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Topic #8616027
echo - sheila says lets not count our chickens till they hatch, nat says absolutly no way 0 Replies #8616027 12:01PM 05/04/2008
nat moves on to saying she needs highlites for her hair, sheila needs dark brown color to hide her grey hairs, nat says noone can see them
sheila getting dressed
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Topic #8616057
echo - adam doesnt think pool vac is working so hes tryin again, nats goin to lay outdside in the sun 0 Replies #8616057 12:03PM 05/04/2008
sheila talking about how hard the water is here
ryan watchin adam work on pool hose
sheila finds a shirt that alex gave to james
sheila cleaning shower doors, wants to do it every sunday
adam blowing into pool hose
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Topic #8616104
echo - ryan comes into wc tells the girls its nice out, nats brshing teeth 0 Replies #8616104 12:08PM 05/04/2008
sheila says all her clothes come from thrift stores, goodwill. salvation army, loves to shop there
f1 and f2 show sharon asleep in her bed
feeds now show ryan back in by, he has a book in hand, the pool manual saying they dont turn the vaccuum on till at night
adam asks how ryans neck feels, ryans scared not sure whats gonna happen with it, they agree he shouldnt tell anyone
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Topic #8616126
echo - sheila says she wants to work with adam and autistic children she wants to give back 0 Replies #8616126 12:11PM 05/04/2008
something shes always wanted to do
nat helps her family out and homeless people, says this one guy she gives $5 is deformed hands, he always says god bless you sweetheart
nats bumper sticker says:no jesus no peace know jesus know peace

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Topic #8616152
echo - adam talkin to the camera saying hes cleaning the pool, getting a tan , then says ok no more 0 Replies #8616152 12:14PM 05/04/2008
he keeps lookin down and then back up at camera, camera shown going yes motion to adam
adam runs inside, nat greets him and asks what he was saying to the camera
he says secret stuff, adam now in wc, bit sheilas butt
sharon shown sleeping still, nope awake now
adam asks nat to give him some of sheilas sayings
shes imitating sheila now in wc
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Topic #8616193
echo - nat talking about her friend who calls to get her to come hang out and smoke weed 0 Replies #8616193 12:17PM 05/04/2008
f1 cam shows the red and blue gloves on lamp, then shows james still asleep
nat still imitating sheila and doin a funny job
adam on wc chair
sheila saying parker used to make fun of her all the time
nat puts more mascara on, and says alex still makes the best coffee
nat and sheila yell that they miss alex and love him, so does america
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Topic #8616235
echo - sheila cleaning teeth with floss, nat whispering, hard to hear 0 Replies #8616235 12:21PM 05/04/2008
adam saying something about matty leaving and sheila cryin when alex left
adam says sheila wanted alex's peice, sheila gaurentees hes good in bed and nat agrees
f1 shows gp's then sharon in bed
sheila says this makes a man good in bed, passion, chemistry, adam says he knows
alex was raised well, treated women well, adma comes back and says ya and he tried to touch amanda while sleeping
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Topic #8616238
cindytexas - Sheila talking about Alex again, that he's everything she wants in a man. 0 Replies #8616238 12:22PM 05/04/2008
He cooks, he cleans... Adam says, "What if he's not good in bed?" Sheila says, "Oh he's good in bed, I guarantee it. Guarantee!"
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Topic #8616276
echo - adam says if sheila sweeps the wc floor he will wash it, sheila goin on about meeting good guys 0 Replies #8616276 12:24PM 05/04/2008
saying alex was too young she would date a 29-30 yr old
adam says 30 is the new 20, sheila says 40 is the new 30
sheilas gonna do her hair
james shown sleeping, cam shows fish on wall, back to james, back to fish
ryan joins in wc
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Topic #8616317
echo - sheila blowdrying hair, sharon sleeping on f1 then to deer on wall then back to sharon 0 Replies #8616317 12:28PM 05/04/2008
now sheila says youngest will be 27 or 28
boys leave sheila says boys think its all about the peice
r/a now doin laundry team effort, he says get kimberly out here and finish her *****
ryan comments on adam scratches on his stomach

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Topic #8616332
echo - sheila says her fates is in ryebreads hands, she wants hair dye for her bday 0 Replies #8616332 12:30PM 05/04/2008
ryan racking up pool balls
nats goin to lay outside says she is only wearing lip gloss blush and eye makeup so its ok
shiela says if its warm enough she will put bathing suit on
adam tells sheila to get her clothes out
adam upstairs in hoh to use bathroom
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Topic #8616369
echo - sheila is giving ryan a bleach lesson as they soak his shoe laces 0 Replies #8616369 12:33PM 05/04/2008
says careful too much will eat them
sheila says theres no sun out so she not laying out
nat in her room moving things on dresser, reading letter
sheila gettin sunglasses
boys head back outside to play pool

