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Topic #8575775
CruiseCritic - Sheila saying it was hardcore and is soooo happy that they got a grill. 0 Replies #8575775 1:58PM 03/04/2008
Sharon in shower and Ryan just called to DR. James at KT coutner alone eating a sandwich.
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Topic #8575807
CruiseCritic - James and Adam talking in kitchen and hear James tell Adam - obviously you dont trust me 0 Replies #8575807 2:00PM 03/04/2008
and you put me up three times. telling Adam that he was with them. Adam says that is the position he was put in. James says it is not necessarily the position you wanted to be put in.

nat in KT with towel on her head, James finishing sandwich and Adam near the coffee machine area of the counter.
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Topic #8575810
cindytexas - Natalie complaining that her tunnel wasn't done when they started pouring gravy. NT 0 Replies #8575810 2:00PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8575842
CruiseCritic - James gets some water and is trying to sway Adam to not put him up and 0 Replies #8575842 2:02PM 03/04/2008
looks like Adam is making a sandwich. James says it sucks i voted to keep you here and you put me up - James says he doesnt want to battle and thought they would work together.

Adam tells James he always came back with an attitude when he won something..James says he had to.

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Topic #8575864
cindytexas - James and Adam talking in kitchen. James saying Adam has f'd him three times in the game and he hasn't f'd him over, not once. 0 Replies #8575864 2:03PM 03/04/2008
James is saying if there is something they can work out...(didn't catch the rest).

James said he thought at the beginning they were going to work together. Adam saying something about being left high and dry. James said, "I didn't put you up."

Adam says he's has to do what's best for him, to stay in the game. James says, "Or what you think is best."

James tells Adam he would really like to work with him because they are going to have to start taking each other out and he can help take someone out for him. James asks do you really think Nat is going to protect you gusy?
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Topic #8575873
CruiseCritic - james says - i was supposed to leave three times now, obviously.... and then nothing 0 Replies #8575873 2:03PM 03/04/2008
james says he will be here to take them out, if I am here to take them out. Adam mouthing something and cant hear him. James mentions getting the veto....Do you think Natalie is going to look after you boys? Why would she (Says James)

james says if i am with you and take myself off the block,,,,,,
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Topic #8575915
CruiseCritic - James says he hasnt done anything to F Adam over and talks about how he got BD 0 Replies #8575915 2:05PM 03/04/2008
James says he keeps trying to work with him and maybe he should just take the fng hint.

Adam is eating. James is talking - says if there is anything I have done to F you over, then bring it to my attention. James says he has noone in this game, says he is completely isolated. James says he doesnt want to leave
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Topic #8575921
cindytexas - James telling Adam that he put his balls on the line for him, saving him over Ryan. 0 Replies #8575921 2:06PM 03/04/2008
James says he got back doored because of it. He was mad when Matt was telling Ryan and Adam the same thing that week. James says he wanted to work with Adam but he keeps saying no. It doesn't make sense to send James out of the game, he doesn't want to leave. James says he thinks he's earned his way this far. Adam not saying much of anything.
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Topic #8575925
CruiseCritic - All 4 feeds on James and Adam at KT counter and James says why cant we look out for eachother NT 0 Replies #8575925 2:06PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8575961
CruiseCritic - Adam says he is going to make some iced tea. James holding on to his drinking glass 0 Replies #8575961 2:07PM 03/04/2008
whiel Adam reads directions on iced tea. James comes over to the sink where Adam is standing and Adam says he has to do what he has to do. James says Chelsia wasnt the one that was supposed to leave...Adam says it doesnt matter now - and James says it does matter.
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Topic #8576009
CruiseCritic - James says he is trying to make points with you (Adam) and Adam says you have to.. 0 Replies #8576009 2:09PM 03/04/2008
all 4 feeds still on the two of them in the kitchen. Adam mixing the tea and James at the counter watching Adam and now looking towards the WC.

James now says he didnt want to F him over in this game and continues to tell Adam he has not Fd him over once and you brought me back.
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Topic #8576042
CruiseCritic - James says I could have kicked Ryan out and I didnt - James talking about playing his heart out 0 Replies #8576042 2:11PM 03/04/2008
and talking about becoming MORE pi$$ed and says he is not against Adam. James says Adam became put in a situation after the Matt situation.

James ttrying to get Adam to not nominate him. Adam tells James that if you won HOH that you would put me up
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Topic #8576066
CruiseCritic - James - I have been straight up with you the whole f'n game Baller NT 0 Replies #8576066 2:12PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8576089
CruiseCritic - Sheila comes in the KT and James stops talking NT 0 Replies #8576089 2:13PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8576185
genx - Adam went to the HOH room to listen to music and read the Bible NT 0 Replies #8576185 2:18PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8576227
genx - Natalie and Sharon are in the bathroom doing their hair for Noms. NT 0 Replies #8576227 2:20PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8576236
cindytexas - Nat talking to Sharon in the bathroom, says, "I'm not worried about it. Adam won't do it. He's going up." NT 0 Replies #8576236 2:20PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8576722
echo - the last few hoh room , adam told ryan he was thinkin of not putting james up today 0 Replies #8576722 2:43PM 03/04/2008
ryan began to practically scream that adam has to put james up, adam was giving his reasons as ryan called nat to some up too, she ran up, instantly joins with ryan telling adam james is the evil doer and must go.
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Topic #8576730
Gorf - Nat tells Adam that if he dosntput james up, God wont protect him anymore NT 0 Replies #8576730 2:43PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8576743
RockinThePink - Nat, Ryan and Adam in HOH. A says he might not put James up. Natalie and Ryan and freaking out. 0 Replies #8576743 2:44PM 03/04/2008
Natalie saying God will not protect Adam if he doesn't put up James. They say if he doesn't put up James then he (ryan) or Nat are going home.

Adam is being fairly quiet as Nat and Ry try to bully him into doing what they want.

Nat says he is a con artist. That would be the dumbest move.
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Topic #8576747
ILuvMySoldier - Adam wants to put up S/S but Nat & Ry say if James wins POV, he will 0 Replies #8576747 2:44PM 03/04/2008
take Sharon off and Adam has to put up Nat or Ryan as replacement. Then Nat or Ryan go home. Nat "swears" James is not going to win POV-repeat of last week when they swore they would win
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Topic #8576803
echo - they cont to tell adam james would take sharon down, one of them goes up and they are screwed, nat says james is 0 Replies #8576803 2:46PM 03/04/2008
trying to make deals with everyone, he will not win pov, shes talking in circles, nat keeps goin on about the signs from god, ryan and nats voices are very loud in the convo
sharon asks if anyone wants hotdogs
nat calls sharon the mole again
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Topic #8576805
cindytexas - Nat going on about her signs from God. Ryan says, "Screw the signs from God, dude." He needs to go this week! NT 0 Replies #8576805 2:46PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8576835
cindytexas - Sharon came up to ask if they want hot dogs. They say, "No, thanks." As soon as she leaves, Nat says she's a mole and came up to check and see 0 Replies #8576835 2:47PM 03/04/2008
what they're talking about so she can run to James and tell them what they said. Nat says James is working with Sharon.
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Topic #8576872
cindytexas - Sheila is telling Adam that James told her last night that he would never vote for Adam to win the money. 0 Replies #8576872 2:49PM 03/04/2008
Adam says, "He's my boy though." Nat says, "No he's not. Matty was your boy." Adam reminds them that Matt screwed him, telling him he was saving him when he was voting for Ryan.

Nat says, "Well, Matty's not here anymore. James can't be trusted."
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