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Topic #8615257
echo - more kitchen chat, having a bbq today, nat says to them you were all up early 0 Replies #8615257 10:45AM 05/04/2008
ryan says he drank almost a pot of coffee
nat says ryan makes the best coffee, ryan wants them to admit he has alex beat
sheila says now ryan needs to cook and clean
nat is eating a bagel and cream cheese, chewing away with her mouth wide open, talking food flying
nat loves crunchy peanut butter
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Topic #8615286
echo - sahron seems to be washing a few dishes, adam talkin abour florida weather 0 Replies #8615286 10:49AM 05/04/2008
sheila asks about a bar if adam knows it where they dance on the bar
adam talkin about drinkin bloody mary's at 8 am 2 for 1 deals and playin pool
group talkin about staying up all night , partying when they were younger
they discuss their ages
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Topic #8615307
echo - nat has never heard coffee referred to as a cup of joe....shes confused why its called that 0 Replies #8615307 10:51AM 05/04/2008
ryan says theres a chain named after it
adams excited the toys are coming today
sharon quietly listening not adding much to the convo

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Topic #8615351
echo - sheila checkin her laundry ryan wants to do his when shes done 0 Replies #8615351 10:55AM 05/04/2008
nats gonna make a very strong pot of coffee
adam says lets add 10 scoops and they can do shots in miami he says its called cuban crack
nats still confused about cup of joe, never heard of it
(e.d. she works in a coffee shop how could she not know this??)
nats wants to know the origin of words , table, coffee, where did they come from? who made them up?
she says if she went back to work and asked a customer if they wanted a cup of joe shes sure noone would understand it
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Topic #8615375
echo - ryan filling coffee pot with sink water and sheila freaking out 0 Replies #8615375 10:58AM 05/04/2008
nat and her discuss water in vegas and la, sheila says here it must be filtered because you cannot drink it from the tap usually too gross
nat says her town salem or was voted best drinkin water in the usa
sheila says memphis has good water too
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Topic #8615424
echo - sheila talkin about workin at the flamingo in vegas and she lied about of her age to work there 0 Replies #8615424 11:03AM 05/04/2008
thats how she was discovered and ended up posing for penthouse
adam makin fun of her, shes gettin annoyed
adam doesnt want to hear the same story a million times
sheila tryin to make fun of adam but its not working
sharon back in bed
sheilas proud of how she was discovered
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Topic #8615453
echo - sheila talkin about pig in a poke in european vacation...nat says poke...p.o.k poke 0 Replies #8615453 11:06AM 05/04/2008
they poke fun at her at tell her its spelled p o k e , she spelled it so it sounds like pock
sheila talkin about her role and what prizes she offered
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Topic #8615468
echo - nat discussing asking customers if they like their coffee wet or dry 0 Replies #8615468 11:08AM 05/04/2008
sheila putting away dishes
nats says she tells customers to enjoy the trees and nature
nats says she has to stop for ducks and deer..and that deer will run along side of her car

