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Feeds quiet - James eating chips in kitchen. Adam reading Bible in HoH alone. NT - Tikkanen
6:34PM 08/04/2008

Flames for a min, then James asks Adam if he wants to share a smoke (he has 37 cigs left). Sharon and Sheila up now. Nat still reading Bible. NT - Tikkanen
6:38PM 08/04/2008

Sheila wonders if golf will be HoH. James thinks it'll be POV. Sheila casually tells James/Sharon she has to win something or she's done. NT - Tikkanen
6:43PM 08/04/2008

Sharon/Ryan whispering (hard to make out), Sharon animatedly bashing Sheila(?). Ryan will throw HoH to Sharon. NT - Tikkanen
6:46PM 08/04/2008

Sheila in HoH with Adam on bed saying she can control Sharon. "Sharon stirs up a lot of *****. Sharon will go after Nat, not you or Ryan." NT - Tikkanen
6:50PM 08/04/2008

Sharon joins Ryan outside, tells Ryan "They will come after you." Both reaffirm going after Nat. NT - Tikkanen
6:51PM 08/04/2008

Sheila tells Adam that Natalie is the biggest threat left and not to use POV to save her. Sheila says Nat will keep Ryan over him b/c of Jen. NT - Tikkanen
6:53PM 08/04/2008

Sheila wants Adam to promise if Natalie wins HoH and puts her up, to win veto for her. Adam noncomittal (as usual). NT - Tikkanen
6:55PM 08/04/2008

Nat/Sharon/Ryan talk about prior HoH/POVs. Inside lockdown. Sheila stresses Natalie is physically strong - they need to get her out. NT - Tikkanen
6:58PM 08/04/2008

Sheila stresses to Adam that she will keep watching out for him, talks about how close she has been to winning comps. NT - Tikkanen
7:00PM 08/04/2008

Sheila warns that Nat knows Adam/Sheils are still a couple. Sheila wants him to swear he doesn't have a deal with Nat. He denies (ed: lying). NT - Tikkanen
7:04PM 08/04/2008

Sheila says everyone likes Adam - he'll win against her, but she doesn't care. She reminisces about how much they hated each other. NT - Tikkanen
7:06PM 08/04/2008

Adam swears to Sheila that nobody can convince him to get rid of her. NT - K9Mom
7:17PM 08/04/2008

Sheila called to DR, leaves HOH NT - K9Mom
7:20PM 08/04/2008

Ryan, Sharon, James eating in kitchen NT - K9Mom
7:29PM 08/04/2008

James says "You cannot defecate and wipe it on someones face" NT - K9Mom
7:32PM 08/04/2008

Adam out of DR NT - K9Mom
7:32PM 08/04/2008

Adam joing HG's in kitchen eating pizza. James pretending like he is DR questioning Adam NT - K9Mom
7:33PM 08/04/2008

Flames NT - K9Mom
7:36PM 08/04/2008
Right before flames Sharon asks James if he could do one thing over in the game what would it be? James says if he - queenofwraps
7:43PM 08/04/2008

James planting seeds "Which one of you will Natalie take out?" Joking that BigShe will smoke them in the end challenges. All laughing. NT - K9Mom
7:41PM 08/04/2008

James looking forward to a full pack of cigs and a 12 pack of beer, swimming pool and BJ's for 3 weeks. NT - K9Mom
7:44PM 08/04/2008

Adam tells a story about a Russian chick and white trash chick beating each other up. Ryan goes to take a nap. NT - K9Mom
7:48PM 08/04/2008

James & Adam play chess NT - K9Mom
7:50PM 08/04/2008

Ryan reading Bible in BR, Nat napping, James & Adam playing chess NT - K9Mom
7:59PM 08/04/2008

James and Adam playing chess, nothing else going on - JustHrt
8:02PM 08/04/2008

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