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Nominations Cermony now underway! NT - admiral
5:03PM 10/04/2008

Live feeds back! Nom's Ceremony over. NT - admiral
5:07PM 10/04/2008

ceremony over.. everyone in kitchen talking about ant problem NT - KT42045
5:08PM 10/04/2008

Baller and Nat are on the Blizzock. NT - Pizzaman
5:08PM 10/04/2008

Sharon not nat* NT - Pizzaman
5:08PM 10/04/2008

Adam & SHaron up. NT - addicted03
5:11PM 10/04/2008

HG laughing at Shelia's use of the term Slim Pickins in her nomination speech - DrC
5:29PM 10/04/2008

Nat went up to HOH to talk game to Sheila. Just as she gets started, Sharon knocks on the door. Nat not happy about that. NT - Angelfire
5:30PM 10/04/2008

Everyone in HOH talking about Natalie. How they want her out this week. - WieKacie
6:25PM 10/04/2008

Nat out of DR. Everyone is in HOH. General chat now. NT - WieKacie
6:26PM 10/04/2008

aorund the feeds - towie
6:56PM 10/04/2008

everyone besides Sharon in HOH NT - towie
7:01PM 10/04/2008

Sheila talking about making out with Johnny Depp , but it was cut out of the movie NT - towie
7:03PM 10/04/2008

Ryan and Nat leave HOH - towie
7:09PM 10/04/2008

Sheila tells Adam even if she (nat) wins it, ill make sure she doesnt use it - towie
7:12PM 10/04/2008

ryan to DR NT - towie
7:19PM 10/04/2008

all 4 feeds on Sheila and Adam in HOH NT - towie
7:20PM 10/04/2008

Sharon now in HOH 2 NT - towie
7:27PM 10/04/2008

everyone in kt eating (ed. sorry im out for the nite) NT - towie
7:39PM 10/04/2008

adam came out of DR..shelia & nat ask if he heard anything or if they could drink a beer tonight - milkmoney
7:52PM 10/04/2008

sharon says shes pissed at nat.....calling her the mole....shes been nothing but nice to Nat and she wasnt even on her side NT - milkmoney
7:54PM 10/04/2008

Nat called to Dr & shelia tells her to ask them if she can dye her hair & if they can (should) drink tonight NT - milkmoney
7:54PM 10/04/2008

adam shelia & sharon in KT...sharon saying about nat- dont talk **** about me Ive been nothing but nice to you NT - milkmoney
7:56PM 10/04/2008

sharon telling shelia & adam she thinks nat's # is up this week, shelia says be careful cause everyone said that about james, she didnt think that - milkmoney
7:59PM 10/04/2008

adam & sharon are mad cause their sheets are in the washer & dryer but there is a lockdown and they cant get them - milkmoney
8:01PM 10/04/2008

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