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Topic #8586706
timetakenbyBB - AGAIN adam says DR had him trapped in there and he f d up NT 0 Replies #8586706 7:47PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8586726
eddiesgirlmx - natalie "James is a conartist. He likes to flip the house." NT 0 Replies #8586726 7:47PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8586770
eddiesgirlmx - natalie "Sheila is LIVID" NT 0 Replies #8586770 7:48PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8586800
eddiesgirlmx - natalie "I'm gonna kick ass in this competition for sure. I think it will be physical. The pov's havn't been that challenging" NT 0 Replies #8586800 7:49PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8586872
eddiesgirlmx - natalie seems to think the competition will be endurance. NT 0 Replies #8586872 7:52PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8586883
DanaRose - Adam tells Nat, I f'ed up, but they wouldnt let me out of the DR, they kept me in there..(MORE). 0 Replies #8586883 7:52PM 03/04/2008
Nat says yea you did (f up). James likes to fool the house, he likes to give everybody the wow factor, you know what he does. Nat says if he takes Shanron off who are you putting up? Itll be me or Ryan, Adam says I would freak if that happened. Nat says well you better keep me then, Im stronger and I win things! (IMO: Adam knew what he was doing, just saying he f'ed up to pacify Nat Sheila and Ryan, he went with his heart and didnt put James up instead of N/R/S's heads!)
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Topic #8586893
eddiesgirlmx - adam is saying the had him "trapped in the DR. I told them let me out of here" NT 0 Replies #8586893 7:52PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8586904
eddiesgirlmx - and flames NT 0 Replies #8586904 7:52PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8586921
DanaRose - Adam again saying he was trapped in thew DR and they wouldnt let him out, he says he said let me out, and flames NT 0 Replies #8586921 7:53PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8586931
KingMac - Adam sayinf dr coned him Nat says oh so you were gonna out him up than we get flames NT 0 Replies #8586931 7:53PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8586993
eddiesgirlmx - natalie called to dr. NT 0 Replies #8586993 7:54PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8587000
DanaRose - Nat says she has kids shoes on, size 4 1/2, from Walmart! NT 1 Replies #8587000 7:55PM 03/04/2008
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CruiseCritic - From Target NT #8593895 3:38AM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8587061
eddiesgirlmx - sharon is picking a slug out of the hottub NT 0 Replies #8587061 7:56PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8587157
DanaRose - LOL, Sharon sees slug by HT, Ryan tries to get it and it goes back inside 'crevice', R says thye shrivel up if you put 0 Replies #8587157 7:58PM 03/04/2008
salt on 'em, Sharon says No way, dont do that to my friend! Ryan says, your friends with a slug??? Funny
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Topic #8587185
eddiesgirlmx - sharon talking to the slug. NT 0 Replies #8587185 7:59PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8587225
eddiesgirlmx - sharon still talking about the slug. says it's her new friend. NT 0 Replies #8587225 8:00PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8587284
DanaRose - LOL, James in HT, tries to get slug and motions his hand toward Sharon, she yells and says noooo, James says but hes your friend, Sharon says we're 0 Replies #8587284 8:01PM 03/04/2008
not that close, we're friends from afar!! Sharon says Bye friend, now that you got everything slimy, then says here and proceeds to rinse off the slug a few times with HT water.
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Topic #8587285
eddiesgirlmx - james told sharon "I'm not gonna use the veto on you." NT 0 Replies #8587285 8:01PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8587433
DanaRose - Sharon told James that N/S/R keep saying to Adam, What were you thinking ? Every time they come out. NT 0 Replies #8587433 8:06PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8587439
eddiesgirlmx - sharon to james "If I leave, you have zip, zero" NT 0 Replies #8587439 8:06PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8587520
dustytissue - Sharon and James in hot tub. She tells him Nat told her she would keep her over Sheila. NT 2 Replies #8587520 8:10PM 03/04/2008
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DrC - I believe that was Ryan not Nat NT #8587744 8:20PM 03/04/2008
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WVpdles - Sharon said Nat would too NT #8587795 8:23PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8587636
lakeview - S/R/A/N outside and then Sheila joins and then James joins 1 Replies #8587636 8:15PM 03/04/2008
Adam: I don't know what I was thinking.

Nat: It's bc he was crying you a frickin' river.

Nat: we have to win the power of veto. We have to.

Nat thinking that they are due for a hard POV. Nat saying remember the tea cups [ed. that was HOH]

Sharon: we did the disco ball. Nat: that was 3 weeks ago.

