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Topic #8617386
echo - sheila tells ryan he has restored her faith that good guys are still out there 0 Replies #8617386 1:56PM 05/04/2008
he didnt let his parts think and stayed loyal to jen
all 3 girls want a guy to love them take care of them support them, they wont settle any more
sheila hasnt found the one
nats saving herself for the "one"
ryan and adam get sheila wound up adam says hes needs help, she says she tried therapy for 5 yrs didnt work
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Topic #8617389
cindytexas - Nat says she is saving herself for her man, he'll know that he has all of her, that she hasn't just been with another man. 0 Replies #8617389 1:56PM 05/04/2008
There will be a man out there who will appreciate me and respect me.

I want my next boyfriend to know I've been waiting and saving myself for him, ya know.

She wants her boyfriend to love God.
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Topic #8617423
cindytexas - Sheila says she struggled with her weight her whole life, so she tries to help people with that problem now because she understands. 0 Replies #8617423 1:58PM 05/04/2008
She says she loves Richard Simmons because he's changing the freakin' world.

She says her brother has camps to help kids get in shape.
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Topic #8617438
echo - nat says that who are over weight people to tell us ...who worship our 0 Replies #8617438 2:00PM 05/04/2008
bodies like to dress, her mom taught her that , she also says over weight people dont care about their bodies ( rude)
sheila says she was over weight as a kid she was an emotional eater
nat pipes in that she was chubby as a kid too
sheila would get teased in school, same with nat
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Topic #8617544
echo - ryan and sheila do laundry and talk she tells him she meant what 0 Replies #8617544 2:07PM 05/04/2008
she said about him, he says its hard but im doin ok, ive been single at tiems jen has not she goes from guy to guy
nat and adam talk and nat thinks they are makin bets in seq over whos comin next
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Topic #8617571
allen - sun worshipers in the BB lazy saturday 0 Replies #8617571 2:09PM 05/04/2008
ryan in hammoc, sheila and nat laying foot to head on the double lounger. Sheila has her blue 2-piece swim suit on nat is in a red bikini. I hear balller and sharon but dont see them

Ryan gets up thinks towels are done, walks over to dryer, sheila offers to fold. askes if ryan has anything more to stick in the wash,, Is that blue coming out or no, Ryan says no not really, piles an arm load out of the washer onto the top of the dryer. Ryan scraps off the lint screen, Sheila brings up jen and ryan having to go without seeing her. Ryan says he if fine being alone but jen has always had a bf, so he is fine being on his own, he dont always need somebody,,, sheila is fine with that,, ya know,, agrees.

Ryan heads inside leaving sheila to fold. flames briefly.. Ryan comes out saying he drank too much jo,, they all laugh. Nat so now your D U N dun with the jo.
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Topic #8617584
echo - they all agree on tuna fish for lunch, sheila wants a turkey burger 0 Replies #8617584 2:10PM 05/04/2008
nat mockin her always doin her own lunch
sheila will now eat the tuna if nat makes it
ryan doin more laundry with sheila
nat comments they havent gotten any banners sharon says they got into trouble last season
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Topic #8617634
echo - ryan feels sick drank too much joe tells sheila hes layin down 0 Replies #8617634 2:13PM 05/04/2008
sheila puttin more things away, james still sleeping
sheila now in by at washer
nat talkin to adam telin him ryan is saving sheila and adam will put up james
adam wants ryan to take sharon down so sheila will suffer
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Topic #8617664
echo - nat says april 9th is week 9 , his 9 lives are dun...adam says but its only week 8 0 Replies #8617664 2:16PM 05/04/2008
sharon says james is ready to go,
ryan layin down in bed
nat had a dream about some cops watchin her in her car, couldnt find license and registration, said she didnt do anything in, said they thought she was hot and that they would clear all her violations on her record as long as she went on date with him
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Topic #8617674
allen - sheila has covered up wiearing white long sweat pants and a black short sleeve shirt 0 Replies #8617674 2:17PM 05/04/2008
the sweat pants have a wild print here and there on them, she carries an arm load of towels into the bathroom,, feed switches to bedroom ryan laying dow he is feeling sick, drank too much coffee, sheila told him to eat some food earlier,, feed jumps back to sheila coming out of the toilet stall, follows her into the kitchen, she keeps moving in mom mode, tosses something into the trash, and begins washing dishes left in the sink.
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Topic #8617713
echo - adam says hes jacked on joe and cant talk, doesnt know what to do with himself 0 Replies #8617713 2:20PM 05/04/2008
sheila doing dishes, adam comes in he wants lunch, they talk about how much meat they have left, sheila says alot, adam wants steak now ...she says its for tonite
you can have turkey tuna or burgers sheila tells him
adam decides to grill something up
addam asks where ryan is...goes to check on him
ryan feels sick and feels sore hes worried about his neck...adam says he feels sick too, adam offers a turkey burger says they need food
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Topic #8617731
allen - adam comes inside asks sheila whats she doing 0 Replies #8617731 2:21PM 05/04/2008
shiela bout to make something for lunch, she is maranating some steak for tonight and has some salmon maranating too. Adam offers to grill, shiela was gonna fry in pan a turkey burger, asks adam if he wants one, he was thinking tunafish, but will eat a pattie if she makes it for him... adam talks her into letting him grill them.. he heads to the bedroom.

