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Sharon went up to HOH room to "vent" to Ryan & adam - mcoop
12:11AM 08/04/2008

Ryan goes up to the HOH room to talk to Adam. Adam says I saw you talking to Sharon, maybe you two have a deal (LONG) - cannotsleep
12:29AM 08/04/2008

Natalie talking to Sheila in the boat room. Natalie says now is the time when you have to win POV, that's the most important thing. NT - cannotsleep
12:32AM 08/04/2008

Ry-Adam to BY to smoke & talk-both say don't know who to believe Sharon or Nat - - susooz
12:32AM 08/04/2008

Ryan: I got all my sleep int oday, I'm ready to party tomorrow - mkeep
12:48AM 08/04/2008

Sheila and Natalie in the bathroom, Sheila says look at my hair, I'm a mess, says look at this woman, I need some beauty products! Says good night NT - cannotsleep
12:49AM 08/04/2008

Natalie finishes brushing her teeth, passes Ryan, he says he'll be back soon, he needs to brush his teeth too, Ryan goes in WC NT - cannotsleep
12:50AM 08/04/2008

Natalie looking intently at the memory wall, stands up on her tip toes a couple of times, and stops to talk to the guinea pigs NT - cannotsleep
12:52AM 08/04/2008

F 1&2 Nat staring at memory pics. F 3&4 empty WC - mkeep
12:52AM 08/04/2008

F1 Nat getting into bed and yawning. F2 Sharon asleep in bed F3&4 still on empty WC NT - mkeep
12:56AM 08/04/2008

Ryan out of toilet, washes hands then slurps water out of hands (didn't look like he used any soap.) NT - mkeep
12:59AM 08/04/2008

Natalie praying, Ryan washes his hands and heads to bed. Nat says good night Ry-bread, he says good night, I'll try not to snore, they laugh NT - cannotsleep
1:00AM 08/04/2008

F1 Nat and Ryan going to sleep. F2 Sharon sleeping F3 Looks like shiela asleep F4 James, not really alseep, but trying to. NT - mkeep
1:01AM 08/04/2008

All HGs in bed (no cam on Adam though). James lying in bed with his eyes open, now he gets up and goes into the WC NT - cannotsleep
1:04AM 08/04/2008

James up and went to toilet, NT - mkeep
1:05AM 08/04/2008

Sharon waits in Sauna for Ryan to finish in WC after coming down from HOH (about 15 - 20 min ago) - DrC
1:06AM 08/04/2008

James stretching in WC then washes hands w/ out soap, now cleaning his ears, - mkeep
1:10AM 08/04/2008

James washes his hands, and then takes a large container of Vaseline out of one of the drawers and is reading the label. Puts it away and heads to - cannotsleep
1:11AM 08/04/2008

All HG's asleep or trying to sleep NT - mkeep
1:15AM 08/04/2008

James is tossing and turning constantly... much more than usual, and now makes a hacking sound, lying under the covers, with his eyes wide open NT - cannotsleep
1:42AM 08/04/2008

James lifts himself up, and waves for a few seconds at the wall between his bedroom and Ryan/Natalie's room. Not at a camera, but low at the wall - cannotsleep
1:54AM 08/04/2008

James pulls on some shorts, grabs a towel and gets into the hottub NT - cannotsleep
2:00AM 08/04/2008

James taking a shower and washing his hair NT - cannotsleep
2:32AM 08/04/2008

James is wearing only his white underwear. He puts on his mic in the kitchen, and is now in the BY golfing NT - cannotsleep
2:42AM 08/04/2008

James is fully clothed... and is in the kitchen messing around. It looks like he's - folieadeux8381
3:03AM 08/04/2008

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