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Topic #8572269
Rubykins - Nat says adam just stuck something up his nose.. 0 Replies #8572269 10:01AM 03/04/2008
picked out a booger and ate it
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Topic #8572301
Rubykins - James talking with sharon in bedroom 0 Replies #8572301 10:04AM 03/04/2008
Names off comp's and says he thinks this comp will be something with lard.
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Topic #8572335
Rubykins - Ryan tells sheila that she would have made out with alex 0 Replies #8572335 10:07AM 03/04/2008
and sheila says yeah she would have and ryan says you would have a big brother baby then says Jen could be pregnant right now and he wouldnt know.
Another HG sys they would tell you man and Ryan says no I dont think they would man.
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Topic #8572378
Rubykins - Adam and Ryan telling sheila ALex said he would rather been paired up with 0 Replies #8572378 10:10AM 03/04/2008
Sheila rather than amanda. Sheila says you guys are kidding me. They say no as James walks in and they ask James and he says they are kidding you. Ryan says maybe Alex didnt tell James and then breaks out in a smile. They were kidding with Sheila.
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Topic #8572428
Rubykins - Kitchen group whispering about James 0 Replies #8572428 10:13AM 03/04/2008
Nat says first it was 8 then 7 and now it is 9 and he is gone. Sheila telling Nat she should tell James they were fine until he came out and rained on their parade in kitchen.

Nat and sheila whispering something about James. Sheila says she would become a lesbian before she slept with James. Doesnt know how Chelsia would do it. It would be the most uninteresting Porn. Nat says her and ?? in porn would be better. (paraphrasing)
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Topic #8572456
Rubykins - Ryan said he pulled a sheila and dropped his mic in the toilet. The head part... 0 Replies #8572456 10:16AM 03/04/2008
it got wrapped around his toe...flung around and went in toilet
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Topic #8572466
cindytexas - James said he would do Sheila if he was really drunk. She says she wouldn't touch him with a ten-foot pole. 0 Replies #8572466 10:16AM 03/04/2008
Nat and Sheila trash James, talk about how negative he is, he rains on their parade. The usual...he's gone this week. Sheila says something about watching him, she would ask for her money back. Ryan says Chelsia liked him because she was nasty too. Nat says everybody would pay to see her and Matty together, they are hot together, the cameras probably zoomed in on them when they were kissing. (ed: gag)

Sheila says Alex was the hottest man in there and she misses him. Nat says no, Matty was.
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Topic #8572477
Rubykins - Sheila said Parker is hot and Ryan disagreed then agreed later in convo NT 0 Replies #8572477 10:16AM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8572510
Rubykins - Sharon in bed reading bible..James and Nat talking in storage room 0 Replies #8572510 10:19AM 03/04/2008
and sheila washing dishes so cant hear their convo
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Topic #8572718
Rubykins - James and Nat trying the Banana's & Cream Lean Bodies drink 0 Replies #8572718 10:32AM 03/04/2008
James doesnt like it...they are lactose free. Nat says maybe they need milk in them. Ryan walks into the KT and James said something hit the window and woke him up this morning. Ryan says "Was it a bird?" James said no, it was one of the guys working back there. (Ed: lol @ bird)
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Topic #8572740
cindytexas - Sheila makes a comment about liking the fondue food comp they had. James says, "That's the one you lost, right?" She says, "Yes, I've lost quite a 0 Replies #8572740 10:33AM 03/04/2008
few James. Thanks for bringing it up. I am an old lady, you know. You like to bring that up too." She says, "I do have 25 years on you." James says, "That's what you're going with, huh?" She says, "Yes because it works."

They are verbally poking at each other. Ryan says, "Oh, you kids."
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Topic #8572773
Rubykins - Sheila and Sharon talking about James 0 Replies #8572773 10:36AM 03/04/2008
May be onto something with the lard.

They are naming off previous comp's and lard is pretty much left out of previous comps. They think it will be the lard then. 1000 lbs of lard would maybe equal the jacuzzi.

they may have to be digging in lard to get the lobsters out sheila says.

Ryan says rubber balls and lard?

Talk continues trying to figure out what this comp will be.

