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Topic #8568115
dustytissue - Adam/Ryan wondering if tomorrow would be a luxury clothes comp. Ryan: Luxury would be niice. Ryan says Nat and Sheila are confused broads up in HOH 0 Replies #8568115 12:02AM 03/04/2008
thinking it's still their room.

Ryan: This week was brutal for me dude (about slop). Adam says he made it.

Talking about Jimmy. They agree he knows his luck is out.

Now they're covering up the pool table, getting ready to go in and sleep.

Adam: Good night Americaa. They say "Done. Off-duty. Clock out."
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Topic #8568204
dustytissue - Nat/Sheila talking in HOH. Nat says her family must be happy. Sheila says Amanda's family must be happy, hers too. She says it must be tough 0 Replies #8568204 12:11AM 03/04/2008
watching (people blowing up on them).

Now talking about guys not stepping in. Sheila says she asked them why they don't and they said she brings it on.

Nat: When he leaves, I'm going to have a party.

All feeds change to Ryan/Adam in the kitchen.
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Topic #8568251
JanJan - Nat & Sheila come down from HOH and join Adam & Ryan in KT. 0 Replies #8568251 12:17AM 03/04/2008
Sheila knows the boys switched out mattresses on her bed. She and Nat head into BR to move a mattress back on She's bed.
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Topic #8568257
mcoop - haha Natalie told Sheila about the mattress switch and they came down and sheila confroted Adam & Ryan, they laughed it off. 0 Replies #8568257 12:18AM 03/04/2008
Sheila is gonna switch the cursed mattress for hers. Ryan said you will be going home than next week. Sheila said I'll chance it.
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Topic #8568299
JanJan - Ry/Adam in KT grazing on food. (Ryan, hand down back of shorts *scratch, scratch*... Adam, hand in front of pants *scratch, scratch*) 0 Replies #8568299 12:21AM 03/04/2008
Both rummaging around in fridge, hands all over kitchen surfaces, Adam pours himself a drink. They head into BR to check on girls & the mattress situation.
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Topic #8568311
JanJan - James & Sharon each in their own pull-out couch bed...all quiet...seem to be asleep. NT 0 Replies #8568311 12:23AM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8568368
mcoop - Trivia! NT 0 Replies #8568368 12:29AM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8568395
JanJan - Sharon rolls over, James raises his head then lays it back down...then TRIVIA. (ed: Maybe FSA doing something covert? j/k LOL) NT 0 Replies #8568395 12:31AM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8568417
JanJan - Feeds back in the WC. Ry brushing teeth. A comes out of bathroom, washes hands & tells Ry "goodnight" NT 0 Replies #8568417 12:33AM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8568450
JanJan - Ry leaves WC...heads to the boat BR to visit with girls. She in her bed, Nat in chair. NT 0 Replies #8568450 12:37AM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8568501
JanJan - Quiet night in BB house. A in HOH (off camera). J/S sleeping in their room. 0 Replies #8568501 12:45AM 03/04/2008
N/S/R talking pretty quietly in boat room. Convo about age, people outside the house (generic chit chat). Annnnnd TRIVIA.
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Topic #8568521
cannotsleep - Natalie to Sheila in the boat room: James needs to start being nice and start enjoying the rest of his time here. You don't know when your time is 0 Replies #8568521 12:48AM 03/04/2008
up so you need to enjoy every minute of it. Regardless of all the negative stuff around you, realize you're in the BB house and getting to experience something other people aren't getting to experience. Sheila: Yeah.

Ryan comes in. They're discussing which beds are more comfortable, they're annoyed that James and Sharon never fold up the fold away couches so that people can hang out in there. They just leave them out as beds, and they used to always sit on the couches, weeks ago, when there were still lots of people in the house.

Ryan says James always rags on Sheila's age. Sheila said James' mom has only a two year age difference from her and Sheila looks so much better than her.

Ryan says that if he was single in the house, he would totally hook up with Sheila. Sheila looks flattered. Says she likes being her age.

