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ryan did NOT wash his hands , heads outside then back in, back to his room - echo
8:19AM 08/04/2008

ryan is now back in his bed NT - echo
8:21AM 08/04/2008

all still in bed but adam on f3 is very restless, tossing and grunting, james f4 tossing too NT - echo
9:00AM 08/04/2008

we hear im to sexy for my love then flames NT - echo
9:36AM 08/04/2008

sharon in sr changin batteries, ryan n blue br - echo
9:55AM 08/04/2008

sharon tells ryan in wc that she found his meds for him left in sr - echo
9:56AM 08/04/2008

doc gave ryan some excercises to do for his neck - echo
9:58AM 08/04/2008

nat lookin for wash cloths sheila tells her where to find one - echo
10:01AM 08/04/2008

sheila using qtips as she sits on the floor, ryan in shower now - echo
10:05AM 08/04/2008

nat putting on makeup, sharon feeding gps , adam still sitting in kitchen - echo
10:09AM 08/04/2008

ryan blowing nose, in towel, sharon getting ready to shower, james - echo
10:11AM 08/04/2008

ryan tells adam what the doc said, sheila in sr gettin coffee mate - echo
10:14AM 08/04/2008

nat gettin coffee now sheila in wc then nat joins them, - echo
10:18AM 08/04/2008

nats says shes breaking a record if she doesnt go on slop this season - echo
10:23AM 08/04/2008

sheila likes oil of oil aye cream , helps with circles and lines - echo
10:28AM 08/04/2008
Oil of Olay. NT - Lynzrocket
10:32AM 08/04/2008

sharon out of shower in shorts bra and hair in towel - echo
10:34AM 08/04/2008

dr leak with ryan dr guys asks how he feels about sharon and james - echo
10:37AM 08/04/2008

all four feeds now on sheila and nat gettin ready in wc, sheila blowdrying - echo
10:42AM 08/04/2008

ladies in bathroom - towie
10:43AM 08/04/2008

sheila tells nat she always looks like shes got her hair done at a salon - echo
10:46AM 08/04/2008

All feeds on Sharon blowdrying hair NT - towie
10:49AM 08/04/2008

dr asks nat and james to change batteries, nat says sorry boss i forgot - echo
10:51AM 08/04/2008

nat talking to gps, sheila mkaing bagel, adam joins nat lookin at gps - echo
10:55AM 08/04/2008

sheila says u have to live in la if you want to work in show business - echo
10:58AM 08/04/2008

nat says lets scare sheila all day long ryan agrees, ryan outside now - echo
11:01AM 08/04/2008

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