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HOH (A/J/She) room talking about sequester, most dangerous player in the house - JustHrt
9:28PM 08/04/2008

A/J/She in HOH room talking game, who you would want to take the final 3 - JustHrt
9:31PM 08/04/2008

J/A/She in HOH talking about what if Ry and Nat were at the end - JustHrt
9:37PM 08/04/2008

HOH w/J/A/She: talking about Nat cutting deals with everyone, - JustHrt
9:41PM 08/04/2008

Nat eating in kitchen; J/A/She still in HOH talking game plan, Sharon/Ry talking about where the clippers are - JustHrt
9:47PM 08/04/2008

Sheila says she will ptu up adam and sharon (shes talkign to adam) says - raindrop110475
9:50PM 08/04/2008

James is trying to get adam or sheila to help him get vote. Sheila offers sympathy vote to james and sheila says she will. - raindrop110475
9:56PM 08/04/2008

HOH room, James is campaigning to She and A - JustHrt
9:56PM 08/04/2008

james leaves and sheila says we have to game up and tells adam hes fine she will make sure hes safe this week she promises NT - raindrop110475
9:57PM 08/04/2008

James leaves HOH room to go to sauna with Sharon; A and She talk game in HOH - JustHrt
10:00PM 08/04/2008

james in sauna with sharon and tells her nat lied about being a cheerleader and sharon says who does that NT - raindrop110475
10:03PM 08/04/2008

Sheila is in HOH w/ Adam bad mouthing Nat about not being smart and Sheila is smarter than her and she dropped out of school NT - HighRollerz
10:06PM 08/04/2008

shiela upstairs scratching ballers back, talking about how dumb natalie is. - Pizzaman
10:07PM 08/04/2008

sharon tellign james she coud have beat him on disco balls if she needed it but she didnt she knew chel and him would fight so she jumped off NT - raindrop110475
10:07PM 08/04/2008

Nat cutting Ryan's hair, Adam to the DR, Sheila listening to music in HOH NT - HighRollerz
10:08PM 08/04/2008

James and Sharon in the Sauna whispering - JustHrt
10:12PM 08/04/2008

J/Sharon in the Sauna - JustHrt
10:19PM 08/04/2008

Nat cutting boys hair, Sharone and James get out of Sauna - JustHrt
10:23PM 08/04/2008

All in the washroom hanging out (except Shelia), talking about Adams laugh - JustHrt
10:27PM 08/04/2008

Sharon showering, Nat doing A's hair, Ry out of shower, James touching up hair - JustHrt
10:31PM 08/04/2008

Nat still sheering Adam's head, James plays in kitchen with car, eventually they are all in wash room (except Shelia) - JustHrt
10:35PM 08/04/2008

James bumbling around house, then talking to Sharon about GPs - JustHrt
10:52PM 08/04/2008

Sharon says James can be sexy, J/A go to play chess - JustHrt
10:55PM 08/04/2008

Natty is putting some kinda of lotion all over Ryans back, and arms. NT - veedsboo
10:58PM 08/04/2008
it is nair. NT - _paradise_
10:59PM 08/04/2008

Now Ryan say he has to let the nair sit for a couple of minutes... - veedsboo
11:02PM 08/04/2008

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