(It looks like James might be able to hear what they are saying, his eyes are open and he keeps changing his expressions as if he's amused).

Sheila says 40 is the new 30. Talking about Desperate Housewives, other sex and the city type shows.

Ryan says you're prime, baby, to Sheila. Nat says she feels like she's prime but isn't getting anything out of it.

Talking about Jameka not winning anything last year either, but she made it pretty far.

Ryan says good night, Nat says she'll be back in a second.

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Topic #8568533
JanJan - Now we have a sleeping Sharon, who once again rolls over. Ryan leaves BR, headed to KT. 0 Replies #8568533 12:50AM 03/04/2008
Ry drinks a glass of water. A-Baller comes out of room and calls down to him. A asks Ry if he's eating and Ry replies "That's a good idea. Wanna party." Adam comes to KT. Nat joins them and starts digging into the easter basket candy.
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Topic #8568582
JanJan - Nat drinking a can of "Lean Body" (a Ready-to-Drink Hi-protein Shake ). She shares w/Ry, who takes a few drinks & gives it back (yes, both put their 0 Replies #8568582 12:56AM 03/04/2008
mouths on the same can). Nat talking about previously being in really good shape...her exercise regime.
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Topic #8568609
JanJan - Nat talking about various workout equipment, demonstrating...boys mainly listening, but adding to convo a little. 0 Replies #8568609 1:00AM 03/04/2008
Ry wants to start doing abs...tomorrow. Nat says she knows tons of stretches/excersize moves to help him work out. Ry hates doing abs, Nat loves to work out. Nat continues to explain various moves and demonstrating.
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Topic #8568650
cannotsleep - Ryan in the kitchen, Adam opens the HOH door and decides to come down. Ryan is hungry, so they're going to make something to eat. Natalie comes in 0 Replies #8568650 1:06AM 03/04/2008
as they discuss what to have. Adam says tomorrow is a big day. Nat is discussing how many carbs are in one of the protein drinks, when to have carbs and protein in relation to your work out. Nat says both of her ex-boyfriends are trainers, had a female trainer for a year that had her on a great program.

She's very knowledgeable about the subject, and Ryan is listening intently. She says she was ripped. Ryan says she needs to start working out more here. Nat says I can't do what I need to do without a pullup bar. Ryan asking lots of questions, and Nat is really animated. He's asking her if that was for the cheerleading, she says yeah and sort of changes the subject.

Now Nat is lying on the kitchen floor demonstrating the proper technique. Ryan, um hum, um hum, um hum.

Adam nuked two hot dogs, Ryan hasn't eaten anything yet.

Ryan wants to start working on his abs. They say they'll start tomorrow. Ryan says I need to do abs, but it's one of his least favorite exercises to do. Nat demonstrating more pullup exercises and talking extremely fast. She says after she broke up with her ex, she dove into lots of workouts to get her mind off him. She says her butt was nothing but muscle. Says she was ripped and getting shredded. She was about 102 lbs. Says she was curling 50 lb. weights.

Adam says little chatty Natty. Adam says he wants triple cheeseburgers for breakfast. Adam says he isn't going to talk about what he's doing with the noms anymore. Nat said she could see a blue screen when she was walking by the guinea pig cage and we get trivia.
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Topic #8568676
cannotsleep - Adam: Sheila lives in a fantasy world, doesn't she? Ryan and Nat laugh. They discuss if they'll have a previous year's HG come back to host a comp 0 Replies #8568676 1:11AM 03/04/2008
Ryan giving Adam ideas on what he should say in his nomination speech. Nat says that all James does is b!tch and complain, Adam saying again he thinks the HOH was set up for James to win...and of course, they go to trivia.
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Topic #8568685
KingMac - Nat, Ryan, and Adam saying that they (big brother) favor James in the comps they start listing reason how bb favors james than feeds cut off. NT 0 Replies #8568685 1:13AM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8568730
KingMac - feeds back, randon convo in the kitchen between Nat, Ryan and Adam NT 0 Replies #8568730 1:20AM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8568830
cannotsleep - BB said to knock it off during trivia. They're joking about Julie Chen, Natalie said we had a real conversation with her, she's not a robot! (long) 0 Replies #8568830 1:40AM 03/04/2008
They're talking about different BB people coming on over the P.A. system...more trivia.

