen.
Sheila: If Josh stays
Nat: if it goes to tie then adam has a deal with J/J. She said Ryan said
if it goes to a tie it was Adam
Sheila: Please Nat you can't vote for Josh to stay.
Nat: If it is a tie and I vote to keep Josh, Sharon will be more forgiving
If I vote to keep Sharon, Josh will not be forgiving of me. I have to save my A**. I have to look out for myself.
Nat: Ryan said he is voting to keep Sharon.. Adam better do what is right and vote to get Josh out.
Sheila: What if I'm the one that sends James packing.
Nat: If I did that then nobody will come after me and Adam and Ryan will be the target not me.
Sheila: I can't have another week of this
Nat: I'm trying to pound into the boys, it better not be a tie
and then FLAMES

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Topic #8553181
ILuvMySoldier - HOH Lockdown called; James on floor ready to sleep NT 0 Replies #8553181 11:03AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8553185
mdr4 - Everybody is making way to the HOH NT 0 Replies #8553185 11:04AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8553201
mdr4 - All hgs in HOH now! NT 0 Replies #8553201 11:05AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8553234
mdr4 - James and Josh are on floor 0 Replies #8553234 11:08AM 02/04/2008
Sharon and Sheila at table. Sharon is still trying to show Sheila how play cards.
Ryan and Adam in bed
Natalie is drying hair.
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Topic #8553253
mdr4 - James gets off floor 0 Replies #8553253 11:09AM 02/04/2008
Ryan laughs because James got up too fast and it made him dizzy.
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Topic #8553314
mdr4 - Ryan just tried to scare Adam in the bed. Didn't work! lol NT 0 Replies #8553314 11:12AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8553326
mdr4 - James says this week went by really fast. All the weeks aren't slow anymore. NT 0 Replies #8553326 11:13AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8553333
mdr4 - Ryan: we have 28 days left...that's it! NT 0 Replies #8553333 11:14AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8553363
mdr4 - Ryan's table now watching Sheila and Sharon with the cards. He starts aggrivating her some. NT 0 Replies #8553363 11:16AM 02/04/2008
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