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Topic #8591226
JanJan - J/S at hottub...James laying over on the ground covered in a towel...S spilling all the info she can about others to J. NT 0 Replies #8591226 10:34PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8591229
ariel1981 - sharon and james have been talking in the HT for over an hour now 2 Replies #8591229 10:35PM 03/04/2008
sharon has pretty much told james that nat does not have his back. she told him that nat has been lying to his face about being in a secret alliance with him. apparently nat wrote something in her card to matt about how she was sorry it wasn't james going to sequester and maybe next week.
sharon and james have been bonding hardcore. they talk about josh/chelsia and how they really were only connected because of those two.
(ed. it was a really good conversation and lots of game was talked about)
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DrC - Sharon told James by looking at the card would be solid proof and not someone #8591648 10:52PM 03/04/2008
saying the opposite. Sharon says that how does he know she could be lying to him but his is fact. Maybe he could look for it when everyone is elsewhere but he can't tell them that she told him. They think of various options on who to throw it in Natalie's face. Natalie actually wrote that it should have been "PB" (pink bush).
Sharon said she it very glad they talked and she felt that after last nights talk while they were in their beds (it was very touching and heart felt about her missing Josh, sleeping alone and him missing Chels and feeling alienated and targeted)
that they flipped a new page in the book (I think she means she really feels like they will stay together now and not just because of the others in their 4 someone). It was a GREAT conversation.
Sharon also said she keeps her mouth shut because "Hoops" (Josh's nick name for her aggressive side) will not come out in the game but she is worried about HIM going off because he has and she doesn't want James to tell them ANYTHING to come out about their conversation so they won't know it came from her.
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WVpdles - Nat wrote on the card, sorry wrong carrier maybe next week NT #8591287 10:37PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8591231
BSW - Adam still saying the DR made him do it NT 0 Replies #8591231 10:35PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8591290
BSW - Ryan Adam Nat in KT hating on James and getting really worked up NT 0 Replies #8591290 10:37PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8591299
KingMac - Ryan said he always knew that this game was rigged for James NT 0 Replies #8591299 10:37PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8591323
KingMac - James And sharon come in from the ht, Sharon and Nat start screeming for there BEEBIES NT 0 Replies #8591323 10:38PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8591339
BSW - Ryan: BB is trying to figure out what comp to do tomorrow so James can win , feeling it;s all rigged NT 0 Replies #8591339 10:39PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8591398
BSW - Nat; Sheila's in there for a long time (DR) she's not a happy camper NT 0 Replies #8591398 10:41PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8591410
KingMac - Nat is trying to do her voice like sharon "BEEBIES" she says she cant do it like Sharon NT 0 Replies #8591410 10:41PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8591422
KingMac - Sharon is chopping strawberries for her Furiends NT 0 Replies #8591422 10:42PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8591446
JanJan - She in DR. N/R/A/Shar in KT. Just now realizing that they have no GP food (didn't win fruit/veggies in today's food/luxury comp) 0 Replies #8591446 10:43PM 03/04/2008
Crazy James in the shower. Yay, Sharon got some treats for the GPs. Sheila out of DR and they tell her they got wine and She proposes a toast "Kicking butt in the PoV!"
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Topic #8591507
BSW - Sheila offering a toast "To Winning POV tomorrow" BB: Nat to DR NT 0 Replies #8591507 10:45PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8592196
cannotsleep - Sharon/Sheila/Natalie/Adam in the kitchen. Adam goes to the BY to smoke. Talking about "Goonies." Natalie doing a really good impression of all 0 Replies #8592196 11:17PM 03/04/2008
of the characters. Sheila says Sean Astin's mother is Patty Duke, and that Josh Brolin is James Brolin's son. Natalie doesn't know who James Brolin is. Sheila says he is before her time. She says she doesn't know if they've had the Oscars yet because they've been in the house for so long. Adam comes back in, and Sheila asks Adam if she can listen to some music, Adam says Kimberly, you can listen to whatever you want. More talk about Yellowcard.

Sheila heads up the stairs, and says don't talk smack about me now. Say Jon Bon Jovi is hot.

Ryan has joined them at the counter and Nat is giving him some of the red wine. She says they are summoning God and the Holy Spirit.

Now talking about the movie Office Space, Nat doing more great impressions, everyone is cracking up.
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Topic #8592203
voodoochild1207 - HG's in KT drinking wine talking about POV tomorrow. N/R/A must win it NT 0 Replies #8592203 11:18PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8592228
voodoochild1207 - all HGs run outside to see a plane flying over the house NT 0 Replies #8592228 11:19PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8592231
cannotsleep - There is an extremely loud plane going over the house, they all run outside, Nat says it sounded like it was going to drop a bomb on us NT 0 Replies #8592231 11:19PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8592294
voodoochild1207 - James out of DR, Ryan please go to the DR NT 0 Replies #8592294 11:23PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8592331
voodoochild1207 - James says he doesn't want to be in a situation where he has to trust Nat NT 0 Replies #8592331 11:25PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8592375
voodoochild1207 - Sharon changing clothes in the shower NT 0 Replies #8592375 11:27PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8592406
voodoochild1207 - Nat says she's not playing the game for Matty pssssh whatev NT 0 Replies #8592406 11:29PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8592435
voodoochild1207 - sharon going to bed NT 0 Replies #8592435 11:31PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8592463
voodoochild1207 - james says he'd rather work with people than have the whole house working against him. NT 0 Replies #8592463 11:32PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8592493
voodoochild1207 - nat says that if james promises to not use the veto, she won't put him up if she wins HOH NT 0 Replies #8592493 11:33PM 03/04/2008
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Topic #8592495
cannotsleep - Sharon walks off, and Nat fills in Adam and Ryan on what James said earlier in the kitchen, about his deal with Adam, that if James wins the veto 0 Replies #8592495 11:34PM 03/04/2008
that he is NOT using it. They say it's put up or shut up time, to see if he'll keep his word.

Adam says if James wins it and uses it, he will clock him one. Ryan saying you'll get a penalty nom or get kicked out, that you can't hit him or threaten him.

James comes out of the DR, and they call Ryan in. Adam tells James, they're pissed at me dude. James says who? Adam says Sheila.

James tells Natalie that he gave Adam his word, and that his word is good. James says he doesn't want to be a position where he has to trust Natalie, he wants to be in a position when Natalie has to trust him.

Nat leaves to talk to Sharon in the shower. After she leaves, Adam says a lot to think about, right. James says that place (the DR) makes you think. Nat returns, and James says the deal is between him and Adam, no one else.

Natalie tells Adam and James she wants to be honest from here on out, she done with lying. James says he's tired of people still playing for Matt. Natalie says she is not playing for Matt, that's done. Says she has trust issues from prior boyfriends.

James says he is not going to put Adam up if he wins HOH next week. Natalie says that leaves me and a few others. Sharon comes back in and says she's heading to bed.

James says I like that girl (Sharon) a lot, but I am playing this game for myself. If he wins the POV, he is NOT using it.

James says I would rather f*cking work with people than work against the whole house. Natalie says it's scary for her because she doesn't want to look like a fool, or be played for a fool on television. James says he doesn't want to be pinned as the atheist kid.

Adam says he feels in his heart he's doing the right thing. They say it's a game, period.

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Topic #8592527
cannotsleep - Sharon is now standing across from the storage room door, spying on James/Adam/Natalie's conversation NT 0 Replies #8592527 11:35PM 03/04/2008
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