Natalie was talking about one of her friends who had fake breasts, and one of them was a B and one was a D, trivia for a bit, and then we're back to Nat saying that make her nervous about getting her breasts done.

Natalie is asking Ry and Adam what their signs are while Adam and Ryan dig into some chips and dip, it looks like. Lots of munching and crunching sounds, hard to decipher what they are saying. Natalie goes over to the memory wall and says Chelsia looks evil in her picture. Says Matty looks very friendly in his picture. Baller says give him a kiss. Natalie: We're still in color!

Natalie says she'll do anything to win the POV, they've got to win it. Nat said it's crazy (that they're still there after so many people are gone), Ryan says yep. Natalie says thats what happens when you get a force to be reckoned with.

***Natalie says after we get rid of James and Sharon, then we go after Sheila, and we battle it out between the three of us.

Now discussing what happens during the final three competitions. Adam says we're getting ahead of ourselves. Adam says it's a big day tomorrow. Big food comp, serious luxury comp.

Nat looks at Matt's picture and says "Oh poor Matty, I miss Matty, I hope you're having fun in sequester.

Now Ryan and Adam went in the BY and Natalie is whispering to different people's pictures on the memory wall....

She says sorry Chelsia, you just weren't very nice.
Adam, you're the man.
Allison, you just could not be trusted.
Sheila, you better win something.
Crazy James, you're a psychotic evil doer that can't be trusted.
Parker. (doesn't say anything)
Alex, you're a nice guy.
Amanda, wonder if you're still watching.
Poor Matty, you did not deserve to go.
(ed. LMAO)

Natalie goes to brush her teeth. Ryan and Adam come back in and join her in the bathroom. Ryan says Natalie, now you can stop counting things. They laugh. Adam says it's going to be awkward when does the noms. Nat says no it won't, James is just being a sour apple. Ryan saying James thinks he owes him something.

Ryan is joking and says to Adam, just put Natalie up, she's a huge threat. She says yeah, put me up. They all laugh. Nat says don't make my brain go in loops, it already hurts really bad.

Ryan says the three of them have a 50 percent chance of winning 500Gs. Now there are all eating candy, and discussing whether the food comp tomorrow will be easy or hard. Natalie says they need to pray. Says when two or more people pray together God is present.

Now they're just chit chatting and laughing, they're all really comfortable together and having a good time.
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Topic #8568865
cannotsleep - Adam says good night and heads up to the HOH, Ryan and Nat go back to their bedroom, Ryan is taking Adam's bed and Nat is back in her regular bed NT 0 Replies #8568865 1:55AM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8568869
cannotsleep - Baller in HOH reading his letter, and then walks around the room looking at his pictures, smiling at some of them, feeds cut away to HGs downstairs NT 0 Replies #8568869 1:58AM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8568887
cannotsleep - All HGs in bed, Ryan tossing and turning big time, Nat, Sheila and James appear to be asleep, no camera on the HOH room NT 0 Replies #8568887 2:12AM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8568906
cannotsleep - Adam in the HOH in his underwear, closes the door between the bathroom and the bedroom, smells the sheets, and begins to read the bible NT 0 Replies #8568906 2:27AM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8568949
cannotsleep - Adam puts on his jeans, goes out to the BY for a quick smoke, checking himself out in the sliding glass door, meanwhile Ryan is snoring like a beast 0 Replies #8568949 2:55AM 03/04/2008
Adam goes back upstairs, takes off his jeans, turns off the light and crawls into bed, yawning. He gets a big grin on his face, and then adjusts the pillows so that he's comfy.
(ed: Night all, hope everyone has a good day)
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