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Ryan and Adam playing chess, Ryan says it is getting intense bro. - Melonie
12:56PM 10/04/2008

Sharon says she has never had a nosebleed in the house yet. - Melonie
12:57PM 10/04/2008

Natalie talking about how when she first visted vegas she didnt know how people lived there it was so hot. - Melonie
12:59PM 10/04/2008

Ryan and Adam keep saying badda bing badda boom while playing chess. - Melonie
1:02PM 10/04/2008

Natalie wants to buy like five acres of land for unwanted animals, where they animals could just roam and have a big play area - Melonie
1:05PM 10/04/2008
Also none of the animals would be put to sleep or killed ever. NT - Melonie
1:06PM 10/04/2008

Now the ladies talk turns to huge big houses and mansions they have seen. Sharon cutting vegis, Adam and Ryan continue to play chess. NT - Melonie
1:08PM 10/04/2008

Adam called to the diary room Sheila wants him to ask if they are going to be able to go back outside. - Melonie
1:09PM 10/04/2008

Lockdown over the doors open. Headed back outside. Natalie says she is going to the hammack taking Adams spot. NT - Melonie
1:10PM 10/04/2008

Ryan told to please put on his microphone. He is laying outside catching some rays, Sheila taking a swim, Natalie is in the hammock, - Melonie
1:14PM 10/04/2008

Sheila trying to figure out a coldplay song asking the others around her, says she cant sing it she will get in trouble. NT - Melonie
1:15PM 10/04/2008

Natalie says today is days 64 April 10th! Sheila says two more days its my birthday! NT - Melonie
1:18PM 10/04/2008

Sheila talking about how the best group is right here - Melonie
1:19PM 10/04/2008

Nat enters the house holler what at baller in her playful voice. Adam back outside. - Melonie
1:22PM 10/04/2008

Adam ribbing Sheila and giving her a hard time about putting him up. - Melonie
1:26PM 10/04/2008

Sheila says shes not gonna put up Ryebread he did her a huge favor. - Melonie
1:29PM 10/04/2008

Sheila says that everyone is going to play pov like they want to be in this game. they are down to nothing now. they have to go with what is safe - Melonie
1:32PM 10/04/2008

Sharon says that she looks at it this way if shes meant to go shes meant to go - Melonie
1:34PM 10/04/2008

BB calls Sheila to the diary room. NT - Melonie
1:35PM 10/04/2008

Game talk ceases since Natalie has now joined them all outside, things are quiet Sheilas in the DR. NT - Melonie
1:37PM 10/04/2008

Natalie says she loves laying out in the sun, Adam says feels good huh. - Melonie
1:39PM 10/04/2008

Ryan told once again to put on his mic as he gets up tp play with the golf club. - Melonie
1:43PM 10/04/2008

Ryan said its crazy how they edited Josh out of the flour video, Nat said they must have used a little eraser tool and erased him NT - Melonie
1:44PM 10/04/2008

Adam now out of the hammock playing with the golf set with Ryan. NT - Melonie
1:47PM 10/04/2008

Ryan and Adam trying to hit the ball at Natalie. She tells them aim at her cleavage. NT - Melonie
1:49PM 10/04/2008

Sheila still in the Diary room the other four still in the backyard. Ryan says later they are going to make a - Melonie
1:56PM 10/04/2008

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