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Sharon brushing teeth and getting ready for bed. Nat and Sheila up in HOH. Flames. NT - Vixter
12:32AM 10/04/2008

Nat is saying she is worried that she will go home if she is put up and asked Sheila to put up Ryan instead. - Vixter
12:35AM 10/04/2008

Sheila telling Nat how Ryan saved her and took her off the block. NT - Vixter
12:36AM 10/04/2008

Sheila is telling Adam that Nat is going to paint a "dirty" pic of her while she is HOH. Adam likes the idea. NT - Vixter
12:39AM 10/04/2008

N/Sheila/A up in HOH reliving the 10 weeks they have been there. NT - Vixter
12:42AM 10/04/2008

The three as saying that James is probably in New York right now and will wake up and go on the Morning Show. NT - Vixter
12:45AM 10/04/2008

Sheila saying people love the underdog like James. The rebel. NT - Vixter
12:47AM 10/04/2008

Sheila: Isn't it odd that Sharon dropped so quick. - Vixter
12:53AM 10/04/2008

Ryan says the lights in the diary room are blinding. - Vixter
1:04AM 10/04/2008

Sheila and Nat still chatting in HoH. Not talking game this very second. - Vixter
1:10AM 10/04/2008

Two feeds on Nat petting the big piggie. Two feeds on A/R still playing chess. - Vixter
1:21AM 10/04/2008

S/N laughing in the kitchen because the ants are going after the slop. - Vixter
1:29AM 10/04/2008

BB is having to tell Adam to not sing over and over and over again tonight. NT - Vixter
1:39AM 10/04/2008

Ryan wants to know why the piggies crap so much. - Vixter
1:48AM 10/04/2008

for the last hour everyone in bed. Ryan and adam making small talk about Past houseguests NT - Gorf
2:53AM 10/04/2008

Ryan & Adam late night chit chattin' about the game - life in the house NT - TheRealDeal
2:54AM 10/04/2008

Ryan and Adam are talking to each other in the back bedroom, laying in bed. - folieadeux8381
2:56AM 10/04/2008

they are talking about what the gourmet meal would have been like had they won it. NT - folieadeux8381
2:57AM 10/04/2008

all sleeping,zzzzz NT - chloebrat
3:59AM 10/04/2008

HG still sleeping NT - bb9lover
8:50AM 10/04/2008

They are still sleeping NT - bb9lover
9:35AM 10/04/2008

HG still sleeping and someone snoring very loudly (Ryan I think) NT - bb9lover
9:50AM 10/04/2008

music playing perhaps waking up HG NT - bb9lover
9:58AM 10/04/2008

Feeds back. Sharon still sleeping. Ryan and Sheila up. NT - WieKacie
10:15AM 10/04/2008

Sheila eating some yogurt and telling Ryan he made some really good coffee - - CruiseCritic
10:43AM 10/04/2008

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