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feeds back. Ryan & Natalie talking about not being able to sleep well - mcoop
3:59PM 08/04/2008

Adam in HOH writing his blog for CBS NT - mcoop
3:59PM 08/04/2008

ryan singling to nat hes(james) going home tomorrow nee nee nee nee all giddy like was cute NT - raindrop110475
4:09PM 08/04/2008

Ryan and Nat in bed reading Bible. Not talking. NT - WieKacie
4:35PM 08/04/2008

preshow feed report - allen
4:40PM 08/04/2008

Nat & Ry reading Bible. James not seen. Adam must still be doing blog. Sharon tells Sheila - Thinkin
4:40PM 08/04/2008

Sharon & Sheila making fun of Nat walking out the door tomorrow night looking trashed. Sharon asks - Thinkin
4:42PM 08/04/2008

Nat & Ryan talking about eating carbs vs protein and working out. NT - Thinkin
4:43PM 08/04/2008

feed back nat continues on about another friend that she comments is - allen
4:46PM 08/04/2008

Nat telling Ryan which foods are good for you and which ones aren't . THere are good carbs and there are bad carbs. She ws down ot 14% body fat at 18% - Thinkin
4:46PM 08/04/2008

Adam heads outside. He told Sheilas sister hi in his blog. He called the sister CeCe and it is GiGI. He also told her son to take - Thinkin
4:50PM 08/04/2008

Adam heads in to talk to Nat & Ryan then leaves almost right away. Food talk continues NT - Thinkin
4:51PM 08/04/2008

nat talks about her friend that is on the hooters calendar with her - allen
4:54PM 08/04/2008

nat arrived this year at CBS with dark brown hair and they made her put highlights in it, cut to flames.. NT - allen
4:59PM 08/04/2008

back from flames and Nat is talking about how it's a physical HOH. NT - WieKacie
5:19PM 08/04/2008

Ryan is running laps in the BY. Sheila/Sharon/Adam/James in red room. NT - WieKacie
5:20PM 08/04/2008

ryan jogging in BY - allen
5:22PM 08/04/2008

adam comes out to smoke ryan starts to run again asks what he put in his blog - allen
5:30PM 08/04/2008

Nat/Adam/Ryan laugh at dental dam labeling. Ryan leaves for bathroom. Nat prays with Adam for HoH win. James/Sharon sleeping. NT - Tikkanen
6:11PM 08/04/2008

James up showering. Natalie continues sharing inspirational Bible passages (overcoming evil, adversity, etc) with Adam. NT - Tikkanen
6:16PM 08/04/2008

Adam and Ryan folding laundry outside. Ryan: "So is Jimmy gonna rain terror on the house tonight?" *they laugh*. NT - Tikkanen
6:20PM 08/04/2008

Ryan/Adam compare notes from Sharon/James on Natalie. They don't know who to believe besides each other. NT - Tikkanen
6:22PM 08/04/2008

If Ryan wins, Adam suggests putting up Sharon/Nat with Sheila as the replacement nom. They laugh what if Sheila wins. Ryan says she's good at golf. NT - Tikkanen
6:23PM 08/04/2008

Ryan to Adam in the BY: "I don't trust none of them b!tches." NT - cannotsleep
6:29PM 08/04/2008

Adam/Ryan think Sheila will throw HoH tomorrow as she is safe with the boys and girls. They again don't know who to trust. Adam goes back to HoH. NT - Tikkanen
6:29PM 08/04/2008

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