Adam again saying that DR conned him. That he wanted to leave and they wouldn't let him.


Nat asking for her outdoor games and toys. She remembers they won that on the mashed potato cream (?)

Nat wants a big giant trampoline. Badminton. Slip n slides into the pool. A water slide that goes into the pool.

Sheila walks outside.

Nat saying she owns kid shoes.

DR calls her Nat to the DR. "You've got it master."

Adam: tell them I'm an idiot.

Nat goes in.

Sheila saying something's disgusting. (Can't hear her.) Ryan: what's disgusting Sheila?

Sharon: it'll be all good, Baller. Just pray.

Sharon sees a f-in slug coming out of the hot tub. The camera closes up on it. Ryan saying they're blind. Sharon: don't kill my friend. Ryan: you're friends with a slug? Sharon: sure.

Sharon and Ryan whispering a little about the game. Missed most of it.

James outside. Sharon's telling him about her new friend the slug. That he's different colors and kinda likes him. That he's kinda slimy. Now she's talking to the slug. Sharon: friend, I do love you just don't touch me

Talking about whether the slug has eyes. Ryan doesn't think so.

Sheila back outside. Sharon: do you want to meet my new friend?

Sheila asking if you touch them do they die? Sharon saying no, if you put salt on them they die.

Sharon: we're friends from afar.

Sharon doesn't think it likes her.

Sheila telling James she forgot to put one of the socks in the washing machine.

Everyone leaves except James/Sharon.

James telling Sharon that he's not going to use a POV on her if he won it. Sharon thinks Ryan would keep her. That Jen had told Ryan to get rid of Sheila.

James thinks he has POV in the bag.

Now James saying he's going to win HOH next week.

James saying Adam didn't nominate him. Good start.

James says that Sharon told them that James was gunning for Adam and Nat. Sharon saying no, you told Sheila that in the hot tub.

James saying this will work to their advantage and they'd keep her.

James: so Adam is freaking out that he did the wrong thing?

Sharon: this might work to our advantage. It might be 3-2.

Sharon saying no one is going to use POV on her.

James says that if he doesn't win, they'd put him up.

James can sleep easier. He'll have positive energy going into the POV competition.

Sharon saying if she goes James will have zip, zero.

Sharon saying that James has been on the bottom bc of his words. They aren't threatened by James. Just don't want him there.

Sharon says she's loyal.

James can't believe he's not on the block.

Sharon wonders where her friend the slug went off to. Now she found it.

James would rather leave knowing everyone played 150% than leaving with the whole house ag him.

Sharon: I hear ya.

James saying they're all going to try for the POV. Sharon goes through everyone and describes how they all have reasons to really try for it.

James: so Adam needs to win so he can change things?

Sharon and James both just don't know.

Sharon: if it stays the same, I know I will stay.

Sharon saying Ryan and Nat both said they'd probably keep her over Sheila.

Sharon: or I'll go, and Josh will freak out when I go in that door.

James: are you going to vote for me if I go up?

Sharon: how can I? I'm on the block.

James: I mean if you go down.

Sharon saying that they'd keep Sheila in that circumstance and that she could give a sympathy vote but that's it.

Sharon says that Adam might be hanging himself.

James thinks Nat and Ryan are worried bc they didn't cut deals with James before.

Sharon: they are all terr-i-fied of you.

Sharon: Josh would freak out if Sheila walked out. That was the one person he couldn't stand. And she got further than him.

James saying they haven't shut it down early.

Sharon wondering if it's physical.

James saying Nat only was just standing on the ball.

Sharon says that Nat was worried that Nat would go up. That she was holding her breath during nomination ceremony.

James: I called it, it's still us three in the rotation. (not sure what that meant.)

Sharon says that she'd stay 3-0 or 2-1 against Sheila.

Sharon saying Ryan would keep her bc Jen told her to get rid of Sheila.

Feeds change.
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DrC - the "three in the rotation" I believe means #8588027 8:33PM 03/04/2008
they (*the other side) wants James, Josh and then Sharon out order has changed but thats the rotation
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Topic #8587750
cindytexas - Sheila tells Ryan and Nat that Sharon and James are sitting in the hot tub gloating. 0 Replies #8587750 8:20PM 03/04/2008
Ryan says, "They pulled a fast one over that spineless bastard."
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Topic #8587880
KingMac - Adam is in the DR NT 0 Replies #8587880 8:27PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8588028
KingMac - Adam out of the dr and now for some reason he feels good about his decsion NT 0 Replies #8588028 8:33PM 03/04/2008
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