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Topic #8550797
whitepanther - out of tolet checks himself in mirror picks at his arm and chest and looks at back 1 Replies #8550797 8:04AM 02/04/2008
doesn't wash hands again and goes to memory wall and stares, jumps and goes though LR to BR and back to bed
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WhatdoIKnow - actually he did wash up (ergo the water noise that was heard)...took his time going back to bed (he hesitated by the Sauna room)... #8550983 8:18AM 02/04/2008
got in bed, mumbling went on between him and Josh...then Josh got up and went to the restroom and went back to all houseguests are snuggled in bed
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Topic #8551207
WhatdoIKnow - the lovely "pre-wake up" (wall) lights went on a little bit only a matter of time before their wake up call NT 0 Replies #8551207 8:41AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8551355
WhatdoIKnow - James got up and went to the restroom again...came out, started sneezing several times 0 Replies #8551355 8:53AM 02/04/2008
all the way from there, to the memory wall...stopped and looked at it (still sneezing), went to the kitchen and grabbed a paper towel and is now blowing his nose...hard to tell what he's doing (think he's fighting the urge to sneeze more)...starts to walk out of kitchen, then hunches over for a second, hands on knees....and walks back to the bathroom again (can hear him trying to blow his nose and then "huck up a loogey (?), blows his nose some more...
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Topic #8551380
WhatdoIKnow - yes, he's still trying very hard, to blow his we can still hear the lovely sound effects from the toilet room... 0 Replies #8551380 8:54AM 02/04/2008
rest of the house are still sleeping soundly
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Topic #8551392
WhatdoIKnow - Flames NT 0 Replies #8551392 8:55AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8551518
BB_Addiction - f1 and 2 on Sharon in bathroom brushing her teeth. F3 on someone in bed sleeping. F4 was on james and josh.. then flames again NT 0 Replies #8551518 9:02AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8551746
mdr4 - James and Josh in br talking 0 Replies #8551746 9:21AM 02/04/2008
James: I really don't know what to do with myself.
Josh: I know that sucks
Josh now in br by himself
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Topic #8551755
WhatdoIKnow - feed's been intermittent - comes back, then flashes to flames again 0 Replies #8551755 9:22AM 02/04/2008
now they're back to Josh in bed on 1/3, Sharon as well on distant shot from 2/4
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Topic #8551780
mdr4 - All feeds on Josh sleeping NT 0 Replies #8551780 9:24AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8551857
mdr4 - Sharon getting shower 0 Replies #8551857 9:28AM 02/04/2008
Can hear others up and talking in background..
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Topic #8551906
mdr4 - All feeds on wc with sharon in shower. NT 0 Replies #8551906 9:32AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8551931
mdr4 - Sheila in background talking about being so good with conversation! NT 0 Replies #8551931 9:35AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8551939
WhatdoIKnow - they've been showing Sharon in the shower, but while she was in the red bedroom with Josh and while she's been in the shower you can hear Sheila and 0 Replies #8551939 9:35AM 02/04/2008
others talking

Sheila was saying earlier that Danielle was only 20 in the house, that was her "big secret"
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Topic #8552010
mdr4 - Sheila and James are ones talking in background. NT 0 Replies #8552010 9:41AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8552083
mdr4 - Sheila called to dr NT 0 Replies #8552083 9:47AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8552100
WhatdoIKnow - cams for whatever reason have only been showing Sharon getting ready in the bathroom, wearing a strapless bra and white skirt or shorts? 0 Replies #8552100 9:49AM 02/04/2008
James came in after Sheila went to the DR, he's brushing his teeth and said he loves f'in with Sheila, saying the only reason he's there is to knock out the people that say they need the money the most.....said she just said, "really? interesting" which tells him she's going to go tell the whole house

He also said he was immune to this day
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Topic #8552124
mdr4 - James talking to Josh in br 0 Replies #8552124 9:51AM 02/04/2008
James told him that he told Sheila that he's there for only one mission: to take out the people that need it most!
Josh: She devil please come to dr
Josh: Pillow back on head saying it sucks with all the down time today
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Topic #8552150
mdr4 - Haven't seen any other houseguests yet, only Josh, James, Sharon NT 0 Replies #8552150 9:53AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8552172
mdr4 - Adam's up and now in wc with Sharon. NT 0 Replies #8552172 9:54AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8552193
mdr4 - Adam & Sharon in wc 0 Replies #8552193 9:55AM 02/04/2008
Adam washing hands and leaves.
Sharon still putting on make-up
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Topic #8552229
mdr4 - Josh and James in br 0 Replies #8552229 9:58AM 02/04/2008
Adam walks through James asks if he's going back to bed.
Josh: James you're in high spirits today
James: Yeah..coming off of coffee
James: Laughing to self.
James leaves br and goes to wc
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Topic #8552268
mdr4 - Sheila now enters wc to take shower. Sharon still getting ready. NT 0 Replies #8552268 10:01AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8552326
mdr4 - Sharon is called to dr. James asks Sheila if she was called in to vote. 0 Replies #8552326 10:06AM 02/04/2008
Sheila said no. She thought the voting was for live show.
James: They do it prior too.
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Topic #8552371
mdr4 - Sheila out of shower putting lotion on. James go to bathroom again! NT 0 Replies #8552371 10:10AM 02/04/2008
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Topic #8552482
mdr4 - Sheila gets into shower to put on robe 0 Replies #8552482 10:15AM 02/04/2008
Gets out goes to KT and fixes more coffee. Then goes to br.
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