Asks ryan whats wrong, offers to cook him a burger too, ryan says yeah might help his stomach. Adam flops onto the other bed. Ryan asks if he wants him to make the patties, adam says sheila is doing that, leaves.
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Topic #8617794
echo - adam gets grill ready as sheila preps burgers, nat and sharon still layin out 0 Replies #8617794 2:27PM 05/04/2008
sharon asks adam if hes makin dogs?
nat says hes makin a ruckus , hes jacked on joe, nat keeps say not joe
sharon says to nat talkin about puttin up sheila and adam in double eviction use sheila as a pawn but not tell her save sheila and take adam out or
sharon thinks not matter who wins hoh adam will be up and they take him out
ryan didnt win pov till adam gave it to him
they need a plan in case of double eviction
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Topic #8617830
echo - sharon talks about last yrs ff calling it a double eviction when eric was teken out in the fast forward 0 Replies #8617830 2:30PM 05/04/2008
they have to be prepared in case it goes down, nat agrees with sharon
girls need to stick together says sharon
girls migrate to girls and guys migrate to guys
nat starts in what she will say to matty, hes a sicko (ed lmao) thats why hes gone god was watching him

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Topic #8617856
cindytexas - Natalie going on again about how she's not going to speak to Matty if she goes to sequester because 0 Replies #8617856 2:32PM 05/04/2008
he's a sicko. She said Matty will expect her to fall at his feet but she's just going to push him away. She said she will stay on the other side of the mansion, if she goes to sequester. She said God was watching. That's why he left. Everything happens for a reason.

Sharon, "Uh-huh."
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Topic #8618068
WVpdles - outside lockdown. sheila/adam/ryan grilled burgers and are eating them. Sharon/N still sunning. James in hammock NT 0 Replies #8618068 2:53PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8618073
WVpdles - lockdown over NT 0 Replies #8618073 2:53PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8618082
Vixter - BB gave outdoor toys. NT 0 Replies #8618082 2:54PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8618088
WVpdles - on the kitchen table is the outdoor toys 0 Replies #8618088 2:55PM 05/04/2008
oversized golf clubs w/tennis balls, a regular set with a green, remote control trucks, topic cards.
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Topic #8618090
Vixter - Thet gave table topic and looks like a remote truck? NT 0 Replies #8618090 2:55PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8618109
WVpdles - Adam broke the remote control truck already, he says it's out of juice NT 0 Replies #8618109 2:57PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8618126
WVpdles - FLAMES NT 0 Replies #8618126 2:59PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8618155
WVpdles - Sharon/James in SR, he asked her what was going on today a whole bunch of nuffin? 0 Replies #8618155 3:03PM 05/04/2008
Nat/Sharon fixing something to eat. James set up the golf green and is playing golf.
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Topic #8618190
WVpdles - Nat's disagrees with Sheila that Amanda had the best butt in the house NT 0 Replies #8618190 3:06PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8618248
WVpdles - looking out kitchen window to BY, sheila says wow james is good at golf NT 0 Replies #8618248 3:11PM 05/04/2008
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