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adam and ryan agree theres a rainbow in the sky, (ADULT)to bless their party - echo
12:44PM 08/04/2008

ryan scraped bbq, adam says jimmys gonna be miserable - echo
12:48PM 08/04/2008

sharon joins sheila in spa, the boys come in 2 secs later and see them - echo
12:51PM 08/04/2008

james up wandering into kitchen and sr, sheila and sharon outside now - echo
12:55PM 08/04/2008

in by all but james as he still lays in bed - echo
1:07PM 08/04/2008

ryan and sheila discuss dogs as adam and sharon golf, nats quiet - echo
1:14PM 08/04/2008

James went into the DR and now flames NT - Pearlee
1:16PM 08/04/2008

feeds back all 4 in by nat and sheila talkin about animals - echo
1:20PM 08/04/2008

sheila got her dog kitty from the pound and it took about 5 months for - echo
1:24PM 08/04/2008

james walks outside in a towel and hoodie....undresses, and lays next to nat, fully nude NT - weebles
1:27PM 08/04/2008
BB asked him to put on his mike... NT - soxer72
1:28PM 08/04/2008

VERY ADULT)james now has towel wrapped around waist, camera follows him to kitchen - echo
1:29PM 08/04/2008

James scoots over closer to Nat, she squeals. FLAMES. NT - BigBrotherLuvR
1:29PM 08/04/2008

James is now laying out naked in the BY. - SouthernBelladonna
1:29PM 08/04/2008

Shar is laughing and saying it's crazy. (that James is nude in the BY) NT - SouthernBelladonna
1:31PM 08/04/2008

James says (adult) - SouthernBelladonna
1:31PM 08/04/2008

James: It will grow in time...I got a whole afternoon of nude time with you guys. NT - SouthernBelladonna
1:32PM 08/04/2008

(ADULT) feeds back ryan says james is rockin out with his cock out - echo
1:33PM 08/04/2008

ADULT nat says when james gets his penis hard we can stack the lays on it - echo
1:36PM 08/04/2008

feeds back, james asks sheila if nats pranked her yet - echo
1:38PM 08/04/2008

Sheila whispering with Ryan on the boat lounger. Says Sharon will not put you or I up if she wins HOH. You know that right? NT - BigBrotherLuvR
1:39PM 08/04/2008

ADULT- sharon comes out and says nope not yet, adam tells his mic they gotta - echo
1:43PM 08/04/2008

ADULT - sharon smiles at james , james sighs loudly - echo
1:46PM 08/04/2008

Sheila is talking quite a bit about her 80's bush. (ed Disturbing!) NT - BigBrotherLuvR
1:47PM 08/04/2008

Sheila telling Ryan about her experience with "fame" - BB9Blinded
1:52PM 08/04/2008

Sharon and Ryan talking about 1st impressions - BB9Blinded
1:56PM 08/04/2008

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