Says Dick mentioned blue rubber ball falling in Jameka's and he asked to review the tape.

Saying Jameka went home that week. They say that suck's. Ryan says she was a bible chick also saying God put that ball in her cup. Sheila says ryan that is not right!

More talk of Jameka getting disqualified.
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Topic #8572872
cindytexas - Sharon talking about DR. Says they ask the most weird ass random questions that have nothing to do with anything. 0 Replies #8572872 10:43AM 03/04/2008
She says obviously they listen to every single conversation they have (ed: duh).

Now she's talking about a dream she had last night involving them and Jacob.
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Topic #8572990
cindytexas - James tells Sharon he's glad the comps with the counting and stuff are done. He says if it's about what's been missing in the house since the first 0 Replies #8572990 10:51AM 03/04/2008
day, he has that. He doesn't think everybody knows that stuff. He just has to go balls out on the POV. He hopes it's not a crap shoot.
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Topic #8573021
cindytexas - James says athletically he thinks he has everybody in the house. Sharon says that's a fact. 0 Replies #8573021 10:53AM 03/04/2008
James says unfortunately they won't have a balls out physical until the end and he may not be here by then.

James says Ryan is scared of him. Sharon, "Huh?" James says Ryan is intimidated by him. Sharon agrees.
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Topic #8573523
echo - nat and sheila hanging out on wc chair, talkin about selling things on ebay, nat said she has sold customers 0 Replies #8573523 11:30AM 03/04/2008
her hooters shirts that she wore, ryan joins them
sheila has beatle dolls shes gonna give to a friend
also has really old mickey mouse stuff
all four feeds on them
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Topic #8573544
DrC - Earlier while James and Sharon were talking in the KT 0 Replies #8573544 11:32AM 03/04/2008
they mentioned that their best chance in the game would be if he won the veto and Sharon could pull the girls in. If not James could see the final 3 being Shelia and the two guys, Sharon agrees.
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Topic #8573557
echo - bathrrom convo turns to steve largin nat says she bought his jersey for .95 at goodwill 1 Replies #8573557 11:33AM 03/04/2008
feeds change to james and sharon by memory wall
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roxiboop - Steve Largent from the Seahawks NT #8573628 11:38AM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8573663
cindytexas - Adam and Ryan talking about girls, getting puss*. Adam talks about going to a college town because they have young puss*. NT 0 Replies #8573663 11:40AM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8573692
cindytexas - Adam and Ryan drinking beer. Adam talking about girls in different places, says Tampa has tall bitc*hes. 0 Replies #8573692 11:42AM 03/04/2008
Adam says he's ready go to out now.
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Topic #8573720
JLPrinzess - Ryan had music too loud so we got flames, now feeds switch to james on 1&2,girls on 3&4 NT 0 Replies #8573720 11:43AM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8573786
cindytexas - Shiela and Nat talking. Sheila says it is easy to piss her off, but not her sister. Nat says it's easy to piss off her sister but not her. 1 Replies #8573786 11:46AM 03/04/2008
Nat says it was making her really mad when Chelsia was making fun of her and talking about her selling things on Ebay, and crushing the eggs. She said that stuff made her more mad than the abortion thing, because God has forgiven her for that. Sheila seems surprised at what made Nat mad, of all the things Chelsia said.
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Rubykins - Nat also says that if they werent in the house she would have hit Chelsia NT #8573817 11:48AM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8573827
cindytexas - Adam telling the girls he was up until 6:30 in the morning. NT 0 Replies #8573827 11:48AM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8573840
cindytexas - Adam says he is buzzed. (He was drinking beer before this). NT 0 Replies #8573840 11:49AM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8573916
cindytexas - James says Adam leaves a dirt taste in his mouth, bad. He used to think Adam was a nice guy, hung out with him. Then names off the things Adam has 0 Replies #8573916 11:54AM 03/04/2008
done to him in the game, the lies he's told. James is after Adam.

James says he's trying to play it cool right now. He says he deserves to be here because he earned it. He wants to earn his eviction next week (Adam's). He said if he doesn't, he'll shake his hand and walk out.

James says he could have chosen the easier route, but he chose the hard route.

Sharon says her usual, "Everything happens the way it's supposed to."
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