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Topic #8616403
echo - sharon now up checking for sun, sheila sayin its now over cast 0 Replies #8616403 12:37PM 05/04/2008
sharon says she cant fall asleep
nat asking adam to movea chair in by, sharon drapedon flower table
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Topic #8616423
voodoochild1207 - adam put on sheila's robe NT 0 Replies #8616423 12:39PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8616430
echo - feeds back we can hear sharon saying this sucks but cant see her, sheila in kitchen naming meats they can have 0 Replies #8616430 12:39PM 05/04/2008
adam opens door and says kimmy lets go very loud
sharon off to wc says suns now comin out
adam in by puts on sheilas robe and comes inside shes lhao, he looks like hue heffner shes lvoin it hue
says come here, they are all by washer and dryer now
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Topic #8616468
echo - bb voice says hgs plz clean your house 0 Replies #8616468 12:43PM 05/04/2008
sheila says they see shebot cleaning alone all the time
adam and ryan are attempting to wash their shoes in washer, ryan says he owes him $90 if adam ruins them
nat layin out alone right now
sheila says shes not keepin ght e shoes they gave them until ryan explains they cost $120 so she changs her mind
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Topic #8616496
WhatdoIKnow - Sheila's been cleaning house when BB: Houseguests, please clean your house....which shocks everyone, they don't know where that came from 0 Replies #8616496 12:45PM 05/04/2008
now there's talk about competition shoes and Sheila saying she's not taking hers.....until Ryan tells her they're worth about $100, Ryan says "oh, now that they're worth alot of money you want them", then they laugh

Nat pipes up hers were $85...Sheila says she just didn't want to take a bunch of stuff home...

Talk about using them in some competition around day 12 or 9

Ryan mentions how Jen tried out for this show for 6 years and finally makes it for 4 days or something? Sheila says she must be so proud....Ryan says he just campaigned a better game than her, sorry babe
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Topic #8616501
echo - ryan says jen left day 14 , adam thinks jen is bitter, ryan says he campaigned a 0 Replies #8616501 12:46PM 05/04/2008
btter game sorry babe, sheila thinks shes very proud , will be happy about his winnings
ryan says there are haters, sheila says we will prob be haters waiting for us when we get out
they will throw pickle juice at nat and flour at me
(ed lmao)
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Topic #8616521
echo - nat says she likes the proverbs in the bible, adam complaining he fell off the 0 Replies #8616521 12:49PM 05/04/2008
mash potato thing and went up the stairs twice, hurt himself
adam got in trouble for trying to use a ladel to get potatoes in the bins
they did well in comp they all agree
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Topic #8616579
echo - adam and ryan play pool again, ryan says jmmys defeated he wants to go 0 Replies #8616579 12:53PM 05/04/2008
ryan says we defeated the whole group, nat pipes in saying they are makin couches by taking them all out
ryan says josh was defeated too and was ready to leve just like james is
sheila putting clothes away in her room
sharons now out to lay with nat in red bikini
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Topic #8616620
voodoochild1207 - Nat's pissed at Matty 0 Replies #8616620 12:57PM 05/04/2008
because apparently he hooked up with Chelsia and he lied to her
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Topic #8616629
voodoochild1207 - sheila is sewing her robe that baller was just wearing NT 0 Replies #8616629 12:58PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8616640
echo - ryan and adam having a good time playin pool, nat asks if james is still sleeping 0 Replies #8616640 12:59PM 05/04/2008
sharon says yes, nat asks if he will like his vacation with chelsia. matty s gonna be cracking up
nat says shes mad at matty for lying, gonna call him a lying sack of *****
lied about what i did with him, lying about chelsia, about sharon too
she repeats to sharon about him lyin about the bjs , didnt happen shes gonna slap him like chelsia slapped ryan
sharon acts dumb and asks what she knows about chels
then says she heard matt came on to chels before he left, nat says he denied it then she says matts says he was loyal to nat , then told the boys he didnt lik her at all and told the boys
adam comes over and says shes gonna smack the ***** outta matty, adam says ***** bets her a frapachino
adma says just cause he kissed and told dont hit him, nat says hes disgusting
matts disturbing, adam says matt macked her down
ryan offers nat a cup of joe...sharons heard it before
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Topic #8616682
cindytexas - Nat says God is watching everything. If you want to be like Jesus, you have to be holy. 0 Replies #8616682 1:03PM 05/04/2008
God knows Matty was lying, that's why he was sent home.
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Topic #8616687
echo - nat says why not a cup of nat or a cup of come ballerthen she goes 0 Replies #8616687 1:03PM 05/04/2008
back to matty with sharon, sharon said it wasnt her place to tell her about matt
matty matty matty, nat says dont talk to me you liar, im glad youleft and thats called karma god was watching , she rants on about that you have to be holy thats why it cost matty the game god was having no part of it, chelsia went down too because of god, you judge and you shall be judged by others...if you repent and say u dont mean it u will be forgiven
sharon says chels may have kept humiliating nat if she hadnt left
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