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Topic #8615502
echo - adam bugging nat about tellin mat she was gonna be getting a uhaul 0 Replies #8615502 11:11AM 05/04/2008
she says she isnt doing that and she could do better than matty, adam says u will show up all phsyco....nat says mats a liar and says again she isnt into him
adam says mat threw him under the bus with the vote about james coming back in the house
nat covering for mats lie, says he lied to her about it too
shiela and ryan were shocked, sheila says she didnt know that
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Topic #8615547
echo - nat talking about knowing matty was aliar about the girls, shes pretty worked up 0 Replies #8615547 11:15AM 05/04/2008
sheila is shocked
nat says adam and ryan think she was in love with him, adam says again about nat and mat bj's, nat still denies
bb voice have you changed your batteries
james puttin on undies heads to storage rm, sharon still in bed
adam tells nat matt said she gave him head 4-5 times and gave the camera a thumbs up
nat says shes gonna slap him across the face
still denying bj's,.they tell her wait and see
james scratchin his butt as he leaves sr
adam , ryan and sheila outside
sheila tending to laundry
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Topic #8615555
echo - james back in bed, ryan and adam puttin weights on bar NT 0 Replies #8615555 11:16AM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8615585
veedsboo - Shelia says she misses Amanda. 0 Replies #8615585 11:19AM 05/04/2008
She is in the BY with Ryan and Adam who are pumping iron.
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Topic #8615606
echo - ryan lifting weights, sheila yells that she misses amanda, adam now lifting 0 Replies #8615606 11:21AM 05/04/2008
ryan wishes they had more workout equipment
ryan tells sheila they need to talk business later
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Topic #8615641
echo - adam says they are always on camera , everthing they do is seen 0 Replies #8615641 11:24AM 05/04/2008
ryan teasing him about scratching and pickin his nose and butt
adam says again they get toys today
ryan makin horrible sounds as he lifts
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Topic #8615673
echo - ryan is totally out of breath pacing the by, adam says hes all joe'd up 0 Replies #8615673 11:27AM 05/04/2008
nat and sheila in the wc , nat gettin ready to shower it looks like
the boys cont to lift weights
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Topic #8615693
echo - adam repats again outdoor toys and laughs, thinks bb will make a segment on it 0 Replies #8615693 11:28AM 05/04/2008
nat looks like shes searching for something in th wc, now brushing hair
sheila nowhere on feeds
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Topic #8615694
veedsboo - nat is getting in the BR.. 0 Replies #8615694 11:28AM 05/04/2008
doing her hair now.
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Topic #8615727
echo - sheila now back in wc goin to shower next to nat, sheila talkin about chels being 0 Replies #8615727 11:31AM 05/04/2008
obessed with sheila laying her wet bathing suits in wc
nat says she just found out mattys a liar and shes disgusted and when she sees him shes gonna tell him to get away from her, shes too good for her
nat says he told the boys alot things that werent true
sheila stumped had no idea anything was goin on, she had no idea
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Topic #8615781
echo - adam and ryan still lifting, nat in shower, a few min ago ryan and adam were 0 Replies #8615781 11:36AM 05/04/2008
talkin about how dirty their shoes got in the last comp
adam horks on the ground (ed.gross)
sheila in sr grabbing some supplies, paper towels, kleenex and toilet paper
shiela puts tp in wc
adam saying they are goin to have amjor cool pool party
ryan says sun needs to come out

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Topic #8615809
echo - ryan talkin about a muscle he pulled a few weeks ago, scared its gonna act up and make him 0 Replies #8615809 11:39AM 05/04/2008
stay in bed for a week
sheila appears to be wiping chests down with kleenex
adam is gonna clean the pool with the pool vaccuum
ryan doesnt know how it works
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Topic #8615860
echo - adam is fillin up vacuum tube with water as ryan still lifts, sheila now puttin something in trash goes back to sr picks up towels from counter 0 Replies #8615860 11:43AM 05/04/2008
adam still workin on the hose
sheila grabbing towles from wc
nat turns shower off
ryan worried about his neck
adam still attmpting to fill hose
shiela in kitchen gettin water from the tap to drink it
ryan moving lawn chair
adam asks ryan to check water level in hot tub
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Topic #8615893
echo - ryan mumbling he hurt himself and it hurts, sheila and nat discuss 0 Replies #8615893 11:46AM 05/04/2008
boob job how it effects ur nipples
ryan laying down now
adam still workin on pool hose
nat now in aqua bikini hair in towel, shes telling about a girl she knew who had a bad boob job and she would have to pick her boob out of her arm pit every morning(ed ewwww), they talk about doin alot of research on plastic surgeons
adam now has attached the hose inside the pool
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Topic #8615913
echo - sheilas had her boobs for 10 yrs and wants to get a lift now, nat was 23 when she got hers so 5 yrs 0 Replies #8615913 11:49AM 05/04/2008
hard to hear blow dryer was on, sheila says her boobs make her feel better about herself nat agrees
they think all women should do it to feel better, sheila wants work done on her face
nat picking at her face in the mirror, eyelash curler in hand
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Topic #8615974
echo - adam now has shirt off and is smoking ryan says hes hurting and if it gets worse hes blaming adam 0 Replies #8615974 11:55AM 05/04/2008
sheila in shower, nat still picking at her face
ryan says his week would suck if it happens (neck muscle seizing i think
ryan taking drags off adams smoke
sheila has a quick shower maybe 5 min says shes tryin to save water
sheilas gonna clean the bottom of the shower later today, she cleans alot at home, sheila hates when her son puts his crap in the living room, glad her mom raised her that way
ryan pacing by, both he and ryan look into the pool , adam explains there can be no air in the hose water only
adam lookin into bbq, says it looks a few yrs old
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Topic #8616006
echo - adam stroles into wc and then back out, sheila in towel, nat doin makeup , 0 Replies #8616006 11:59AM 05/04/2008
piling on the mascara, ryan lying outside totally quiet
sheila says 26 more days in the bb house shocked its apr 5th
nat says its gone fast sheila says it feels like a yr
sheila brushing her hair
sheila forgot they entered house on feb 7th had mixed it up with first air date on the 12th
nat saying something about chels cant hear well
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